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California State Assembly
Coat of arms or logo.
Type Lower house
Speaker John Pérez, (D)
since March 1, 2010
Majority Leader Charles Calderon, (D)
since March 18, 2010
Minority Leader Martin Garrick, (R)
since February 1, 2010
Members 80
Political groups Democratic Party
Republican Party
Last election November 4, 2008
Meeting place
California Assembly chamber.jpg
Assembly Chamber of the California State Capitol, Sacramento

The California State Assembly is the lower house of the California State Legislature. There are 80 members in the Assembly, representing an approximately equal number of constituents, with each district having a population of at least 420,000. Due to the state's large population and relatively small legislature, the Assembly has the largest population per representative ratio of any state legislature lower house and second largest of any legislative lower house in the United States; only the federal U.S. House of Representatives has a larger ratio. Since a referendum in 1990, members of the Assembly are restricted by term limits, confining them to three two-year terms (six years).

The Assembly convenes at the California State Capitol in Sacramento.


Leadership of the Assembly

The Speaker of the Assembly presides over the Assembly in the chief leadership position, controlling the flow of legislation and committee assignments. The Speaker is elected by the majority party caucus, followed by confirmation of the full Assembly on passage of a floor vote. Other Assembly leaders, such as the majority and minority leaders, are elected by their respective party caucuses according to each party's strength in the chamber.

The current Speaker is Democrat John Pérez (46th-Los Angeles). The Majority Leader is Democrat Charles Calderon (58th-Montebello). The Minority Leader is Republican Martin Garrick (74th-Carlsbad).

Assembly chamber

The chamber's green tones are based on the British House of Commons. The dais rests along a wall shaped like an "E", with its central projection housing the rostrum. Along the cornice appears a portrait of Abraham Lincoln and a quotation from him in Latin: legislatorum est iustas leges condere ("It is the duty of legislators to pass just laws"). Almost every decorating element is identical to the Senate Chamber.


Affiliation Party
(Shading indicates majority caucus)
Democratic Independent Republican Vacant
End of previous legislature 48 0 32 80 0
Begin 51 0 29 80 0
May 19, 2009[1] 50 79 1
June 23, 2009[2] 49 1
September 9, 2009[3] 28 78 2
September 10, 2009[4] 50 79 1
January 5, 2010[5] 49 78 2
January 29, 2010[6] 29 79 1
Latest voting share 62% 1.3% 36.7%



Seating chart

* * * * * * *
* * * * * *
Adams Tran * Silva Emmerson * Knight Garrick * Calderon Davis * Evans Saldaña * Hall Portantino
Fletcher Smyth * Niello Cook * Nestande Hagman * Feuer * Salas Furutani * Hill Arambula
Mendoza Caballero * Huffman Carter * Swanson Eng * de León Ruskin * Solorio Skinner * Torres V. M. Perez
Anderson Miller * Fong Yamada * Brownley Ma * Torlakson Torrico * Jeffries Harkey * Hayashi Galgiani
T. Berryhill Gaines * Monning De La Torre * Fuller Logue * Block Norby * Nielsen DeVore * Bradford Lowenthal
Gilmore Villines * Chesbro Huber * Lieu Hernandez * Strickland Blakeslee * Conway B. Berryhill * Nava Ammiano
* * * Jones Beall * Buchanan J. Pérez * Bass Blumenfield * Fuentes Coto * * *

Candidate qualifications

To run for Member of the Assembly, the candidate must be a United States citizen and a registered voter in the district at the time nomination papers are issued and may not have served three terms in the State Assembly since November 6, 1990. According to Article IV, Section 2(c) of the California Constitution, the candidate must have one year of residency in the legislative district and California residency for three years.

Officers information

The Office of the Sergeant at Arms is the division which protects the assemblymen of the California State Assembly. The chief sergeant at arms is the head of this division. This position has existed since December 15, 1849 when Samuel N. Houston became California's first Sergeant at Arms. Official website of the Sergeant at Arms

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  1. ^ Democrat Curren Price (District 51) resigned after being elected to the State Senate
  2. ^ Juan Arambula (District 31) switched parties from Democratic to Independent. [1]
  3. ^ Republican Michael D. Duvall (District 72) resigned after inappropriate comments were broadcast. [2]
  4. ^ DemocratSteven Bradford sworn in to succeed Price
  5. ^ Democrat Paul Krekorian (District 43) resigned after being elected to the Los Angeles City Council
  6. ^ Republican Chris Norby sworn in to succeed Duvall

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