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City of license Kelowna, British Columbia
Branding Global Okanagan (general)
CHBC News (local news)
Slogan The Okanagan's Very Own (local news)
Channels Analog: 2 (VHF)
Digital: allocated 59 (UHF)
Translators see below
Affiliations Global
Owner Canwest
(Canwest Media, Inc.)
First air date September 21, 1957
Call letters’ meaning CH British Columbia
Sister station(s) CHAN-TV
Former affiliations CBC (1957-2006)
CH/E! (2006-2009)
Transmitter Power 3.7 kW
Height 498 m
Transmitter Coordinates 49°58′2″N 119°31′50″W / 49.96722°N 119.53056°W / 49.96722; -119.53056
Website CHBC News

CHBC-TV is a television station in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada owned by Canwest. It transmits on channel 2, and cable channel 4, and broadcasts on 18 relay stations.

A former CBC affiliate and later an E! O&O, as of August 31, 2009 the station carries programming from the Global Television Network, branded as Global Okanagan. The station continues to air local news under the title CHBC News.



CHBC went on the air on September 21, 1957, as a CBC affiliate. It covered the central Okanagan Valley on channel 2 with 3,700 watts from its main studios and transmitter in Kelowna. The station was founded by three local radio stations, CKOV Kelowna, CKOK Penticton and CJIB Vernon. Due to the mountainous terrain of the area, repeaters were begun a few weeks later, in the following locations:

  • Vernon, on channel 7 with 310 watts, and
  • Penticton, on channel 13 with 300 watts.

To begin with, only 500 homes in the area had television receivers, but that amount rose to 10,000 the following year. The station had ordered two studio cameras, but due to the number of TV stations starting in North America in that period, the station had to make do with one camera on loan for a year until the order was filled. They also relied on 16 mm film which was developed first by a local photo lab, and then again in-house.

In 1960, the station began receiving programs from the CBC via their microwave link. Prior to this, all network programs were received on kinescope and 16 mm film, with regular shows airing a week later after they were aired on the main stations, and the National News aired a day after. Local programs and ads were produced live to air. Programs produced locally in the early days included:

  • Kids Bids
  • The Three R's
  • Romper Room
  • Let's Visit
  • Midday
  • Focus
  • Okanagan Magazine

In 1964, CHBC received their first video tape machine, which aided the production of locally produced programming and commercials. Two years later, colour television arrived via the network, and the station gradually installed more equipment for colour production and transmission, as well as telecine and videotape.

In 1970, BCTV of Vancouver came to an agreement with CHBC to provide a CTV service to the area, via a protective service, which protected local advertisers from Vancouver advertisers with cut-ins on the second station. In 1971, full conversion to colour was completed when a colour studio camera was purchased.

During the 1970s and 1980's, the ownership of the station changed, beginning with the purchase of CKOK's one-third ownership by general manager Roy Chapman, which he later sold to BCTV. Selkirk Communications brought CJIB, and along with it, its 33% stake. CKOV sold its stake in equal parts to both BCTV and Selkirk, which resulted in a 50/50 ownership structure. When Maclean-Hunter took over Selkirk in 1989, Western International Communications (WIC) (BCTV's parent company) purchased Selkirk's stake to take full control of CHBC.

In 1987, President and General Manager Ron Evans spearheaded a campaign wherein the station become known as "The Okanagan's Very Own CHBC" in order to compete with the forty television signals being distributed by cable operators in the market. As a result, more local programs and commercials were produced, and involvement in the 55 communities served by CHBC was increased. This commitment has been recognized and rewarded by improved ratings and many industry awards and CHBC was often held-up as a Canadian model for its ability to identify with the community it serves during this era.

The logo used by CHBC from the 90s until 2007.

In the late 1960's, fellow CBC affiliate CFJC and CHBC formed BCI-TV, an internal company headed by CHBC for programming and sales of the combined Okanagan/Kamloops markets. The national sales were delegated to All Canada Sales, and they sold the two stations' advertising as a single unit under the name "BCI TV". For years, both stations carried virtually identical programming schedules apart from local news.

In 1998, the Griffiths family's stake in WIC was sold to Shaw Communications and Canwest. After months of negotiation, the CRTC approved the split of WIC's assets between Canwest, Corus Radio and Shaw Communications. CHBC was sold to Canwest in 2000, along with its sister station BCTV. When Canwest acquired CHBC, it assumed the same role in selling advertising and providing programming, primarily from its CH service.

On February 28, 2005, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) approved the disaffiliation of CHBC from the CBC. CBUT, the CBC's Vancouver, British Columbia affiliate, will add a new transmitter at Kelowna on channel 45. The date on which this change was expected to take place was to be January 2, 2006, but due to a delay in getting CFJC-TV in Kamloops, which has a sales and programming agreement with CHBC (known amongst advertising agencies as "BCI-TV"), this was delayed until late February. Both stations disaffiliated on February 27 and continued the operation of BCI-TV with new programs.

CHBC was the only CH station owned by Canwest that does not use the CH brand on-air, opting to brand using their call letters instead, electing to call their newscasts CHBC News. Even with the transition to the E! branding for national and non-news programming, the branding has remained.

