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—  Municipality  —

Cabuyao is located in Philippines
Location in the Philippines
Coordinates: 14°16′42″N 121°7′29″E / 14.27833°N 121.12472°E / 14.27833; 121.12472Coordinates: 14°16′42″N 121°7′29″E / 14.27833°N 121.12472°E / 14.27833; 121.12472
Country  Philippines
Region CALABARZON (Region IV-A)
Province Laguna
District 2nd District of Laguna
Founded 1571
Barangays 18
 - Mayor Isidro L. Hemedes, Jr.
 - Total 43.30 km2 (16.7 sq mi)
Population (2007)
 - Total 205,376
 Density 4,743.1/km2 (12,284.6/sq mi)
Time zone PST (UTC+8)
ZIP code 4025
Income class 1st
Population Census of Cabuyao
Census Pop. Rate
1995 77,302
2000 106,630 7.15%
2007 205,376 9.46%

The Municipality of Cabuyao (In Filipino: Bayan ng Kabuyaw) is a First Class[1] urbanized municipality in the province of Laguna, Philippines. It lies for about 43 kilometers southeast of Metro Manila and is located at the western portion of Laguna. It is bordered by the Laguna de Bay, the country's largest lake, to the north, Calamba City to the east, some portion of Silang, Cavite to the south and by the Santa Rosa City to the west. Cabuyao is approximately 54 kilometers away from Santa Cruz, the provincial capital, and 9 kilometers from the city proper of Calamba City, the chartered city and regional center of CALABARZON region. According to the 2007 Census[2], it has a population of 205,376 Inhabitants (106,630 people in 22,552 households in census 2000).

Cabuyao is currently the fastest-growing municipality in Laguna, as evidenced with a large populace of migrants working in the town's industrial estates.

Nestlé Philippines, Asia Brewery, Inc. and Malayan Colleges Laguna are located in Cabuyao.


Physical characteristics

Geographical location

The Municipality of Cabuyao is located about 43 kilometers southeast of Metro Manila, at the western portion of Laguna. It is bordered by the Laguna de Bay, the country's largest lake, to the north (N), Calamba City to the east (E) with Barangays Uwisan (NE), Banlic & San Cristobal (E) and Mapagong & Canlubang (SE), some portion of Silang, Cavite (Brgy. Putting Kahoy) to the south (S) and by the Santa Rosa City to the west (W) with the Barangays Malitlit (SW), Dita (W) and Caingin (NW) respectively. Cabuyao is Approximately 54 kilometers away from Santa Cruz, the provincial capital, and 9 kilometers from the city proper of Calamba City, the chartered city and regional center of CALABARZON region.

Physical heritage

Cabuyao Mapping Heritages can be classified into two (2):

Natural heritage


The only lake found in Cabuyao is the Laguna Lake or the Laguna de Bay. Barangays situated along the lake are Bigaa, Butong, Marining, Gulod, Baclaran and Mamatid. Types of Fish found in the lake are Kanduli, Biya, Talapia, Ayungin, Hito, Karpa, Mamale, Bangus, Dalag, Papalo, Kakasuhet and Dulong.[3]


The ricefields/ricelands in Cabuyao are found in Barangay Bigaa, Butong, Marining, Gulod, Baclaran, Mamatid, San Isidro, Pulo, Banay-Banay, Niugan and Sala. As of year 2004[3], the total area of riceland is 940.56 hectares (9.4056 in square kilometers) and 468 farmers as per data of the Municipal Agriculture Office.


Narra Trees are planted along the Poblacion-Marining Road and beside the compound of the Municipal Hall of Cabuyao. Agricultural crops are palay, squash, garlic, watermelon, pineapple, coffee and other fruit bearing plants.[3]


Types of Animals that can be found in Cabuyao are the following: [3]

  • Carabao
  • Pig
  • Cow
  • Duck
  • Chicken
  • Dog
  • Cat
  • Monitor Lizard
  • Snake

Built heritage


List of old Churches built in Cabuyao

Name Location Year Constructed Outstanding Feature
St. Polycarp Parish

Brgy. Uno

1763 The second church constructed in Cabuyao after the first church situated in Brgy. Marining was destroyed by flood and tidal waves. Its feature is still the same up to now. Father Mariano Gomez, one of the GOMBURZA, became parish priest of the church from 1848-1862. The records of the church are intact from 1700s to the present.

