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Cañari musicians
A Cañari weaver at his loom

Cañaris was a South American Indian tribe in central south Ecuador. Their greatest significance was the defense against numerous Incan armies for many years. Through wars and marriages, the Inca Empire conquered their territory under the lead of Huayna Capac to the north. The Cañaris were loosely assimilated into the vast empire, allowed to manage their own affairs but adopting a new language.

The tribe existed largely around the Tumebamba area, sometimes referred to as the "second Cuzco". The Cañaris' (along with Incan influence and mandates) construction was to rival that of the Incan capital Cuzco. Tumebamba reportedly had impressive and beautiful architecture similar to that in Cuzco.

During the Inca Civil War between the sons of Huayna Capac, the Cañaris chose to support the cause of Huáscar, despite being positioned in the northern area inherited by the son and heir Atahualpa. Initially Huáscar's generals Atoc and Hango were successful, defeating Atahualpa's army, and capturing much of Atlahualpa's army, plus the larger cities of Cajamarca and gaining the supportTumipampa.

Aided by his father's loyal generals, Atahualpa managed to rout the Huáscaran army in the battles of Mullihambato and Chimborazo. This forced the interlopers back to the south. He captured and executed Huascar's generals and executed the Cañari supporters once he reached Tumebamba.

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Canaris or Kanaris may refer to the following people:

Canaris or Kanaris may refer to the following people:


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