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Café au lait spot
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A café au lait spot on a patient's left cheek.
ICD-10 L81.3
ICD-9 709.09
DiseasesDB 16118
eMedicine ped/2754
MeSH D019080

Café au lait spots or cafe-au-lait spots (CAL) are pigmented birthmarks. The name café au lait is French for "coffee with milk" and refers to their light-brown color. They are also called "giraffe spots."

Associated conditions

Neurofibromatosis type I café au lait spot

While café au lait spots do not cause any ailment themselves, having multiple spots has been linked with neurofibromatosis and the rare McCune-Albright syndrome. Specifically, having six or more café au lait spots greater than 5 mm in diameter before puberty, or greater than 15 mm in diameter after puberty, are cardinal diagnostic features of neurofibromatosis type I.

Other syndromes that may include café au lait spots:

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