San Vicente Ferrer Parish


1946 The parish church is a candidate for Diocesan Shrine because of its numerous devotees from different towns, neighbor cities and provinces. There's a museum behind the church where a small relic of Saint Vincent Ferrer is displayed.

St. Francis of Assissi Parish


1970 The 14 Ways of the Cross are displayed inside the church.
St. Joseph the Worker Parish Bigaa 1998 Based on constructed random survey among parishioners, it is proven that Saint Joseph is a good provider in all aspects.
Municipal Hall[4]
Year Description
1571-1899 The first Municipal Hall of Cabuyao was called "Tribunal del Pueblo". It was during Spanish period up to year 1899
1905 The house of the late Jose Bella, Sr. was temporarily used as Municipal Hall of Cabuyao during American period.
1906-1939 From year 1906 to 1939, the Municipal Hall of Cabuyao was called "Presidencia"
1940 The Municipal Hall of Cabuyao was constructed in front of St. Polycarp Parish (Brgy. Uno) but it was destroyed by fire on May 2, 1962.
1962-1964 The temporary Municipal Hall of Cabuyao was beside the St. Polycarp Parish (which is now the Town Plaza). It was from June 1962 to May 31, 1964.
1964 The new Municipal Hall of Cabuyao was inaugurated on June 12, 1964. The design was done by Architect Graciano T. Bailon and the construction was supervised by Engineer Jose L. Acuña, both Cabuyeños.
2000-present The present Municipal Hall of Cabuyao is a three-storey building with roofdeck located in Brgy. Sala. It was a project of former Mayor Proceso D. Aguillo and was inaugurated on July 31, 2000.
Town plaza


Population Census of Cabuyao
Census Pop. Rate
1995 82,382
2000 106,630 5.69%
2007 205,376 9.46%

According to the 2007 Census[2], Cabuyao has a population of 205,376 (from 82,382 in 1997[5] and 106,630 in 2000), making it as the sixth (6th) largest Local Government Unit of Laguna, third (3rd) largest municipality of the province (after San Pedro and Biñan) and eleventh (11th) largest municipality of the country (see below) when it comes to population. The municipality has a population density of 2,428 per km².

No. Barangay Rank Population (2000) Population (2007) Population Density (2007)
1 Baclaran 7th 6,430 12,683 7,267.1537
2 Banay-Banay 4th 9,846 17,419 5,616.7674
3 Banlic 10th 8,232 9,707 4,220.4348
4 Butong 8th 4,082 12,274 7,576.5432
5 Bigaa 11th 7,515 8,649 4,136.2984
6 Casile 18th 1,294 1,555 488.99371
7 Diezmo 14th 1,557 2,689 1,691.195
8 Gulod 9th 8,508 10,127 2,477.8566
9 Mamatid 1st 10,020 37,166 14,294.615
10 Marining 2nd 10,293 25,619 6,543.8059
11 Niugan 3rd 7,172 21,993 6,247.5321
12 Pittland 17th 1,086 1,627 559.10653
13 Pulo 6th 7,746 13,193 2,692.4325
14 Sala 12th 8,077 7,491 4,845.4075
15 San Isidro 5th 7,243 15,495 4,925.5368
16 Barangay I Poblacion 15th 2,702 2,589 11,248.208
17 Barangay II Poblacion 16th 2,197 1,947 8,344.4049
18 Barangay III Poblacion 13th 2,675 3,153 13,331.924
TOTAL 6th 106,630 205,376 2,427.6123


Cabuyao is predominantly Christian of whom 93% are Roman Catholics.[5][6] predominant religious group/sector is the Iglesia de Cristo claiming 3% of the total population. Other religious groups/sectors with smaller memberships are Methodists, Buddhists, Lutherans, the Jesus Is Lord Church, Bible Baptist and Four Square Gospel Church.



Cabuyao Day

Since the town of Cabuyao was founded by Miguel Lopez de Legaspi on January 16, 1571, the Municipal Government of Cabuyao celebrates "Cabuyao Day" every 16th day of January]. It consists a week long celebration starting from a Parade of Floats of each barangay, in which the decorations of each float feature and showcase the way of living of the community of each barangay of Cabuyao. Followed by Street Dancing Competition at the Town Proper, in which all College and High Schools compete for the said competition. The celebration also includes different amateur shows like Orchestra, Music Band and Celebrity shows at the Town Plaza. And the highlights of the whole celebration is the official beauty pageant of the municipality, the "Mutya ng Cabuyao" and "Lakan ng Cabuyao" pageants.

