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CablePulse 24 (CP24)
CP24 logo
Launched March 30, 1998
Owned by CTVglobemedia
CTV Limited
Slogan Toronto's Breaking News!
Country Canada
Broadcast area Southern Ontario (analogue)
National (satellite)
Headquarters Toronto, Ontario
Website CP24
Bell TV Channel 503
Shaw Direct Channel 509
Available on many Southern Ontario cable systems Check local listings, channels may vary

CablePulse 24 (commonly known as CP24) is a Canadian English language cable television specialty news channel owned and operated by CTVglobemedia. Based in Toronto, it focuses on local news from the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario, although it also covers national and international news. It is distributed through cable in Southern Ontario and direct broadcast satellite nationally.



Old Version of the CP24 logo.

The channel was licensed by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) as Pulse 24 in 1996 (as a connection to the former name of CITY-TV's newscasts, CityPulse)[1] and was launched as CablePulse 24 (CP24) on March 30, 1998, under the ownership of CHUM Limited and minority partner Sun Media, owner of the Toronto Sun daily newspaper. Sun writers and commentators were featured regularly on the channel.

On December 1, 2004 CHUM Limited acquired the remaining interest in CP24 (giving it 100% of its shares), when the Sun's owners sold their 29.9% share in CP24 after acquiring its independent broadcast station Toronto 1 (now Sun TV), the same day when CHUM Limited took control of Craig Media and its assets.

On June 22, 2007, CTVglobemedia took control of CP24 as a result of a buyout of CHUM Limited.

In December 2008, CP24 replaced its simulcast of Citytv Toronto's CityNews at Six with a new simulcast of CTV Toronto's CTV News at Six and abruptly removed almost all of CP24's simulcast of Citytv news programming except for Breakfast Television, this change was likely as a response to the condition of the CRTC approval to an application by Rogers Media owners of Citytv to launch a 24-hour news channel for the Greater Toronto Area called "CityNews Toronto".[2][3][4][5]

In March 2009, CP24 replaced Breakfast Television with a new morning show called CP24 Breakfast, marking the final separation of the CP24 newsroom from that of Citytv.

In the wake of budget cuts at Rogers Media's Citytv properties including the cancellation of Citytv Toronto's CityNews at Five announced on January 19, 2010, CP24 has extended its Live at 5 broadcast to 30 minutes and will now include Live at 5:30 to the CP24 schedule. [6] [7]. As a result, CP24's late-afternoon talk shows, such as Animal House Calls and Hot Property, which were previously seen weekdays at 5:15 p.m. have been relocated to a new time slot for 7:15 p.m. effective January 26, 2010. [8]

Location and format

CP24's Crime Specialist Sue Sgambati reports live on Queen Street

CP24 is based at 299 Queen Street West, at the corner of John Street and Queen Street West. In November 2008, CP24's newsroom was moved to the second floor with windows facing Queen Street West (which previously served as the Bravo! Rehearsal Hall), making it unlikely for passers-by to appear on camera. Previously, CP24 shared the newsroom on the first floor with Citytv Toronto (now owned by Rogers Communications). Coincident with the new studio, CP24 also adopted a new on-air look using the colour palettes of red, white and black for its on-air graphics, replacing its previous gold and blue CityNews-styled colour scheme introduced in 2003.[9][10]

CP24 also shares news resources with other CTV-owned outlets, including sports updates provided by TSN and business news updates with BNN.

CP24's visual enriched screen format consists a window taking up approximately two-fifths of the screen in the top left corner, where news and information programs are broadcast; the surrounding space contains weather and traffic information, along with scrolling news headlines, stocks, local entertainment and other details. This format has been described as more closely resembling a website than a conventional television channel, and has been replicated to include a similar look of CP24's enriched screen on its relaunched website.

Carriage and expansion plans

CP24 is seen on cable channel 24 on most cable systems that carry the channel. It is not carried on any analogue cable system outside of Central or Southern Ontario, although it is available on direct broadcast satellite and IPTV television provider MTS in some markets. The channel is available across Canada on Bell TV, on which the station is part of the service's "News" package. It is also available in the "FYI" package provided to Shaw Direct customers.

There have been at least tentative plans to launch localized versions of CP24 for other markets, such as Vancouver, Ottawa and Barrie, and other cities where Citytv and A-Channel (now A) stations exist.

