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The Caco War was a conflict which occurred on the island of Haiti during the early part of the 20th Century, after World War I. The conflict pitted the U.S. Marines against a Haitian army which was largely composed of peasants. The Caco War was largely conducted in the Haitian countryside, and was named after the cacos, or peasants.


The U.S. Marines had occupied the island since the turn of the century. The United States decided to occupy Haiti. Haiti owed Germany a very large sum of money which it was not paying back. During the 19th Century, Germany had tried to invade the island nation once to collect the money, but the attempt failed. Many Haitian residents resented the U.S. occupation. The conflict began when U.S. Marines tried to force a number of Haitian peasants to work to build a road. The peasants refused, and soon began to rebel.


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