Sto. Niño de Cabuyao Festival

The Municipality of Cabuyao and its people celebrate the feast of the Child Jesus or Sto. Niño in the Philippines every third (3rd) Sunday of January. It starts from a Mass at the Cabuyao Church followed by a festival in which all Cabuyeños call it as "Sto. Niño de Cabuyao Festival". It is a parade of all Sto. Niño along the Town Proper.

Batingaw Festival

A festivity commemorating the legendary Kampanang Ginto which Cabuyao is known. The celebration always starts with the simultaneous ringing of church bells, which Cabuyeños believe that it brings good agricultural harvest. The highlights of the five (5) days festival includes the parade of the Kampanang Ginto, colorful street dancing, singing contest, trade fair exhibits and fireworks.

Town Fiesta

The Town Fiesta of Cabuyao is every 23rd day of February to the honor of the town's Patron Saint, Saint Polycarp

Barrio Fiestas

Feast Date


Patron Saint
April 5 Mamatid San Vicente Ferrer
May 1 Bigaa San Jose Manggagawa
May 15 San Isidro San Isidro Labrador
June 13 Niugan San Antonio de Padua
August 16 Banlic San Roque
August 24 Marining San Bartolome
August 28 Banay-Banay San Agustin
October 4 Pulo San Francisco
October 7 Sala Sto. Rosario
December 8 Baclaran La Purisma Concepcion

Municipal calendar

Date Event Location
January 10-16 Batingaw Festival Town Proper
January 15 Mutya at Lakan ng Cabuyao Town Plaza
January 16 Cabuyao Day Cabuyao
3rd Week of January Sto. Niño de Cabuyao Festival Brgy. Tres
February 23 Town Fiesta Town Proper
March 10 Laguna Day Laguna
April 5 Mamatid Barrio Fiesta Mamatid
May 1 Bigaa Barrio Fiesta Bigaa
May 15 San Isidro Barrio Fiesta San Isidro
June 13 Niugan Barrio Fiesta Niugan
August 16 Banlic Barrio Fiesta Banlic
August 24 Marining Barrio Fiesta Marining
August 28 Banay-Banay Barrio Fiesta Banay-Banay
October 4 Pulo Barrio Fiesta Pulo
October 7 Sala Barrio Fiesta Sala
December 8 Baclaran Barrio Fiesta Baclaran


Cabuyao is politically subdivided into eighteen (18) barangays.

  • Baclaran
  • Banay-Banay
  • Banlic
  • Bigaa
  • Butong
  • Casile
  • Diezmo
  • Gulod
  • Mamatid
  • Marining
  • Niugan
  • Pittland
  • Pulo
  • Sala
  • San Isidro
  • Barangay I Poblacion
  • Barangay II Poblacion
  • Barangay III Poblacion

Land area

Barangay Area (in square kilometer)
San Isidro
Barangay I Poblacion
Barangay II Poblacion
Barangay III Poblacion

Barangay location

Cabuyao is composed of eighteen (18) urbanized barangays[1], in which six of them are located along the National Highway, six on the lakeshore of Laguna de Bay, the country's largest lake, three Poblacion Barangays which was created under the Presidential Decree No. 86 and three on the western part and elevation portion of the town.[7]

Barangay Distance from the Town Proper (Poblacion)
Poblacion Barangays
Barangay I Poblacion
Barangay II Poblacion
Barangay III Poblacion
Along the National Highway
2.5 km
4.0 km
1.0 km
3.0 km
0.5 km
San Isidro
3.0 km
Along the Lake
3.0 km
1.5 km
3.0 km
3.5 km
6.5 km
1.5 km
Western Part
23 km
17 km
18 km

Government members

Municipal Mayor


Sangguniang Bayan members

  • Hon. Jose Benson "Sonny" G. Aguillo
  • Hon. Jose "Jimbo" Alcabasa
  • Hon. Wanda Alimagno
  • Hon. Lope "Boy" C. Diamante
  • Hon. Nanie Delfinado
  • Hon. Atty. Rommel "Mel" A. Gecolea
  • Hon. Pol B. Hain
  • Hon. Jose "Tikboy" Laviña