CP24 Radio 1050

On March 25, 2009 CTVglobemedia announced that its AM oldies radio station in Toronto, "1050 CHUM" would be renamed "CP24 Radio 1050" at 5:00 a.m. on March 26, 2009. The radio station is an audio simulcast of CP24, excluding a few hours during the weekends.[11]


Melissa Grelo anchoring the news, after CP24 Breakfast.
Animal Housecalls
hosted by Ann Rohmer. A phone-in show with guests about animals. Airs on CP24, CP24 Radio 1050 AM and Animal Planet Tuesdays at 7:15 p.m.
a phone-in show about automobiles. Hosted by George Lagogianes. Airs 8 p.m. Sundays.
CP24 Breakfast
airs weekdays at 6 a.m.
  • Ann Rohmer, News Anchor
  • Steve Anthony, Co-host
  • Melissa Grelo, Co-host
  • Nalini Sharma, Weather Specialist
  • Transit specialist Mika Midolo
  • Traffic and safety specialist/lead reporter Cam Woolley
  • Live-Eye with Matte Babel
  • Traffic Specialist Bob Summers
  • Senior Assignment Editor and Breaking News Producer Katie Simpson
24/7 Live
5-minute news updates during overnight periods
CP24 Early News Edition
first half-hour of CP24 Breakfast, airs weekdays at 5:30 a.m.
CTV News at 6
the 6:00 news anchored by Christine Bentley and Ken Shaw; simulcast of CFTO-TV.
CTV News at 6 Weekend
the 6:00 p.m. news anchored by Andria Case and Tom Hayes; simulcast of CFTO-TV.
CTV News at 11:30
the 11:30 p.m. news anchored by Bill Hutchison and Pauline Chan; simulcast of CFTO-TV.
CTV News at 11:30 Weekend
same anchors as the 6:00 p.m. newscast; simulcast of CFTO-TV.
Hot Property
a real estate show hosted by Ann Rohmer. Airs Thursdays at 7:15 p.m.
CP24 Live at Noon
Hosted by Ann Rohmer and Stephen LeDrew on weekdays. (Ann Rohmer with Toronto's News and Stephen LeDrew with Talk Television). Airs weekdays at noon.
Live at 5
5 p.m. newscast, originally running 15 minutes since its launch on January 14, 2008. Expanded to 30 minutes on January 19, 2010, after Rogers Media, the owners of Citytv announced cost-cutting measures at the Citytv stations across Canada including the cancellation of their 5 p.m. newscast for Toronto. Hosted by Lindsey Deluce & Pooja Handa/Nneka Elliot (anchors switch every few days)
Live at 5:30
hosted by Farah Nasser & Lindsey Deluce. This program was added to the CP24 schedule on January 19, 2010, in response to the budget cuts at the Citytv stations across Canada which included the cancellation of their 5 p.m. newscast for Toronto. Airs weekdays at 5:30 p.m.
CP24 Live at 11
hosted by a CP24 anchor. Airs every night at 11 p.m.
On the Quarter
hosted by Ann Rohmer and TD Waterhouse money expert Patricia Lovett Reid. Airs every three months.
On-Call with Dr. Karl
a weekly Monday show about health hosted by Dr. Karl Kebasele. Airs Mondays at 7:15 p.m.
On The Rocket
hosted by TTC chairman, Adam Giambrone, this program broadcasts live from a moving TTC streetcar. Airs once every month.
The Mayor
usually hosted by Melissa Grelo, with Toronto mayor David Miller; originally Mel Lastman. Airs once every month.
The Chief
hosted by Crime Specialist Sue Sgambati, with Chief Bill Blair. Airs once every month.
Wylde on Health
hosted by homeopath Bryce Wylde. Airs Fridays at 7:15 p.m.
Ledrew Live
hosted by political analyst Stephen LeDrew. Weeknights at 9 p.m.
hosted by Amber MacArthur. Airs Wednesdays at 7:15 p.m.
CTV's news magazine television series; seen Sunday afternoons at 1 p.m.
Sex Matters
hosted by newest CP24 member Cynthia Loyst. Air Thursdays and Fridays at 10:30pm.

Remote camera use

In addition to the Freeway Management System - COMPASS and RESCU cameras, CP24 operates EYES cameras located at:

CP24 has also made use of a camera at Polson Street (operated by CTV Toronto), although this camera location does not currently appear in its enriched screen traffic box.

Chopper 24

Shortly after CTV took control of CP24 and most of the other assets owned by CHUM, the channel began to use aerial news footage from the CTV Toronto news chopper (a Bell 206L-4 Long Ranger (C-FCTV)) under the guise of "Chopper 24".

Beat The Traffic

In 2009, CP24 became the first and only station in Canada to introduce a new Beat The Traffic system showing a three-dimensional animated map displaying traffic flow, roadwork, accidents and current highway travel times.[12]

CP24 presenters

Current presenters

Some names are repeated because they do more than one job.


CP24 Traffic/Weather Team

  • Bob Summers, Traffic Specialist
  • Amber Payie, Traffic Specialist
  • Mika Midolo, Traffic/Transit Specialist
  • Pooja Handa, Weather/Traffic Specialist
  • Nneka Elliot, Weather/Traffic Specialist
  • Gurdeep Ahluwalia, Weather/Traffic Specialist
  • Jamie Gutfreund, Weather/Traffic Specialist
  • Nalini Sharma, Weather Specialist
  • Chris Potter, Meteorologist

