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CE Sabadell.png
Full name Centre d'Esports
Sabadell Futbol Club, S.A.D.
Nickname(s) Arlequinats, Saballuts, Laneros
Founded 1903
Ground Nova Creu Alta,
Sabadell, Spain
(Capacity: 20,000)
Chairman Spain Joan Soteras Vigo
Manager Spain David Pirri
League 2ªB - Group 3
2008-09 2ªB - Group 3, 4th
Home colours
Away colours

Centre d'Esports Sabadell Futbol Club, S.A.D. is a football team based in Sabadell in Spain. Founded in 1903, it plays in 2ªB - Group 3. Its stadium is Nova Creu Alta with a capacity of 20,000.

In 1935 (30-6-1935) it played the Copa del Rey final against Sevilla FC, being defeated 3-0.

A selection of their fans make occasional trips to England to watch Bristol Rovers, due to both teams playing in Blue and White quarters.




Selected former presidents

  • Spain Joan Grau (1906-1910)
  • Spain Joan B. Saus (1911-1923)
  • Spain Emili Moragas (1923-1929)
  • Spain Joan Grau (1906-1910)
  • Spain Antoni Tamburini (1930-1933, 1939)
  • Spain Josep Maria Marcet (1933-1934, 1939-1942, 1951-1952, 1952-1953)
  • Spain Joan Ricart (1953-1955)
  • Spain Ricart Rosson (1955-1958, 1965-1973)
  • Spain Francesc Valldeperas (1975-1983)
  • Spain Joan Soteras (1994-1996, 2006- )
  • Spain Miquel Arroyos (1996-2002)


Nova Creu Alta is a football stadium in Sabadell and the home ground of Centre d'Esports Sabadell. This stadium, opened on August 20, 1967, has a capacity of 20.000 spectators, and it has lived the most recent history of the club.


CE Sabadell FC in Europe

Season Competition Round Country Club Score
1969-70 Inter-Cities Fairs Cup 1R Belgium Club Brugge 2-0, 1-5
  • 1R = first round


Season Division Position Copa del Rey
1930-1931 Tercera División 2nd 2nd round
1931-1932 Tercera División 1st
1932-1933 Tercera División 2nd (promoted)
1933-1934 Segunda División 9th 1st round
1934-1935 Segunda División 2nd Final
1935-1936 Segunda División 5th
1939-1940 Segunda División 2nd
1940-1941 Segunda División 9th 1st round
1941-1942 Segunda División 1st 1st round
1942-1943 Segunda División 2nd (promoted) 1st round
1943-1944 Primera División 9th 1/4 final
1944-1945 Primera División 13th (relegated) 1st round
1945-1946 Segunda División 1st (promoted) 1st round
1946-1947 Primera División 5th 1/4 final
1947-1948 Primera División 12th 6th round
1948-1949 Primera División 14th (relegated) 4th round
1949-1950 Segunda División 6th 2nd round
1950-1951 Segunda División 3rd
1951-1952 Segunda División 4th
1952-1953 Segunda División 11th 1st round
1953-1954 Segunda División 6th
1954-1955 Segunda División 10th
1955-1956 Segunda División 5th
1956-1957 Segunda División 2nd
1957-1958 Segunda División 2nd
1958-1959 Segunda División 2nd 1st round
1959-1960 Segunda División 7th 2nd round
1960-1961 Segunda División 6th 1st round
1961-1962 Segunda División 8th 2nd round
1962-1963 Segunda División 16th (relegated) 1st round
1963-1964 Tercera División 1st (promoted)
1964-1965 Segunda División 2nd (promoted) 1st round
1965-1966 Primera División 14th 1/4 final
1966-1967 Primera División 8th 2nd round
1967-1968 Primera División 12th 2nd round
1968-1969 Primera División 4th 1st round
1969-1970 Primera División 13th 1/4 final
1970-71 Primera División 13th 5th round
Season Division Position Copa del Rey
1971-1972 Primera División 18th (relegated) 4th round
1972-1973 Segunda División 12th 5th round
1973-1974 Segunda División 15th 1/8 final
1974-1975 Segunda División 19th (relegated) 4th round
1975-1976 Tercera División 6th 2nd round
1976-1977 Tercera División 1st (promoted) 1st round
1977-1978 Segunda División 6th 4th round
1978-1979 Segunda División 12th 1st round
1979-1980 Segunda División 6th 4th round
1980-81 Segunda División 7th 2nd round
1981-82 Segunda División 11th 2nd round
1982-1983 Segunda División 18th (relegated) 2nd round
1983-1984 2ªB 1st (promoted) 4th round
1984-1985 Segunda División 4th 1/8 final
1985-1986 Segunda División 2nd (promoted) 1/4 final
1986-1987 Primera División 15th 3rd round
1987-1988 Primera División 19th (relegated) 1/4 final
1988-1989 Segunda División 13th 4th round
1989-1990 Segunda División 7th 1/8 final
1990-91 Segunda División 12th 4th round
1991-92 Segunda División 9th 4th round
1992-1993 Segunda División 20th (relegated) 5th round
1993-1994 Tercera División 1st (promoted) 1st round
1994-1995 2ªB 11th 2nd round
1995-1996 2ªB 16th
1996-1997 2ªB 11th
1997-1998 2ªB 11th
1998-1999 2ªB 7th
1999-2000 2ªB 13th
2000-2001 2ªB 3rd
2001-2002 2ªB 14th 1st round
2002-2003 2ªB 7th
2003-2004 2ªB 16th 2nd round
2004-2005 2ªB 13th
2005-2006 2ªB 18th (relegated)
2006-2007 Tercera División 3rd (promoted)
2007-2008 2ªB 14th
2008-2009 2ªB 4th
2009-2010 2ªB 2nd round


