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The third season of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation originally aired between September 2002 and May 2003.

The Complete Third Season was released on DVD in the U.S. on March 30, 2004.



List of episodes

# Title Writer Director Original airdate Production Code

47 "Revenge is Best Served Cold" Carol Mendelsohn and Anthony E. ZuikerDanny CannonSeptember 26, 2002302
Grissom, Sara and Warrick investigate when a poker player drops dead at the table during a high-stakes game. Nick and Catherine investigate a dead body found in an abandoned air strip, which leads them to the world of street racing. 
48 "The Accused is Entitled" Elizabeth Devine and Ann DonahueKenneth FinkOctober 3, 2002301
When a famous movie star (played by Chad Michael Murray) is accused of a double murder, his lawyer hires Grissom's former mentor to find errors in the CSIs' work. Things get even worse when their personal lives are used against them in the trial. 
49 "Let the Seller Beware" Andrew Lipsitz and Anthony E. ZuikerRichard J. LewisOctober 10, 2002303
Grissom, Catherine, Nick and Warrick investigate when a wealthy couple is murdered at their house, which was up for sale. Meanwhile Sara is sent to a local high school where a cheerleader was found eviscerated on the football field. 
50 "A Little Murder" Ann Donahue and Naren ShankarTucker GatesOctober 17, 2002304
Grissom, Sara and Nick suspect murder when the body of a dwarf is found hanging from a rope above the stage at a Little People's convention. Catherine and Warrick investigate a murder during a home invasion
51 "Abra-Cadaver" Danny Cannon and Anthony E. ZuikerDanny CannonOctober 31, 2002306
Grissom, Warrick and Sara investigate when a woman who was already missing disappears while taking part in a magician's act. Things get worse when the magician burns to death on the stage. But Grissom soon discovers that all is not what it seems. Nick and Catherine find evidence of murder when a rock star dies from an overdose in his trailer
52 "The Execution of Catherine Willows" Elizabeth Devine and Carol MendelsohnKenneth FinkNovember 7, 2002305
Fifteen years ago, Catherine helped to put John Mathers on death row for the rape and murder of a young student at a local college. On the day of his execution, he's granted a stay based on new DNA evidence. Meanwhile, Grissom, Nick and Sara are looking for a missing student, who is found murdered and left in exactly the same fashion as the women in Catherine's case. 
53 "Fight Night" Andrew Lipsitz and Naren ShankarRichard J. LewisNovember 14, 2002307
Grissom, Sara and Warrick investigate when a boxer dies in the ring during 'Fight Night'. Nick quickly solves a robbery at a jewelry store, but finds reason not to close the case just yet. Catherine investigates when a gang member is shot at a parking lot. 
54 "Snuff" Ann Donahue and Bob HarrisKenneth FinkNovember 21, 2002308
Catherine, Sara and Warrick are left without a body or crime scene when a snuff film shows the real murder of a young woman. Meanwhile Grissom and Nick are trying to find the identity and killer of a body found in a tool chest, covered with fire ants
55 "Blood Lust" Josh Berman and Carol MendelsohnCharlie CorrellDecember 5, 2002309
A taxi driver is beaten to death by a mob after running over a boy with his taxi. When Grissom arrives at the scene, he finds out that the boy was already dying from a stab wound. When Grissom and Sara find the actual crime scene at a basketball court, they discover the body of a man that was shot to death. Are the two murders related? 
56 "High and Low" Naren Shankar and Eli TalbertRichard J. LewisDecember 12, 2002310
Grissom, Nick and Warrick investigate when a body falls from the sky and lands between a couple of rollerbladers. But soon Grissom's hearing problem forces him to leave the case to Nick and Warrick. Meanwhile Catherine investigates the death of a man who was shot with his own gun. 
57 "Recipe for Murder" Ann Donahue and Anthony E. ZuikerRichard J. Lewis and J. Miller TobinJanuary 9, 2003311
Grissom and Catherine investigate when the chef of a fancy restaurant ends up in a meat grinder. They soon discover a lot more went on in the kitchen than cooking. Meanwhile Sara and Warrick find out that the apparent suicide of a young woman who suffered from bipolar disorder is actually a murder. 
58 "Got Murder?" Sarah GoldfingerKenneth FinkJanuary 16, 2003312
When a raven is spotted with a human eyeball in its beak, it's up to Catherine, Sara and Nick to find the rest of the body and the killer. Meanwhile a normal autopsy turns into a special one when the victim isn't dead. David and Dr. Robbins manage to save his life, only to have him die later. Grissom and Warrick then try to find out who wanted the man dead. 
