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"Caballo Viejo"
Single by Simón Díaz
from the album Caballo Viejo
Released 1980
Format Cassette, LP
Recorded 1980
Genre Folk (Musica LLanera)
Length 2:59
Label Palacio
Writer(s) Simón Díaz
Single by Gipsy Kings
from the album Gipsy Kings
Released 1988
Format Cassette, CD
Recorded 1988
Genre Flamenco Rumba
Length 3:25
Label Elektra
Writer(s) Simón Díaz

"Caballo Viejo" is a Venezuelan folk song written and performed by Simón Díaz, which appears on the 1980 album Caballo Viejo. It has become one of the most important folk songs in Venezuela and is already regarded as a classic.

This song has been translated into 12 different languages, and has been recorded by singers such as Celia Cruz, Papo Lucca y la Sonora Ponceña, María Dolores Pradera, Julio Iglesias, Gilberto Santa Rosa, José Luis Rodríguez "El Puma", Polo Montañes, Freddy López, Oscar D'Leon, Celso Piña, Rubén Blades, Roberto Torres, and Plácido Domingo. The Gipsy Kings had a worldwide hit with their version of the song recorded under the title "Bamboleo".


Cuando el amor llega así de esta manera uno no se da ni cuenta el carutal reverdece el guamachito florece y la soga se revienta (bis)Caballo le dan sabana porque esta viejo y cansao, pero no se dan de cuenta que un corazón amarrao, cuando le sueltan las riendas es caballo desbocao.

Y si una potra alazana caballo viejo se encuentra el pecho se le desgrana no le hace caso a falseta y no le obedece a freno, ni lo paran falsas riendas.

Cuando el amor llega asi de esta manera, uno no tiene la culpa.

Quererse no tiene horario, ni fecha en el calendario cuando las ganas se juntan. (bis)Caballo le dan sabana y tiene el tiempo contao y se va por la mañana con su pasito apurao a verse con su potranca que lo tiene embarbascao.

El potro da tiempo al tiempo por que le sobra la edad, caballo viejo no puede perder la flor que le dan, porque después de esta vida no hay otra oportunidad.

Letra y Música: Simón Díaz Source for lyrics in Spanish:

Lyrics in English

When love arrives like this, in this way, One does not understand and can’t account for it. The carutal turns green again The guamachito blooms and the rope snaps.

The horse is put out to pasture because he is old and tired. But they don't realize that a heart that is restrained when the reins are let go the horse goes wild.

And if the old horse meets a chestnut filly his chest bursts. He ignores the bridle and he doesn’t obey the bit. False reins don't stop him.

When love arrives like this, in this way, One is not to blame Love has no schedule or a date on the calendar when desires are united.

The horse is put out to pasture and his days are numbered And he goes through the morning with a quickened step To meet his filly who has him hooked.

A colt has patience because he has time to spare. The old horse cannot lose the flower he's given Because when this life is over there is no other chance.

Translated by Bennett Brummer. Another translation to English, by Russell Maddicks, is available at the external link below (Video of Caballo Viejo with English Lyrics).

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