Barangay Captains

  • Brgy. Uno - Hon. Eduardo F. Ordoñez
  • Brgy. Dos - Hon. Danilo B. Calandria
  • Brgy. Tres - Hon. Romeo A. Gardon
  • Baclaran - Hon. Carlito "Lito" Bariring
  • Banay-Banay - Hon. Atty. Guillermo "Emong" C. Entredicho
  • Banlic - Hon. Raymunda A. Manzano
  • Bigaa - Hon. Cirilo N. Escuadro
  • Butong - Hon. Elena P. Barrio
  • Casile - Hon. Orlando P. de Sagun
  • Diezmo - Hon. Alfredo M. Malabanan
  • Gulod - Hon. Dominador "Domeng" V. Maniclang
  • Mamatid - Hon. Ernani "Nanie" G. Himpisao
  • Marining - Hon. Consorcia "Nene" L. Santiago
  • Niugan - Hon. Severino "Banoy" B. Hain
  • Pittland - Hon. Leonardo M. Tolentino
  • Pulo - Hon. Odilon I. Caparas
  • Sala - Hon. Amelito G. Alimagno
  • San Isidro - Hon. Policarpo L. Algire

ABC President

  • Hon. Severino "Banoy" B. Hain (Niugan)

Former municipal mayors




List of Factories located in Cabuyao:[8]

Religious Sites


  • St. Polycarp Parish (Brgy. Uno)


  • Diocesan Shrine of San Vicente Ferrer (Mamatid)

Parish churches

List of parish churches under the supervision of the Vicariate of St. Polycarp:

  • Chair of Saint Peter Parish (Balibago, Santa Rosa City)
  • St. Francis of Assissi Parish (Brgy. Pulo)
  • St. Rose of Lima Parish (Santa Rosa City)
  • St. Joseph the Worker Parish (Brgy. Bigaa)
  • St. John Bosco and Young Worker Parish (Techno Park, Santa Rosa City)
  • Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Parish (Golden City, Santa Rosa City)
  • Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish (Bel Air, Santa Rosa City)

Mini chapels

  • Immaculate Concepcion Chapel (Brgy. Baclaran)
  • Monastery of St. Clare Chapel (Brgy. Uno Poblacion)
  • Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Chapel (Brgy. Sala)
  • San Agustin Chapel (Brgy. Banay-Banay)
  • San Antonio de Padua Chapel (Brgy. Niugan)
  • San Isidro Labrador Chapel (Brgy. San Isidro)
  • San Roque Chapel (Brgy. Banlic)
  • St. Felix of Cantalice Chapel (Brgy. Diezmo)
  • St. Bartholomew Mini Chapel (Brgy. Marining)
  • St. Raphael Archangel Chapel (Brgy. Gulod)

Cemeteries/memorial parks

Cemeteries/Memorial Parks Location
Cabuyao Public Cemetery Barangay III
Holy Family Memorial Park Mamatid
Mamatid Catholic Cemetery Mamatid
Mamatid New Cemetery Mamatid
Pasture of Heaven Memorial Garden Sala
Peter Anthony Memorial Park and Crematorium Pulo



Compounds Location Land Area (has.)
Bella Compound Mamatid
Catindig Compound Gulod 2.69
Chavez Compound Mamatid 0.97
Corazon Compound Mamatid
DME Compound Pulo
Doña Ines Compound Banlic 1.040
Leticia Lim Compound Mamatid
Napallad Compound Mamatid
Tamis Compound Banlic
VHJ Compound Banay-Banay 3.89

Education and schools

Number of Schools
Literacy Rate 98%
Elementary [2007]: Public: 19
Private: 65
Secondary [2007]: Public: 6
Private: 26
Tertiary [2007]: Public: 0
Private: 6

College schools

Good Standards and High Quality of Education in Cabuyao can be found through the following College Institutions and Universities:[14]

No. College/University Location
1 Pamantasan ng Cabuyao Banay-Banay
2 Malayan Colleges Laguna[15] Pulo
3 Colegio de Sto. Niño de Cabuyao Brgy. Tres
4 St. Vincent College of Cabuyao Mamatid
5 Our Lady of Assumption College - Cabuyao Campus Mamatid
6 Southeast Asia Institute of Science, Arts and Technology-Cabuyao Technological Campus Sala

National high schools

List of public/national high schools in Cabuyao:[14]

