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The koteka or penis sheath is traditionally worn by male natives of some ethnic groups in New Guinea to cover their genitals.

A cache-sexe is an item, often a small garment, that covers its user's genitals. [1] The most common style, seen in Western G-strings and Japanese Fundoshis, has a triangle of material (cloth, beaded strings, etc.) attached at the corners to straps or strings around the waist and between the legs, that fasten the triangle over the genitals.

Cache-sexes have various social intentions, including the wearer's practice of sincere or enforced "modesty", legal and/or customary restrictions within the context of intentional eroticism, and adding fetishistic or playfully teasing aspects to intentional eroticism. In Western cultures, for example, G-strings appear as swimming attire; for many erotic dancing venues, as the final state of undress, set as the polite and/or legal limit; or as a garment whose removal is one of many steps of a striptease, each existing to provide an increment in the viewer's sexual arousal.

Male cross-dressers use a panty-like garment, often called a gaff, that serves to hide the male genitalia and provide a female-like flat and smooth crotch area.[2]

The penis gourds of tribal New Guinea, and cache-sexes of some other tribal cultures, are often perceived by Westerners as self-evidently obvious forms of sexual display, but described by their wearers as a practice providing privacy.

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