59 "Random Acts of Violence" Danny Cannon and Naren ShankarDanny CannonJanuary 30, 2003313
When the nine-year-old daughter of Warrick's former mentor is killed in a drive-by shooting, Warrick lets his emotions lead him to assume a suspect is guilty without looking at the evidence. Meanwhile Nick investigates when a man is found dead in a sealed computer room. All of the victim's employees had reason to kill him, but none of them claim to have seen a thing. 
60 "One Hit Wonder" Corey MillerFelix Enríquez AlcaláFebruary 6, 2003314
Grissom, Catherine, Nick and Warrick investigate a 'peeping Tom' who escalated into breaking into women's apartments and terrorizing them. Meanwhile Sara reopens the murder case of a colleague's husband. The bullet that is still inside her friends body can help Sara find the killer, but her friend may not survive the operation to remove it. 
61 "Lady Heather's Box" Josh Berman, Ann Donahue, Bob Harris, Andrew Lipsitz, Carol Mendelsohn, Naren Shankar, Eli Talbert and Anthony E. ZuikerRichard J. LewisFebruary 13, 2003315
In a special 90 minute episode, Grissom and Brass pay another visit to Lady Heather when one of her employees is found dead in a local club. Meanwhile Catherine is faced with a crisis when she has to save her daughter Lindsey from a flooded car and her ex-husband Eddie who was driving the car is found murdered. 
62 "Lucky Strike" Eli Talbert and Anthony E. ZuikerKenneth FinkFebruary 20, 2003316
Catherine and Warrick try to find evidence when the 5-year-old son of a professional basketball player is kidnapped. Meanwhile Grissom and Nick investigate when a man stumbles out of his car and dies...from a wooden stake lodged in the back of his head. 
63 "Crash & Burn" Josh BermanRichard J. LewisMarch 13, 2003317
Sara finds out some disturbing news about her boyfriend Hank while she, Catherine and Warrick investigate a deadly car crash. Meanwhile Grissom and Nick find out that the death of a woman who died of carbon monoxide poisoning was not an accident. 
64 "Precious Metal" Andrew Lipsitz and Naren ShankarDeran SarafianApril 3, 2003318
Catherine, Nick and Sara investigate a badly decomposed body found in a chemical-waste barrel. They soon learn the victim was involved in something called 'Robot Rumble'. Meanwhile, Greg helps Grissom and Warrick solve the murder of a man whose body is found in an alley, after being killed in his own home. 
65 "A Night at the Movies" Danny Cannon, Carol Mendelsohn and Anthony E. ZuikerMatt Earl BeesleyApril 10, 2003319
Grissom and Catherine investigate a man murdered in a movie theatre during the show. Meanwhile Warrick, Nick and Sara investigate the death of a teenager found shot to death in a bullet-riddled warehouse, where more than 100 rounds were fired from every conceivable angle, but was only hit once. 
66 "Last Laugh" Bob Harris, Carol Mendelsohn and Anthony E. ZuikerRichard J. LewisApril 24, 2003320
Grissom and Catherine investigate the murder of a comic who dropped dead on stage after drinking from a tainted bottle of water. Warrick is sent to a convenience store to investigate the death of a 15-year-old boy only to find out the boy died after drinking the same brand of water. Brass asks Nick and Sara to investigate a case he ruled an accidental death after spotting the 'grieving' husband in a very expensive new car. 
67 "Forever" Sarah GoldfingerDavid GrossmanMay 1, 2003321
Grissom, Nick and Catherine investigate when a horse trainer is found dead in the cargo bay of a private jet. At first it looks like the victim is trampled by the horse, but Grissom and his team soon discover the situation is more complex. Meanwhile Sara and Warrick investigate how two teens could have committed suicide in the middle of the desert. 
68 "Play with Fire" Andrew Lipsitz and Naren ShankarKenneth FinkMay 8, 2003322
Grissom, Nick and Sara investigate when a woman is found dead at a high-school football field. The evidence leads them to a former convict and his prison drug dealer. When an explosion destroys the DNA lab, injuring Greg and Sara and destroying a lot of evidence, Catherine and Warrick discover that Catherine inadvertently caused the disaster. 
69 "Inside the Box" Carol Mendelsohn and Anthony E. ZuikerDanny CannonMay 15, 2003323
The CSIs are called upon to investigate a bank robbery during which Detective Lockwood is shot and killed. Things get personal for Catherine when the evidence leads to casino owner Sam Braun. Grissom finally makes a decision about his hearing. 


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