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The Canadian Operational Support Command (CANOSCOM) delivers national-level operational support to Canadian Forces missions at home and abroad. This includes the full range of combat support and combat service support functions such as logistics, military engineering, health services and military police. Because the staff at CANOSCOM is responsible to support a military mission from start to finish, it plans, coordinates and executes operational support for theatre activation, and for the sustainment and termination of a mission. At present, CANOSCOM has a core group of approximately 1,100 soldiers, sailors, airmen and women, and civilians who are actively providing operational support to some 3,000 CF members currently serving on CF missions around the globe.


Support Functions

The Canadian Operational Support Command provides operational support to domestic and international missions by integrating the capabilities of several support functions into task-tailored support organizations. These support functions include:



Logistic staff coordinate a broad range of support functions including movement control, transport, postal services and the supply and delivery of equipment, ammunition, food and shelter.

Military Engineering

Engineers organize the provision of general engineer support services, including the coordination of organizations required to plan, design and construct infrastructure to sustain and protect forces, and to allow for their freedom of movement.

Land Equipment Maintenance Services

Maintenance staff coordinate the preparation for delivery, repair and maintenance of weapon systems, fighting vehicles, transport vehicles and general land equipment.

Communications and Information Systems (CIS)

CIS staff provides support to operations by managing and servicing communications and information technology (IT) for voice, text and data systems. This includes digital radios, ground telecommunication systems, radar systems, portable satellite terminals, fibre optics, cryptographic equipment and computers.

Health Services

Health Services staff provide all basic medical and dental services to CF personnel in operational environments. Services include everything from basic doctor or dentist office functions to a hospital that has surgical and intensive care capabilities.

Military Police

Military Police provide support to deployed forces by conducting police, security, and specialist operational tasks. This includes law enforcement, criminal intelligence gathering, civilian police force training, personnel and materiel security, and detention operations.


CANOSCOM has a total of 16 units throughout the country in the provinces of, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia.

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The Canadian Operational Support Command is the branch of the Canadian Forces responsible for logistics, engineering and health services.


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