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Camille Montes Rivero
Character from the James Bond franchise
Portrayed by Olga Kurylenko

Camille Montes Rivero is a fictional character in the James Bond film Quantum of Solace. She is portrayed by Olga Kurylenko.

In the film

Camille is of Russian-Bolivian descent.[1] She first meets Bond in Haiti, where she has her own agenda in killing General Medrano, who murdered her entire family when she was only a girl (shooting her father in the head, then raping her mother and older sister before strangling them to death). She sleeps with Dominic Greene as a way to get to Medrano, but it doesn't work. At first she clashes with Bond, but soon begins to realize he is the only one she can trust. They then team up and go after Greene and Medrano. Bond leaves Camille for a short period of time after an intense boat chase in Haiti to go stalk Greene to an Italian opera. Camille soon appears at Greene's formal party to ruin it. While she does ruin part of Greene's known reputation as a upper-crust businessman and entrepreneur, it doesn't go too far as Greene nearly pushes her from a balcony.

Bond intervenes and takes her away from Greene, using Agent Strawberry Fields as an assistant help that later costs her life. Camille watches Bond as he kills Bolivian police officers in cold blood for wounding his ally Rene Mathis. Camille follows Bond faithfully, keeping him sane from his personal tragedy with Vesper Lynd. She proves to be as skillful as Bond whether it comes to a gun or bare hands. Camille and Bond trace Greene and General Medrano to a desert eco-hotel. While Bond goes to fight Greene and his men, Camille faces Medrano in a brutal battle.

Despite Medrano's sturdy frame, Camille eventually kills the dictator with a single shot. Greene is wounded badly from his encounter with Bond. While Greene tries to escape the hotel helplessly, Bond saves Camille from her fear of fire, reflecting back to her days as a child when Medrano killed her family. Bond leaves Greene out in the middle of the desert to die and leaves Camille to take a train back to her home.

From her conversation with Bond, it is revealed that she got the burn mark on her upper back from the fire in her family's household that was caused by Medrano right after he killed her family. It is also stated that she is a former Bolivian secret service agent.

She is notable as the only female lead Bond Girl which Bond does not bed during the course of the film or directly after.

Behind the scenes

Barbara Broccoli has said that she intends for Camille to return for Bond 23 or a future film.[2] If this happens, Camille will become the first Bond girl to make a return appearance since Sylvia Trench, a minor character, appeared in Dr. No and From Russia with Love.

According to Medrano in the film, her family name is Montes, but according to the video game it is Rivera. The game took its surname from an early draft of the script. However, one can see from the ID card Bond steals from her purse in the film that her full name is Camille Montes Rivero.[3]




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