CP24 Hosts

  • Ann Rohmer, Anchor for CP24 Breakfast, Animal House Calls, Hot Property, Live at Noon, On the Quarter
  • Melissa Grelo, CP24 Breakfast, The Mayor
  • Lindsey Deluce, Live at 5, Live at 5:30
  • Pooja Handa/Nneka Elliot, Anchor for Live at Five (Anchors Switch every few days)
  • Farah Nasser, Anchor for Live at 5:30
  • Steve Anthony, CP24 Breakfast
  • Matte Babel, Remote Hosting on CP24 Breakfast
  • George Lagogianes, AutoShop
  • Sue Sgambati, The Chief
  • Cam Woolley, Safety First & Know Your Rights
  • Stephen LeDrew, Live at Noon & LeDrew Live
  • Amber MacArthur, Web Nation
  • Maurice Cacho, Web Nation
  • Bryce Wylde, Wylde on Health
  • Karl Kebasele, On-Call with Dr. Karl
  • Cynthia Loyst, Sex Matters


  • Matte Babel, Remote Host
  • Steve Anthony, Remote Host
  • Stephen LeDrew, TalkTV Host
  • Amber MacArthur, New Media Specialist/Web Specialist
  • Maurice Cacho, Web Specialist/CP24.COM Updater on CP24
  • Ken Reid, Sports Specialist
  • Bryce Wylde, Homopathic Doctor
  • Karl Kebasele, Medical Specialist
  • Stephanie Symth, Breaking News Producer
  • Caryn Lieberman, Breaking News Producer
  • Katie Simpson, Senior Assignment Editor
  • Cam Woolley, Traffic/Safety Specialist
  • Sue Sgambati, Crime Specialist

Past presenters

Presenters also included those working both from CityNews and CP24 prior to the CTV/CHUM acquisition in 2007

  • Rubina Ahmed, former CP24 anchor/reporter/business news updater from TMX Centre
  • Omar Sachedina, former CP24 anchor/reporter, now with CTV News
  • Muhammad Lila, now with CBC News
  • Bob Hunter. Founder of Greenpeace, later died of cancer.
  • Thalia Assuras, later moved to ABC and then CBS
  • Bill Cameron, who later moved to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
  • Denise Donlon, later CEO of Sony Canada
  • Mary Garofalo, later moved to WNYW-TV in New York; now hosting 16x9: The Bigger Picture on Global
  • Avi Lewis, later moved to CBC and is now with Al Jazeera English
  • Stephen Lewis provided a commentary program until his appointment as Canadian ambassador to the United Nations
  • David Onley, former anchor, CP24; host, Homepage; appointed Lieutenant Governor of Ontario in 2007.
  • Beatrice Politi, former CP24 political specialist, now with Global Ontario.
  • Dini Petty, later a talk show host (The Dini Petty Show)
  • Tonya Rouse, former fitness specialist and host of CP24's Perfect Fit.
  • Lance Chilton former reporter now with A-Channel in Barrie.
  • Alex Pierson former reporter now with Global News in Toronto
  • John Roberts (credited as J.D. Roberts), former entertainment reporter and weekend anchor now with CNN's American Morning News
  • John Saunders, former sportscaster. Now at to ESPN
  • Russ Salzberg, a sportscaster who later moved to WWOR-TV in New York
  • Tracy Moore, former reporter, now hosting Citytv's CityLine
  • Lorne Honickman, former CP24 Legal Specialist.
  • Zuraidah Alman, former CityNews/CP24 reporter. Now on CTV TORONTO as a reporter.
  • Francis D'Souza, former CityNews/CP24 anchor/reporter, also former CityNews at Six Anchor. Now only on CityNews
  • Merella Fernandez, former CityNews/CP24 anchor/reporter along with host of '"AutoShop (before Hugh Burril).
  • Laura DiBattista, former CityNews/CP24 health reporter, also former CityNews at Noon Anchor.
  • Dwight Drummond, former CityNews/CP24 crime reporter, former host of The Chief. Now only on CityNews
  • Anne Mroczkowski, former CityNews/CP24 anchor/reporter, CityNews at Six Anchor also former host of The Mayor
  • Gord Martineau, former CityNews/CP24 anchor/reporter, former CityNews at Six Anchor for CP24, also former anchor of CityNews International Now only on CityNews
  • Mark Dailey, former CityNews/CP24 anchor/reporter, former CityNews Tonight anchor for CP24. Now only on CityNews
  • Hugh Burrill, former CityNews/CP24 Sports Anchor along with host of AutoShop. Now only on CityNews
  • Katheryn Humphreys, former CityNews/CP24 sports anchor. Now only on '"CityNews
  • Cynthia Mulligan, former CityNews/CP24 anchor/reporter. Now only on CityNews
  • Jee-Yun Lee, former CityNews/CP24 anchor & consumer reporter. Also former HomePage host after David Onley.
  • Jim McKenny, former CityNews/CP24 sports anchor. Now retired
  • Marianne Dimain, former CityNews/CP24 reporter.
  • Michael Kuss, former CityNews/CP24 meteorologist. Now only on CityNews
  • Adam Stiles, former CityNews/CP24 meteorologist. Now only on CityNews
  • Sangita Patel, former CityNews/CP24 weather specialist. Now only on CityNews
  • Pam Seatle, former CityNews/CP24 anchor/reporter.
  • Kris Reyes. former CityNews/CP24 reporter, also former host of City OnLine. Now only on CityNews.


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