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Camp Casey
Dongducheon, South Korea
2 Infantry Div SSI.svg
Type Army post
Built 1952
In use 1952 - present
Controlled by U.S. Army
Garrison 2nd Infantry Division

Camp Casey is an American military camp in Dongducheon (also sometimes spelled Tongduchŏn), South Korea, 40 miles north of Seoul, South Korea. Camp Casey was named in 1952 after Major Hugh Boyd Casey, who was killed in an airplane crash near Camp Casey during the Korean War. Camp Casey is one of several U.S. Army bases in South Korea near the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ).[1] Camp Casey, Camp Hovey, and neighboring Camp Castle and Camp Mobile] hold the main armor, engineer, and mechanized infantry elements of the 2nd Infantry Division (United States) in South Korea. Camp Casey spans 3,500 acres and is occupied by 6,300 military personnel and 2,500 civilians. The camp's primary mission is to deter any aggression by North Korea; if deterrence fails then its secondary mission is to defend South Korea. There are plans for the relocation of the 2nd Infantry Division to Camp Humphreys which are underway with the latest estimate for completion being 2019.

Life on post

United States Army soldiers stationed here must complete a one-year unaccompanied tour or a two-year Command Sponsored accompanied tour. Soldiers collect $150 hazard-duty pay per month. All unaccompanied soldiers live in on-post quarters and there is a midnight curfew (3 a.m. on weekends) where all soldiers must be on post. Accompanied soldiers may keep quarters off-post, however, they are still held to a curfew in which they must be in their home. Emergency drills are performed occasionally where soldiers are awakened by a siren alarm and must put on full battle dress uniform and have their weapons ready.[2] Checkpoints will be set-up and the peninsula's only two Army combat battalions (2-9IN (CAB), and 1-72AR) will roll-out and perform QRF missions.

Dongducheon's club district, commonly referred to as "the Ville," is located right outside the front gate of the camp. The Ville is infamous for bars utilizing bargirls or "Juicies" as well as human trafficking. The Ville also contains many legitimate businesses, including restaurants, coffee houses, clothing/tailor shops, electronics stores, real estate agencies, and travel agencies.

Camp Casey is located near Soyosan, a mountain very popular with day-hikers. Some soldiers choose to have their re-enlistment ceremonies at the top of Soyosan Mountain because of its beauty and proximity.


  • Hospitals available:
    • Dental Clinic
    • Health Clinic
  • MWR facilities available:
    • Recreation Center
    • 1st Brigade Super Day-rooms
    • Library
    • Internet Cafe
    • Movie Theatre
    • Golf Course
    • Bowling Center
    • Swimming Pool
    • Outdoor Tennis/Basketball
    • Softball/Baseball Field
    • Skateboarding Park
    • 2 Gymnasiums
    • Arts & Crafts Center
    • 5 Mini Gyms
    • The Officer and NCO/Enlisted club are no more. They are now just Gateway Club (Casey), and Iron Triangle (Hovey), and anyone may enter.
    • USO
  • AAFES facilities available:
    • Post Exchange
    • Small Post Exchange
    • Burger King
    • Popeye's Chicken
    • Anthony's Pizza
    • Charley's Steakery
    • Baskin Robbins
    • Robin Hood Sandwiches
    • Airline Ticket Office
    • Tailor Shop
    • Shoppette
    • Class VI Store
    • Pizza Delivery
    • Filling Station
    • Barber / Beauty Salon


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