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City of license Halifax, Nova Scotia
Branding Global Maritimes
Channels Analog: 8 (VHF)
Digital: allocated 26 (UHF)
Affiliations Global
Owner Canwest
(Canwest Media Inc.)
First air date September 5, 1988
Call letters’ meaning C Irving Family (station's original owner) Halifax & Fredericton
Former affiliations Independent (1988-1997)
Transmitter Power 20 kW
Height 241 m
Transmitter Coordinates 44°39′3″N 63°39′26″W / 44.65083°N 63.65722°W / 44.65083; -63.65722
Website Global Maritimes

CIHF-TV, channel 8, is a television station in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Owned by Canwest, it serves the Maritime provinces as an owned-and-operated station (O&O) of the Global Television Network. The station is currently branded as Global Maritimes, and was known as MITV (Maritimes Independent Television) until 1997.

The station has a semi-satellite in Saint John, New Brunswick, CIHF-TV-2, which broadcasts on channel 12. This feed serves transmitters in New Brunswick as well as Prince Edward Island, the only differences from the Halifax feed being commercials, and until 2009, the Empty Stocking Fund telethon from Saint John on the last Saturday of November or first Saturday of December (with the exception of 2008, where the telethon occurred on the 2nd last Saturday of November), in cooperation with Rogers TV.

Global Maritimes is carried on cable 6 on most systems throughout the region, and is also carried on Bell TV on channel 204. The New Brunswick feed was previously available through Star Choice (channel 330) but was dropped in May 2008 for capacity reasons.



CIHF-TV was launched on September 5, 1988, and was initially owned by New Brunswick Broadcasting Company (itself owned by the Irving family), which also owned CHSJ-TV (a private CBC affiliate at the time) in Saint John, New Brunswick. The station launched with four transmitters, namely those in Halifax, Saint John, Fredericton, and Moncton.

At the time, CIHF was the only over-the-air independent television station in the area, with studios and main operation centre in Halifax, and all other functions in Saint John. The station offered separate newscasts to each province and opportunities for advertisers to buy ad space in one or both provinces. At the time, the station was known as MITV - Maritimes Independent Television. As MITV shared owners with CHSJ-TV, a popular joke in the Maritimes was that MITV stood for "More Irving Television".

When MITV launched, the station took all primetime American shows from CBC stations CBHT and CHSJ, which is believed to have caused the CBC to launch an all-Canadian primetime schedule on their English language network.[citation needed]

In 1989, transmitters were added in Bridgewater, Truro, and Wolfville. The transmitter network was expanded further in 1993 to include service to Shelburne, Sydney, New Glasgow, and Yarmouth.

After losing $5 million each year since sign-on, CIHF was sold to Canwest on August 29, 1994. This was part of a three-way deal, which saw the CBC taking control of CHSJ-TV, moving it to Fredericton, and renaming it CBAT, making it a full CBC O&O. Later in the year, CIHF moved its operational and business headquarters to Halifax.

Former logo of Global Maritimes, from 1997 to 2006

In 1995, CIHF's Saint John offices were moved out of the old CHSJ building and into a new facility in Brunswick Square. Within a year of new ownership and its resulting reorganization and marketing focus, the station became profitable for the first time in its short history. In 1997, as a part of Canwest's rebranding programme, MITV became "Global Maritimes".

The remaining six transmitters signed on in 1998, growing CIHF's coverage to 90% of the Maritime population.

In October 2007 approximately forty employees at CIHF were laid off as part of a wider restructuring of the Global Television network and introduction of centralised news broadcast facilities.[1]

News programming

Global Maritimes airs two local newscasts a day from their Halifax studios: the flagship Evening News at 6:00pm; and News Final, the region's only full hour local late-night newscast, at 11:00pm. The Evening News is followed by Global National at 6:30pm; CIHF is the only Global O&O to air the network newscast at that time slot.

Along with a growing number of other Global stations, CIHF has used a "virtual" studio since 2007. The anchor sits behind a desk in front of a green screen, onto which a virtual reality studio is digitally projected. Cameras and tapes are cued and controlled from a centralised control centre - which was originally in Vancouver, but was moved in August 2008 to Edmonton. A number of the redundancies made in October 2007 were directly attributable to the introduction of this new technology.

Global Maritimes also had a 5:30pm newscast called the Early News, but was cancelled as of early 2007 to make way for a full hour late-night newscast. The Early News was the first attempt by Global Maritimes to compete against CTV Atlantic's flagship news magazine program Live at 5. Global also had a noon lifestyle show called The Noon Show, which was cancelled due to low ratings.

On Saturdays and Sundays, Global Maritimes airs the Evening News at 6:00pm and News Final at 11:00pm. All of these news programs are broadcast from their Halifax studios.