No. Name of School Location Principal
1 Bigaa National High School Bigaa Mrs. Francisca F. Fabella
2 Cabuyao National High School Brgy. Tres Mrs. Jeneatte De Leon
3 Casile National High School Casile Mr. Adriano Dayang
4 Gulod National High School Gulod Mrs. Severa L. Bernardo
5 Mamatid National High School Mamatid Operational by 2010
6 Pulo National High School Pulo Mrs. Lilia Cadiz
7 Southville National High School Niugan Mr. Alberto P. Labigan

Private high schools

The list of private high schools in Cabuyao:[14]

No. Name of School Location
1 Agape Young Achievers School Butong
2 Agape Young Achievers School Mamatid
3 Arise and Shine Academy Brgy. Tres
4 Augustinian School of Cabuyao, Inc. Banay-Banay
5 Bible Baptist School of Excellence and Development Sala
6 Christ the King School of Cabuyao Mamatid
7 Colegio de Sta. Cecilia Mamatid
8 Colegio de Sto. Niño de Cabuyao Brgy. Tres
9 Holy Redeemer School of Cabuyao Mamatid
10 Hosanna Christian Academy Butong
11 Infant Jesus Montessori Center Mamatid
12 Infant Jesus Montessori Center, Inc. Banlic
13 Institute for Foundation for Learning San Isidro
14 Kolehiyo de Canlubang-Mamatid Branch Mamatid
15 Lady of Rose Academy Sala
16 Liceo de Cabuyao Brgy. Uno
17 Liceo de Mamatid Mamatid
18 Maranatha Christian Academy Sala
19 Our Lady of Assumption College Mamatid
20 Regina Angelorum School Mamatid
21 Ridpath Academy of Mabuhay, Inc. Mamatid
22 St. Isidore Academy of Cabuyao Mamatid
23 St. John's Wort Montessori School Niugan
24 St. Joseph de Paul Academy Butong
25 St. Matthew Montessori and Science High School Brgy. Uno
26 St. Vincent College of Cabuyao Mamatid

Elementary schools

Primary education and basic learning are well taught among the eighty four (84) both public and private Elementary Schools in Cabuyao, Laguna[14] [16]


The list of public elementary schools[14] [16] in Cabuyao, Laguna:

No. Name of School Location Principal
1 Baclaran Elementary School Baclaran Mr. Jose Charlie S. Aloquin
2 Banay-Banay Elementary School Banay-Banay Ms. Benedicta B. Carta
3 Banlic Elementary School Banlic Ms. Esmeralda C. Delfinado
4 Bigaa Elementary School Bigaa Ms. Casimira P. Delfinado
5 Butong Elementary School Butong Ms. Zenaida R. Roxas
6 Cabuyao Central School Brgy. Dos Ms. Librada C. Salazar
7 Casile Elementary School Casile Mr. Reynaldo A. Talavera
8 Diezmo Elementary School Diezmo Mrs. Abelinda B. Sison
9 Guinting Elementary School Casile Mr. Reynaldo A. Talavera
10 Gulod Elementary School Gulod Ms. Edna F. Hemedez
11 Mamatid Elementary School Mamatid Ms. Ma. Fe L. Cantillano
12 Marining North Elementary School Marining Mr. Eriberto R. Tangcangco
13 Marining South Elementary School Marining Ms. Virginia M. Hermano
14 Niugan Elementary School Niugan Mr. Juan P. Fajardo
15 Pittland Elementary School Pittland Ms. Buena G. Villanueva
16 Pulo Elementary School Pulo Ms. Virginia R. Bautista
17 Sala Elementary School Sala Ms. Magdalena S. Aragon
18 San Isidro Elementary School San Isidro Ms. Celenia A. Molinyawe
19 Southville Elementary School Niugan Ms. Elvira B. Catangay


The list of private elementary schools found in Cabuyao, Laguna:[14]

