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original film poster
Directed by Christian Marquand
Produced by Robert Haggiag
Selig J. Seligman
Peter Zoref
Written by Novel:
Terry Southern
Mason Hoffenberg
Buck Henry
Starring Ewa Aulin
John Astin
Charles Aznavour
Marlon Brando
Richard Burton
James Coburn
John Huston
Ringo Starr
Music by Dave Grusin
Cinematography Giuseppe Rotunno
Editing by Giancarlo Cappelli
Frank Santillo
Distributed by Cinerama Releasing
Release date(s) 17 December 1968 (US)
Running time 124 minutes
Country France
United States
Language English

Candy is a 1968 film directed by Christian Marquand based on the 1958 novel by Terry Southern and Mason Hoffenberg, from a screenplay by Buck Henry. The film stars Ewa Aulin, Charles Aznavour, Marlon Brando, Richard Burton, James Coburn, John Huston, Walter Matthau, Sugar Ray Robinson and Ringo Starr. Anita Pallenberg and Florinda Bolkan also appear in small parts.



The opening sequence shows Candy (Ewa Aulin) descending to Earth from outer space. In the next scene, she is in school, where her father (John Astin) is also her teacher. She attends a poetry recital by eccentric poet MacPhisto (Richard Burton), who offers her a ride home in his limousine. At her home, MacPhisto gets increasingly drunk and continues to recite poems, inspiring Candy and the Mexican gardener Emanuel (Ringo Starr) to have sex. After this scandal, the family decides to send her off to a private school, and she embarks on a psychedelic journey during which she meets a number of strange people, including a sex starved military general (Walter Matthau), a doctor who performs public operations (James Coburn), a hunchback (Charles Aznavour) and a fake Indian guru (Marlon Brando). As the movie ends, she proceeds to cavort with other people plus some of the characters she met in the film, followed by her return to outer space.

Screen Debut

This movie heralded the movie acting debut of then Beatle Ringo Starr, who would do a string of solo movie roles during the 60's, 70's and 80's. He continued to do music during that time, followed by working as a solo performer.


Candy was one of many psychedelic movies that appeared as the 60's ended, along with Yellow Submarine, The Trip, and Head. The film opened to mixed box office, but the critics did not like the picture and particularly disliked Marlon Brando as a guru. In later years, it became a cult classic as it was from the psychedelic years of film.

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