Current Personalities



  • Tarek Hagamad - Evening News and News Hour Final (Weekdays at 6:00 p.m. and 11 p.m.)
  • Rebecca Lau - News Hour and News Final (Weekends at 6 p.m. and 11 p.m.)


  • Carla Bosacki - Weekday Evening News/News Hour Final Weather Specialist
  • Duane English - Weekend Weather Specialist


  • Kevin Karius - News Hour Final (Weekdays at 11:00 p.m.


  • Tino Markis
  • Rebecca Lau
  • Nicole Weisberg

Notable former personnel

Other programming

The Maritimes are located in the Atlantic Time Zone, which is one hour ahead of the Eastern Time Zone, where Global's CIII Toronto is located. In order to accommodate such a time zone difference and maximize simultaneous substitution opportunities with the American stations carried on cable, CIHF's schedule deviates from that of most other Global O&Os, with some shows airing on different nights compared to other Global stations.


Below is a list of the station's rebroadcast transmitters.

Station City of licence Channel ERP HAAT Transmitter Coordinates
CIHF-TV-1 Fredericton, NB 11 (VHF) 20 kW 174.4 m 46°2′26″N 66°29′24″W / 46.04056°N 66.49°W / 46.04056; -66.49 (CIHF-TV-1)
CIHF-TV-2 Saint John, NB 12 (VHF) 35.5 kW 363.9 m 45°28′40″N 66°14′0″W / 45.47778°N 66.233333°W / 45.47778; -66.233333 (CIHF-TV-2)
CIHF-TV-3 Moncton, NB 27 (UHF) 232 kW 312.2 m 45°48′32″N 64°44′56″W / 45.80889°N 64.74889°W / 45.80889; -64.74889 (CIHF-TV-3)
CIHF-TV-4 Truro 18 (UHF) 17.9 kW 195.4 m 45°18′35″N 63°20′1″W / 45.30972°N 63.33361°W / 45.30972; -63.33361 (CIHF-TV-4)
CIHF-TV-5 Wolfville 20 (UHF) 336 kW 221.7 m 45°2′39″N 64°21′19″W / 45.04417°N 64.35528°W / 45.04417; -64.35528 (CIHF-TV-5)
CIHF-TV-6 Bridgewater 9 (VHF) 13.9 kW 164.5 m 44°23′17″N 64°40′44″W / 44.38806°N 64.67889°W / 44.38806; -64.67889 (CIHF-TV-6)
CIHF-TV-7 Sydney 11 (VHF) 154.1 kW 192.2 m 46°5′55″N 60°18′41″W / 46.09861°N 60.31139°W / 46.09861; -60.31139 (CIHF-TV-7)
CIHF-TV-8 New Glasgow 34 (UHF) 18.8 kW 190.7 m 45°28′54″N 62°33′47″W / 45.48167°N 62.56306°W / 45.48167; -62.56306 (CIHF-TV-8)
CIHF-TV-9 Shelburne 10 (VHF) 3.9 kW 113.2 m 43°46′9″N 65°20′57″W / 43.76917°N 65.34917°W / 43.76917; -65.34917 (CIHF-TV-9)
CIHF-TV-10 Yarmouth 45 (UHF) 66.4 kW 167.3 m 43°54′56″N 66°5′16″W / 43.91556°N 66.08778°W / 43.91556; -66.08778 (CIHF-TV-10)
CIHF-TV-11 Woodstock, NB 38 (UHF) 51.9 kW 174.3 m 46°25′12″N 67°33′32″W / 46.42°N 67.55889°W / 46.42; -67.55889 (CIHF-TV-11)
CIHF-TV-12 St. Stephen, NB 21 (UHF) 31.3 kW 240.8 m 45°10′15″N 66°54′28″W / 45.17083°N 66.90778°W / 45.17083; -66.90778 (CIHF-TV-12)
CIHF-TV-13 Miramichi, NB 40 (UHF) 41.7 kW 119.1 m 47°3′20″N 65°29′17″W / 47.05556°N 65.48806°W / 47.05556; -65.48806 (CIHF-TV-13)
CIHF-TV-14 Charlottetown, PEI 42 (UHF) 38.1 kW 146.7 m 46°21′59″N 63°24′35″W / 46.36639°N 63.40972°W / 46.36639; -63.40972 (CIHF-TV-14)
CIHF-TV-15 Antigonish 21 (UHF) 37.8 kW 208.1 m 45°38′26″N 62°7′32″W / 45.64056°N 62.12556°W / 45.64056; -62.12556 (CIHF-TV-15)
CIHF-TV-16 Mulgrave 28 (UHF) 2.65 kW 128.4 m 45°35′56″N 61°24′44″W / 45.59889°N 61.41222°W / 45.59889; -61.41222 (CIHF-TV-16)


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