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Canal+ Scandinavia
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Canal+ logo
Launched 1 September 1997
Owned by TV4 Gruppen
Formerly called Filmnet
Boxer TV Access Sweden
Canal Digital Finland
Canal Digital Nordic Countries
Com Hem
Canal Digital

C More Entertainment is a premium television company, operating under the banner CANAL+, that targets the Nordic Countries and with one separate channel in Sweden (C More Film).

Originally named CANAL+, it was launched in 1997 by French pay-TV operator CANAL+ on the DBS platform Canal Digital, and subsequently on cable. In 2003, two private equity firms, Baker Capital and Nordic Capital acquired 100% of CANAL+ Television from the international media conglomerate Vivendi Universal. At the same time Nordic CANAL+ was re-named C More Entertainment, they retained however the rights of using the name “CANAL+”. On February 9 2005 SBS Broadcasting Group announced the acquisition of C More Entertainment.[1] On June 16, 2008, Swedish TV4 Gruppen announced they had acquired C More Entertainment from German ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG for 320 million. The main competitors of C More Entertainment in the Nordic countries are TV1000 and Viasat Sport, both of which belong to Modern Times Group.



The premium pay-TV concept used by C More Entertainment is based on exclusive broadcasting rights on sports, movies and TV-series.


Sports rights

  • Golf

Film and TV-series content providers


C More Entertainment currently operates seven standard TV channels and one in High-Definition, as of October 2005. They also operate several Pay-per-view channels featuring Movies (Kiosk) and the Swedish ice hockey and Soccer League (Säsongskortet).

C More Entertainment has its origins in the Filmnet channel that started in 1985. In the early 1990s, Filmnet became two channels: Filmnet Plus and Filmnet The Complete Movie Channel. The were later rebranded as Filmnet 1 and Filmnet 2.

Canal+ bought Filmnet in 1996 and the two channels were rebranded on September 1, 1997. Filmnet 1 became Canal+ with localized versions for the different Nordic countries and Filmnet 2 became the pan-Nordic Canal+ Gul ("Canal+ Yellow", following the colour naming pattern used by Canal+ in France and others countries).

A third channel Canal+ Blå (Blue) was started on September 3, 1999. Another channel, Canal+ Zap was launched on September 22, 2001.

A major overhaul was done on May 1, 2004. The three colour-coded mixed channels were abandoned for four themed channels showing. The Canal+ line-up would then consist of the main Canal+ channel, Canal+ Film 1 and Canal+ Film 2 showing new movies, the all-sports channel Canal+ Sport and C More Film, a channel showing older films. C More Film was the first channel to use the C More brand.

The line-up was extended on September 1, 2005 when Canal+ Film 3, C More Film 2 and the first HD channel for the Nordic region, C More HD, launched. Canal+ Film 1 was renamed Canal+ Film. Canal+ Sport was changed. Instead of being a pan-Nordic channel, country specific channels were launched. Canal+, that previously was country-specific, became pan-Nordic.

On November 1, 2006 the Canal+ package was changed once again. The C More Film channels were removed and merged with Canal+ Film 2, the main Canal+ channel was removed and replaced by bonus channel Canal+ Mix and a new sports channel called Canal+ Sport 2 launched. Some channels rebranded: Canal+ Film became Canal+ Film 1, Canal+ Sport became Canal+ Sport 1 and C More HD became Canal+ HD. Previously the customers had to subscribe to all the channels. With the relaunch, the customer was for the first time allowed to subscribe only to the sports or movie channels. The "Canal+ Film" package consisted of Canal+ Film 1, 2 and 3 and "Canal+ Sport" consisted of Canal+ Sport 1 and 2. The full package was called "Canal+ Total" and contained Canal+ Mix and Canal+ HD as a bonus.

A second HD channel, Canal+ Sport HD, will launch in February 2007. The original HD channel will then be called Canal+ Film HD.

Yet another overhaul happened on November 1, 2007. The movie and series channels were all renamed and repositioned into different categories. Canal+ Film 1 becomes Canal+ First which will premiere the films and Canal+ Film 2 is replaced by Canal+ Hits which will broadcast older films. Canal+ Film 3 and Canal+ Mix were renamed Canal+ Action and Canal+ Drama and were joined by Canal+ Comedy which broadcasts movies in different genres. Canal+ Sport 1 and 2 kept their names, but were be joined by Canal+ Sport Extra which time-shared with the pornographic channel Canal 69. [2]

On October 1, 2009, Canal+ launches SF-kanalen, a channel which broadcasts Swedish movies from the libraries of Svensk Filmindustri. After TV4's purchase of the company, Canal+ and Svensk Filmindustri became part of the same corporation. SF-kanalen replaces Canal 69, which will cease operations the day before.

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