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California Pro Wrestling (or CPW for short) is an e-fed that uses WWF No Mercy (for the Mighty Nintendo 64) as a simulation engine and that focuses mainly on role-playing. Good RPers can expect to get their fair share of title shots and recognition. Bad RPers can expect to be banned or humiliated via handicap matches against Mae Young and Fabulous Moolah. CPW was created in February of 2006 and, became a training league for the now defunct Maritime Wrestling Alliance (MWA for short). On June 27th, 2006, the Maritime Wrestling Alliance offficially shut down, and California Pro Wrestling absorbed its title belts, and welcomed in some former MWA talent. The Maritime Wrestling Alliance still lives on throughout CPW today.

Currently, CPW run Sunday Night Sanitarium At the moment, CPW does not do any "Pay-Per-View" or "Supercard" events and does not plan to until further notice. Also, CPW does not air videos of its matches online; this is because it complex and too time consuming to do on a weekly basis. However, highlight videos every now and then will be created.

California Pro Wrestling airs live from the Rabobank Arena in Bakersfield, California.
New Users
New users can come and introduce themselves in the New Users Topic. Doing this can help break the ice and get you role-playing faster.

CAW Submission Rules
When submitting a CAW, specific guidelines must be followed--otherwise, your CAW will be asked to be modified. When the CAW is completed, you have one of two options. You can either post the CAW formula at the CAW Formula's section, or email a Memapk of your CAW to me. We may suggest appearance or moveset changes if your CAW is too similar to another one already in our fed.

Also, if you come to CPW, please don't use a storyline that your character is a 'big star' and has had multiple feuds in a major American or Japanese promotion, unless they are actually one of those people. 'If' and only if you are a decent enough roleplayer to actually back up these claims will this be allowed. Coming in and stating that "uv bin a 18 tyme WEW shampioon!111" will only serve to get you ridiculed, severely.

Profile: In order to speed up the process of getting your CAW on the roster, it is compulsary that you post a Profile of your CAW either with the CAW formula, or if you sent it in via Mempak, simply post the profile on its on in the CAW Formula section. Check an exsiting CPW star's Profile for all the necessary fields.

Counter Punch: When assigning a counter punch (under Standing -> Counter Attack), your CAW MUST pick one of the following options: Strong Attack [B], Strong Attack [D-Pad/B] or Strong Attack [A/B]

Fighting Style: Under this category, you may assign your CAW's attributes any way you like except for the attributes of SPEED, SUBMISSION SKILLS, RECOVERY RATE and ENDURANCE. These attributes must be set to NORMAL.

CPW Staff
- Owner and Head Administrator of CPW: Devlin (formerly known as DarKSaiyan)

- Deputy Administrator: Chris (formerly known as ALT20)
- Global Moderators: Dazza, Sick A-C-M (Andrew Moore)

Collectively known as The Four Horsemen of CPW, any of these guys are your go-to-men if you need any help, suggestions, advice, etc.


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