In November 2008, CHBC announced its newscasts would no longer be produced at its studios in Kelowna. The newscast would use a virtual studio at CHEK Victoria and will be produced by Global BC. The noon newscast will be cancelled. The decision to move the anchor job to Victoria was later reversed due to viewer complaints to the station. The half-hour 11pm newscast would later be extended to a full hour to make up for the loss of the half-hour noon newscast while the 5pm news began with a half hour lifestyle newscast anchored by Doris Janssen.

On February 5, 2009, Canwest announced it would explore "strategic options", including possible sale, for CHBC and its other E! stations, saying "a second conventional TV network is no longer key to the long-term success" of the company.[1]

Although for a time it was thought that CHBC might be closed, Canwest ultimately decided to add CHBC to the Global network as of August 31, 2009.[2] That network was already available in the Okanagan through CHAN-TV (Global BC), which has operated a semi-satellite, CHKL-TV on channel 5, in the region since the early 1980s.

For the foreseeable future, it is expected that both stations will continue to operate separately, due to the highly-rated local and provincial newscasts on CHBC and Global BC respectively. However, the two stations' schedules and advertising are virtually identical, including local news outside of the supper hour.

More specifically, CHBC simulcasts Global BC's programming at all times, with the following exceptions:

  • The local programming discussed below
  • Global National airs at 6:00 p.m. on CHBC, instead of 5:30 p.m. on Global BC
  • Various animated sitcoms simulcast on Fox air Sundays at 7:00pm, in place of newsmagazine 16:9

Local programming

The logo used for newscasts since 2007. It was used as the de facto branding of the station from 2007-2009.

Currently, CHBC has 3 daily newscasts, at 5:30pm and 6:30pm (30 minutes each), and 11:00pm (one hour), all anchored by Rick Webber and Klaudia Ceglarz. CHBC also airs newscasts at 5:30pm, 6:30pm and 11:00pm on Saturday and Sunday (30 minutes each) anchored by Doris Janssen. This totals 13 hours per week of original, local programming produced at CHBC. CHBC was previously airing 22.5 hours per week of local programming until September 2009. The minimum amount of local programming currently required by the station's licence as of 2009 is seven hours per week.

The station also previously aired a weekly half-hour program dedicated to things happening around the Okanagan called Okanagan Now. This program was canceled following layoffs at the station in September 2009. [3]


Current Personalities


  • Rick Webber - CHBC News @ 5:30, CHBC News @ 11 (Weekdays)
  • Klaudia Ceglarz - CHBC News @ 6:30 (Weekdays)
  • Doris Janssen - Weekend News Anchor


  • Mike Roberts


  • Tracy Kim Bonneau
  • Klaudia Ceglarz
  • Blaine Gaffney
  • Doris Janssen
  • April Lawrence
  • Barry McDivitt
  • Cort Smith


Station City of license Channel ERP HAAT Transmitter Coordinates
CHBC-TV-1 Penticton 13 (VHF) 0.54 kW 365 m 49°39′34″N 119°34′22″W / 49.65944°N 119.57278°W / 49.65944; -119.57278 (CHBC-TV-1)
CHBC-TV-2 Vernon 7 (VHF) 0.62 kW 184 m 50°16′58″N 119°19′13″W / 50.28278°N 119.32028°W / 50.28278; -119.32028 (CHBC-TV-2)
CHBC-TV-3 Oliver 8 (VHF) 0.22 kW -76 m 49°6′0″N 119°34′49″W / 49.1°N 119.58028°W / 49.1; -119.58028 (CHBC-TV-3)
CHBC-TV-4 Salmon Arm 9 (VHF) 0.486 kW -302.8 m 50°45′22″N 119°20′1″W / 50.75611°N 119.33361°W / 50.75611; -119.33361 (CHBC-TV-4)
CHBC-TV-5 Enderby 16 (UHF) 2.4 kW -220.1 m 50°33′56″N 119°6′7″W / 50.56556°N 119.10194°W / 50.56556; -119.10194 (CHBC-TV-5)
CHBC-TV-6 Celista 3 (VHF) 0.009 kW NA 50°57′12″N 119°24′14″W / 50.95333°N 119.40389°W / 50.95333; -119.40389 (CHBC-TV-6)
CHBC-TV-7 Penticton 7 (VHF) 0.005 kW NA 49°31′30″N 119°38′19″W / 49.525°N 119.63861°W / 49.525; -119.63861 (CHBC-TV-7)
CHBC-TV-8 Canoe 6 (VHF) 0.009 kW NA 50°43′45″N 119°12′39″W / 50.72917°N 119.21083°W / 50.72917; -119.21083 (CHBC-TV-8)
CHBC-TV-9 Apex Mountain 13 (VHF) 0.001 kW NA 49°21′34″N 119°54′34″W / 49.35944°N 119.90944°W / 49.35944; -119.90944 (CHBC-TV-9)

Digital television and high definition

As of September 2008, CHBC-TV has not yet begun broadcasting in digital.

After the analog television shutdown and digital conversion, which is tentatively scheduled to take place on August 31, 2011 [4], CHBC-TV is required to begin digital broadcasts on its current assigned channel number, 8, however should the station sign-on before the analog shut off date, the station will broadcast on channel 59. However, through the use of PSIP, digital television receivers will display CHBC-TV's virtual channel as 2.1.


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