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CCTV News Channel (Chinese: 中国中央电视台新闻频道) is the news channel of China Central Television, broadcasting across the People's Republic of China since 2003.



CCTV News channel broadcasts 24-hour news reports, as well current affairs programs throughout the day. News reports cover domestic and international events. The channel broadcasts exclusively in Mandarin Chinese. Viewers from across the Greater China region and that of the Chinese diaspora can watch the channel via satellite.



People's Republic of China

  • Terrestrial Analog
  • Terrestrial Digital

Asia-Pacific Region


Programme Start Time End Time
午夜新闻 12am 1am
东方时空(重播) 1am 2am
新闻1+1(重播) 2am 2.30am
国际时讯(重播) 2.30am 3am
环球视线:国际新闻评论(重播) 3am 3.30am
焦点访谈(重播) 3.30am 3.45am
东方时空(重播) 3.45am 4.45am
新闻1+1(重播) 4.45am 5.15am
环球视线:国际新闻评论(重播) 5.15am 5.45am
焦点访谈(重播) 5.45am 5.55am
国旗国歌 5.55am 6am
朝闻天下 6am 9am
新闻直播间:焦点新闻播报 9am 12pm
新闻30分 12pm 12.35pm
法治在线:体现法治精神 12.35pm 1pm
新闻直播间:焦点新闻播报 1pm 6pm
共同关注:关注弱势群体 6pm 7pm
新闻联播 7pm 7.30pm
天气预报和联播后广告 7.30pm 7.38pm
焦点访谈:用事实说话 7.38pm 8pm
东方时空:新闻热点全景式报道 8pm 9pm
新闻联播(重播) 9pm 9.30pm
新闻1+1:时事开讲 9.30pm 10pm
国际时讯 10pm 10.30pm
环球视线:国际新闻评论 10.30pm 11pm
24小时:回顾当日重要新闻 11pm 12am

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