Current squad

No. Position Player
Spain GK Xavi Ginard
Spain GK David De Navas
Spain GK Adrià Mir
Spain DF Chapi Arnau
Spain DF Xavi Pelegrí
Spain DF Jaume Berlanga
Spain DF Pep Pagès
Spain DF David Bermudo
Spain DF Agustín Fernández
Equatorial Guinea MF Juvenal
No. Position Player
Spain MF Julián Robles
Spain MF Pepe Castell
Spain MF Albert Puigdollers
Spain MF Jordi Sánchez
Spain MF Alex Ruiz
Spain FW Joel Álvarez
Spain FW Jesus Milan
Spain FW Axel Vizuete
Spain FW Roberto Morales
Spain FW Arnal Llibert

* Player(s) in bold have senior international caps.

Current staff

Head Coach Spain David Pirri
Assistant Coach Spain Sergio Dorado
Physiotherapist Spain Josep Orriols

Former team lists

Selected former coaches

Selected former players

  • Spain Antoni Estruch
  • Spain Pere Monistrol
  • Spain Joaquim Rubies
  • Spain Vicenç Gràcia
  • Spain Miquel Gual
  • Spain Fifo Navarro
  • Spain Pedro Zaballa
  • Spain Josep Palau
  • Spain Ramón Montesinos
  • Spain José Luis Garzón Sr.
  • Spain Lino Gutiérrez
  • Spain Tanco
  • Spain Xavier Aguado
  • Spain Joan Barbara
  • Spain Robert Elvira
  • Spain Joaquim Saura
  • Spain José Luis Garzón Jr.
  • Spain Manel Martínez
  • Spain Piti
  • Spain Santi Navarro
  • Spain Manolo Garcia
  • Spain Jordi González
  • Spain Josep Maria Sala
  • Spain Genís Garcia
  • Spain Ángel Sertucha

see also Cat:CE Sabadell footballers

Top Appearances in Primera División

Top Goalscorers in Primera División

  • Spain Antonio Vázquez: 35
  • Spain Manuel Pallas: 27
  • Spain Josep Palau: 26
  • Spain Antonio Sangrador: 23
  • Spain Juan Del Pino: 24
  • Spain José Luis Garzón Sr.: 21
  • Spain Josep Antoni Noya: 15
  • Spain Josep Maria Vall: 15
  • Spain Ramón de Pablo Marañón: 15
  • Spain Juli Gonzalvo : 14
  • Spain Benjamín Telechea: 12
  • Spain Periko Alonso: 12


MP3 Hymn (Win Zip)

Cantem, cantem la joia indefinida
de veure el Sabadell entre els millors
després d'uns anys de lluita decidida
han assolit ressò nostres colors.

Alcem la copa així, ben alta
en honor del futbol de Sabadell.
Ciutat aimada que somriu i canta
donant goig i prestigi al joc més bell.

Honor al Sabadell! Honor à la Ciutat!
i visca el nostre club sempre estimat!

Cantem, cantem al Club de tanta història
forjada amb tants neguits i tants afanys.
Lluitant per assolir aquesta glòria
que ens ha portat l'esforç tants i tants anys.

Alcem la copa així, ben alta
en honor del futbol de Sabadell.
Ciutat aimada treballadora
ben units el més jove i el més vell.

Honor al Sabadell! Honor à la Ciutat!
i visca el nostre Club sempre estimat!

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