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CRN Digital Talk Radio Networks, sometimes simply referred to as CRN or CRN Digital Talk, is a syndicator and distributor of radio programs and talk radio networks. Its legal name, and former branding, is Cable Radio Networks, Inc.

The content is primarily talk radio programming, produced both in house and from syndicated sources.

CRN broadcasts six audio feeds. It is distributed, as its former name implies, mostly through various cable television providers, much in the way the more widely available Music Choice is distributed. However, it is also available via Ku-band satellite and on the Internet.[1]


Programming and Channels

At one time, CRN announced new channels CRN7 and CRN8, but these never came to fruition.


CRN was founded in 1983 by Michael Horn, a veteran programmer and disc jockey in the Los Angeles media market. CRN was originally an audio service used by the telephone services of cable companies. Those who made calls to them and were placed on hold heard mostly adult contemporary music. In addition, CRN aired nighttime talk shows, the audio from Prime Ticket's telecasts of Los Angeles Kings hockey games, and occasional remote broadcasts from such events as the Western Cable Show and a Special Olympics fundraiser that starred comedian Rich Hall.

Horn is still a host at CRN, hosting the "PM Show", "PM Show With Robert Conrad" and "What's Cookin" with Paul Stern.

CRN was the home of "Talk Back" with George Putnam until Putnam's 2008 death. Up until 2006 or so, Los Angeles-based local programs such as John and Ken and The Loose Cannons were also carried on the network. Until November 2009, programming from Talk Radio Network (most notably The Laura Ingraham Show and The Savage Nation) was heard on CRN (mostly on CRN4, with overflow airing on CRN2 and CRN5), but without explanation, the two parties failed to reach an agreement to continue carrying TRN on CRN. Air America Media replaced TRN on the CRN4 channel.


The Internet feed is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Hours of operation on cable companies vary from area to area. Many providers air programs only during daylight hours, before that channel is given over to public access providers. (One example is Time Warner Cable in the Los Angeles suburbs.)

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