No. Name of School Location
1 Angels in Heaven (Limcaoco Foundation) Brgy. Uno
2 Liceo de Cabuyao Brgy. Uno
3 Mary Immaculate Academy Brgy. Uno
4 St. Benedict School of Cabuyao Brgy. Uno
5 St. Matthew Montessori and Science High School Brgy. Uno
6 Angels in Heaven School Brgy. Dos
7 Arise and Shine Academy Brgy. Tres
8 Colegio de Sto. Niño de Cabuyao Brgy. Tres
9 Angelic Learning Center Banay-Banay
10 Augustinian School of Cabuyao Banay-Banay
11 Divine Mercy School of Cabuyao Banay-Banay
12 Jesus Covenanted Christian Academy Banay-Banay
13 St. John Bosco Academy of Cabuyao Banay-Banay
14 Holy Redeemer School of Cabuyao, Inc. Banlic
15 Infant Jesus Montessori Center, Inc. Banlic
16 Cabuyao Nursery School and Child Center, Inc. Bigaa
17 Build Bright Kiddie Learning Center Butong
18 Hosanna Christian Academy Butong
19 Jeremiah Montessori School, Inc. Butong
20 Lazare Academy, Inc. Butong
21 Permaja Montessori School, Inc. Butong
22 School of St. Joseph de Cabuyao Butong
23 Lakeside Integrated School of Cabuyao Gulod
24 Agape Young Achievers School Mamatid
25 Bright Computer Learning Center Mamatid
26 Cecilian School of Laguna Mamatid
27 Christ the King School of Cabuyao, Inc. Mamatid
28 Colegio de Sta. Cecilia Mamatid
29 Heaven of Grace Academy-Laguna Campus, Inc. Mamatid
30 Holy Angel Montessori School of Laguna Mamatid
31 Holy Redeemer School of Cabuyao Mamatid
32 Kiddie Star Learning Center Mamatid
33 Kolehiyo de Canlubang Child Care and Learning Center-Mabuhay Annex Mamatid
34 Kolehiyo de Canlubang-Mamatid Branch Mamatid
35 Our Lady of Assumption College Mamatid
36 Precious Treasures Christian School of Cabuyao Mamatid
37 Regina Angelorum School Mamatid
38 Ridpath Academy of Mabuhay, Inc. Mamatid
39 RP Mabuhay City Academy Mamatid
40 St. Isidore Academy of Cabuyao Mamatid
41 St. Jerome Integrated School of Cabuyao Mamatid
42 St. Vincent College of Cabuyao Mamatid
43 Sunny Ville School Mamatid
44 Today's Kids Learning Center Mamatid
45 Zion Academy of Cabuyao Mamatid
46 Agape Young Achievers School Marining
47 Celestine Learning School Marining
48 Ephiphatha Integrated School, Inc. Marining
49 Marian School of Cabuyao Marining
50 St. Joseph de Paul Academy, Inc. Marining
51 Therese of the Lake School Marining
52 Well of Wisdom School Marining
53 St. John's Wort Montessori School Niugan
54 Centennial Learning School Pulo
55 Gloridane Montessori School, Inc. Pulo
56 Jesus and Mary School of Cabuyao Pulo
57 Shepherd's Flock School of Cabuyao Pulo
58 Acts Learning Center Sala
59 Bible Baptist School of Excellence and Development Sala
60 Lady of Rose Academy Sala
61 Maranatha Christian Academy Sala
62 Institute for Foundation for Learning San Isidro
63 Paulinian Learning School San Isidro
64 Whiz Kidz Montessori School San Isidro
65 Gloridane Montessori School Banay-Banay
66 Child Jesus Academy Sala


Notable Cabuyeños

International Singer Charice Pempengco
  • Charice Pempengco - Charmaine Clarice Relucio Pempengco well known as Charice Pempengco was born on May 10, 1992 in Cabuyao, Laguna, Philippines. She and her younger brother, Carl, were raised single-handedly by their mother, Raquel, after they left their father due to domestic violence when Pempengco was only three years old.[17][18]

To help support the family, she began competing in amateur singing contests at age seven, from town fiestas in their province of Laguna to several vocal competitions on TV. She is said to have joined over 80 singing contests.[17]

In 2005, Pempengco joined ABS-CBN's Little Big Star, a talent show in the Philippines loosely patterned after American Idol. Eliminated after her first performance, she was later called back as a wildcard contender and eventually became a finalist. Although she was a consistent top scorer in the final rounds, she only finished in third place.[19]

Pempengco made minor appearances in local television shows and commercials, but had essentially fallen off the radar after her stint at Little Big Star. It was not until 2007 that Pempengco gained worldwide recognition after an avid supporter called 'FalseVoice' started posting videos of her onto YouTube. The videos garnered millions of hits making Pempengco an internet phenomenon.

