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Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever
Directed by Ti West
Produced by Lauren Moews Vilchik & Jonathan Sachar
Written by Joshua Malkin (screenplay)
Randy Pearlstein
Ti West
Narrated by Zack Carlson
Starring Rider Strong
Giuseppe Andrews
Judah Friedlander
Noah Segan
Marc Senter
Mark Borchardt
Larry Fessenden
Alexi Wasser
Rusty Kelley
Amanda Jelks
Music by Ryan Shore
Cinematography Eliot Rockett
Editing by Janice Hampton
Distributed by Lionsgate
Release date(s) September 23, 2009 (Fantastic Fest)[1]
Country  United States
Language English
Preceded by Cabin Fever
Followed by Cabin Fever 3

Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever is an American horror film directed by Ti West and starring Rider Strong, Giuseppe Andrews and Noah Segan.



This film picks up a few days later after the first film ended. The fatally wounded Paul has been laying in the stream nearly lifeless for a few days. While he has been laying there the virus has grown and evolved in his body. Paul now suffers from hideous lumps on his face and body with oozing lumps, sores, and blisters. Paul strives to survive as he finally gains the strength to get up out of the stream, but fails as he dies a shockingly painful death by a school bus. The down home water trucking company has collected water for distribution. Two of the truck drivers die horribly after consuming the contaminated water, after it has been dropped off at a school the day of the prom. At the prom, the punch, which gets infected by the water and bodily fluids, is now contaminated with the virus causing the outbreak to begin. After a while the kids at prom begin to feel nauseous and start developing hideous blood blisters, flesh eating sores, blood vomiting, and start to convulse in a seizure like manner. The school is then on lock down, and the few that were not infected try to survive what they have just witnessed.



It is now said that the film will be released in spring 2010[8] The film premiered on 24 October 2009 at the Mann Chinese 6 theaters in Hollywood, California as part of the 2009 Screamfest Horror Film Festival Los Angeles.[9] [10] The DVD will be released in the USA on February 16th 2010 and in the UK on February 22nd. The US Blu-Ray release comes with the Unrated Directors Cut version of Eli Roth's Cabin Fever.[11] After extensive re-editing and re-shooting by the producers, writer/director Ti West requested to have his name removed from the film and replaced with the popular pseudonym Alan Smithee. Since he was not a member of the DGA his request was denied by the producers and he remains credited as the film's director. West has since disowned the final product claiming that it is more a product of the producers and executives than that of his own. It is unknown if there will ever be a "directors cut" released featuring West's original vision.[12]


Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever Teaser Poster

The movie finished production in April 2007 and has yet to be released.[13] The Production companies are Tonic Films, Morningstar Films, Carr Miller Entertainment and Tunnel Post. The special effects are from Quantum Creation FX who created the make-up effects. Rider Strong and Giuseppe Andrews are the only two Cabin Fever[14] cast members to come back for the sequel.


The film music was created by Ryan Shore, he produced the official movie score of this film[15]

Cabin Fever 3

Producer Lauren Moews has expressed interest in producing a "Cabin Fever 3". She says if she finds the right director that she feels is worthy of filming it, it will be green lit for production. Any dates are unknown at this moment.


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