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917 the bounce logo.svg
Branding The Bounce
Slogan "Edmonton's #1 Hit Music Station", "All the Hits", "My Music"
Frequency 91.7 MHz (FM)
First air date February 17, 2005
Format contemporary hit radio
ERP 100,000 watts
Callsign meaning BouNce
Owner CTVglobemedia and Milestone Radio

CHBN-FM (91.7 The Bounce) is a CHR radio station based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The station, which is jointly owned by CTVglobemedia and Milestone Radio, operates at 91.7 MHz with an ERP of 100 kW.[1]



CHBN signed on the air on February 17, 2005. It became the only contemporary hit radio station in the market proper when CKRA (96X) shifted to hot adult contemporary in August 2005. This was changed when CJNW-FM (Hot 107) became on-air on September 2009. It is also the second station owned by Milestone, even though they joint-ventured with CHUM Group to obtain the license.

When the station was first being promoted, 91.7 FM was being portrayed as Edmonton's first urban music format station.

The local hip hop/R&B/urban music fanbase was very excited at this development for the local scene. When 96X (96.3 FM), Edmonton's hot AC station, changed its format to country and its name to Big Earl (now Capital FM), it added more rock titles to its list. After this surprise development, The Bounce felt it necessary to appeal to this abandoned pop music listening fanbase. As such, it is now common to hear contemporary rock bands such as Nickelback and All-American Rejects.

In June 2007, all of CHUM's radio stations, including its share of CHBN-FM, were sold to CTVglobemedia.

Shiloh won a radio contest with The Bounce, which started her career in singing.


Up until October 2009, it was the only top 40 station in Edmonton, while not served by any hot AC competitor. Markets such as Toronto would have top 40 station Z103.5 going up against Canada's only rhythmic top 40 station and the new KISS 92.5 Hit Music Station, whereas Montreal would have two competing French-language top 40s CKMF and CKOI, and Vancouver's top 40 station going up against a hot AC station. Halifax is served by two competing English-language top 40 stations, which are the other Bounce, also owned by CTVglobemedia and the other Z103.5 station. These stations also compete with the hot AC station C100, even though CTVglobemedia also owns CJCH-FM (101.3 The Bounce).

On October 5, 2009 at 8am, the station announced that they will offer commercial free Mondays. This campaign follows American radio stations; KAMP-FM from Los Angeles, CA, WXRK from New York City, NY, WVMV from Detroit, MI, all of which is owned by CBS Radio and KONN from Denver, CO, which is owned by Max Media. These stations all offer commercial free Mondays. The main reason why CHBN-FM added the commercial free Mondays campaign is because of the new CJNW-FM, which they were commercial-free for 10,000 songs in a row when it started; now simply fewer commercials than The Bounce-- or commercial free for some hours, giving The Bounce its first competitor in four years since former hot AC station 96X changed formats in December 2005. Commercial free Monday only lasted for 3 months, however. On January 4, 2010, The Bounce began playing commercials as they normally did before commercial free Mondays, but with less commercials, according to their bumpers.

Competition with HOT 107

CHBN-FM's competitor, Hot 107, was launched in October 2009. Hot 107 has been doing some marketing to differentiate themselves from CHBN-FM, such as having commercial free hours, playing more new music than CHBN-FM, and also some parodies to CHBN-FM's bumper such as "I'm (name) from (location), and The Bounce is my mom's music"-- parodying CHBN-FM's campaign "My music". As a result, Hot 107 is more rhythmic-leaning than The Bounce.

CHBN-FM responded to this with their bumpers by emphasizing the "station" in their slogan "Edmonton's #1 hit music station", and saying that they play the most hit music, responding to the Hot 107's slogan "Playing most new music in Edmonton". CHBN-FM has been also playing some of the older hit songs recently, such as Faber Drive's Second Chance.

Starting January 11, 2010, HOT 107 has been commercial free on weekdays from 4:00 to 6:00 pm, and has an hour long mix from 5:00 to 6:00. This is in competition with CHBN's half hour mix from 5:00 to 5:30, called "Traffic Jam". The main DJ for HOT's mix is Russel James, the original DJ of Traffic Jam, however HOT has relabeled their's "Hot Mix". This was a major blow to CHBN, as this is radio prime time, and CHBN has a higher concentration of commercials during this time.

Since Hot 107 has launched, the presence of on-air DJ's, and the number of bumpers between songs at The Bounce has significantly decreased. Talk and discussion/variety shows in the afternoon and evening ended, with only the morning show with "Pepper and Dylan" retaining the converstional format. Call ins are almost non-existent.

BPM Canada data has shown a significant drop in audience for The Bounce.


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