Ever since she was 12 years old, she dreamt of becoming an international model. Ronquillo was discovered shooting hoops at an arcade in Robinson's mall in Laguna province by Faze Model Management owner, Elmer Torralba. Before entering high school she ticked off, “short hair, ugly teeth, tomboyish and always picking a fight,” as her main traits. Only when she started paying attention to her looks was the modeling seed lodged.[20]

Hoping for her big break into the world of modeling, she worked hard, attended numerous castings and joined various model competitions for the next 5 years. At 17 years old, Ronquillo joined and won the Supermodel of the World Philippines 2005 Search. She went on to the Supermodel World Finals 2006 in New York City and placed 3rd with a $100,000 contract with Ford Models.[21]


RCBC Bank Robbery On Friday, May 16, 2008, at 9:00 am, ten people (including a security guard and a depositor) at a RCBC branch in Laguna were killed during a bank robbery. Nine of the victims died on the scene and one died later at a hospital. Laguna police chief Felipe Rojas said it was the worst bank robbery in Philippine history. The victims were apparently lined up and shot in the head. The shooter(s) may have used a silencer, since no residents in the area had heard any gunshots.[22]

Initial reports claimed that two security guards who were supposed to be on their shift were missing, leading authorities to suspect they were involved in the crime as part of an inside job. The bank's vice president, Edwin Ermita, told the Associated Press that the thieves tried to hide the body of a security guard under a tarpaulin in the rear of the bank. Two bank employees' bodies were found in the open vault. The thieves used an employee's vehicle to escape.[23] Up to P 20 million may have been taken in the heist. Five suspects had been identified.[24][25] Bank employee Isagani Pastor, the lone survivor in the incident that killed 8 RCBC employees and a depositor, died on May 18.[26] Meanwhile, the Commission on Human Rights investigated the Task Force RCBC shootout in Pagaspas, Tanauan City, Batangas which killed 4 men, since police investigators were still determining whether they were connected to the Cabuyao, Laguna robbery,[27] and at least 2 law enforcers had been linked to the bloody robbery-massacre.[28] Further, multiple murder, frustrated murder and illegal possession of firearms cases were filed on May 23, with the Calamba City Prosecutors Office against SPO1 Florencio Fiesta, employer of and owner of gun used by Bernabe Fiesta.[29]

The Philippine National Police on May 30, 2008, also filed with the Biñan, Laguna Regional Trial Court, non-bailable charges of robbery and multiple murder against the 6 accused, after the prosecutor Frisco Marfil's inquest: Richard Gomolon, a former Army soldier police; RCBC security guard Joel Dela Cruz; Jesus Narvaez (all currently held by Task Force RCBC); Danilo Letoquit, who arranged the procurement of the getaway vehicle; Allan Bago, and an unidentified male who served as the lookout (all at large). 5 other suspects are being pursued and 2 suspects are also sought for their alleged involvement in other armed robberies in the region.[30] The bank stated that the armed suspects robbed $ 206,890.[31][32]

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Sister Cities & Municipalities

The list of Cities and Municipalities established on the same year of establishment of the Municipality of Cabuyao and in partnership with.

External links

Largest municipalities of the Philippines
Rank Municipalities Province Population (2007) Rank Municipality Province Population (2007)
1 Bacoor Cavite 441,197 11 Mabalacat Pampanga 203,307
2 Cainta Rizal 289,833 12 Silang Cavite 199,285
3 San Pedro Laguna 281,808 13 San Mateo Rizal 184,860
4 Taytay Rizal 262,485 14 Tanza Cavite 171,795
5 Imus Cavite 253,158 15 Marilao Bulacan 160,452
6 Binangonan Rizal 238,931 16 Lubao Pampanga 143,058
7 Rodriguez Rizal 223,594 17 Mexico Pampanga 141,298
8 General Trias Cavite 218,387 18 Jolo Sulu 140,307
9 Cabuyao Laguna 205,376 19 San Miguel Bulacan 138,839
10 Santa Maria Bulacan 205,258 20 Baliuag Bulacan 136,982
Philippines 2007 Census
Largest Municipalities of the Philippines (Income)
Rank Municipalities Province Income (in million) Rank Municipality Province Income (in million)
1 Cabuyao Laguna PhP 593 6 Rosario Cavite PhP 408
2 Cainta Rizal PhP 490 7 Imus Cavite PhP 370
3 Bacoor Cavite PhP 456 8 Rodriguez Rizal PhP 310
4 Gen. Trias Cavite PhP 415 9 San Pedro Laguna PhP 302
5 Taytay Rizal PhP 408 10 Carmona Cavite PhP 298
Commission on Audit 2007

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