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Promotion poster for the 18th Cannabis Cup

The Cannabis Cup is a festival that was started in 1987 by High Times editor Steven Hager, who came to The Netherlands for an interview with the founder of the first Dutch cannabis-seed company. The Australian owner, Nevil, lived in a mansion filled with growrooms that Hager dubbed "The Cannabis Castle". The festival, held annually in Amsterdam, The Netherlands is one of the most famous cannabis events among cannabis smokers and cannabis-oriented businesses. The public is exposed to a large variety of marijuana strains which they then help to judge. A team of VIP judges decide which seed company brought the best marijuana, while the judges-at-large decide the Cannabis Cup, best new product, best booth, best glass, best hash and best Nederhash.

Highest recorded participation was in 2008 with 2,300 judges. In 2008, the 21st Cannabis Cup featured the induction of Peter Tosh into the Counterculture Hall of Fame, with performances by Andrew Tosh, Ky-mani Marley, CenC Love, Bushman, Rocker T, and Leon, as well as lectures by Roger Steffens. In 2007, the 20th Cannabis Cup featured Tommy Chong and Redman. A film of the anniversary event was released in the summer of 2008.

Marijuana use is decriminalized in most parts of The Netherlands. Much of the marijuana present is from the different coffee shops around Amsterdam. Usually the Cannabis Cup has a surprise weed, a strain of marijuana that is new to the culture and will be tested by the judges. Many tourists go to Amsterdam to attend the festival. Due to the decriminalization of marijuana, the Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) contents can be quite high. Therefore, it is recommended for judges to have a high tolerance to THC. Some of the stronger marijuana which comes in 'hash' form can have strengths of up to 75% THC.



To be a judge, one must pay an extra fee at the entrance, where this person will have honorary comments and vote upon the many different strains. The judges pass sells for $199 USD in advance or 250 euros at the event.

One big misconception is that marijuana is consumed only by means of smoking it. The Cannabis Cup is considered to be an all fair game, meaning any method of getting high through the use of cannabis, is acceptable at the Cup.

The event is widely endorsed by activists who fight for decriminalization of marijuana, and sponsored by organizations and companies selling marijuana related products.


People from around the globe attend the festival. 2003 marked the festival's first decline in attendance, so 2004's event was held on a smaller basis. Since then, the event has rebounded to new heights.

A DVD called High Times Presents: The Cannabis Cup was made after 2003's edition and was released to the public.

Past winners

  1. 1st Cup 1988 - Skunk #1 from Cultivator's Choice
  2. 2nd Cup 1989 - Early Pearl/Skunk #1 x Northern Lights #5/Haze from the Seed Bank
  3. 3rd Cup 1990 - Northern Lights #5 from the Seed Bank (please see discussion page before attempting to change this entry)
  4. 4th Cup 1991 - Skunk from Free City
  5. 5th Cup 1992 - Haze x Skunk #1 from Homegrown Fantasy
  6. 6th Cup 1993 - Haze x Northern Lights #5 from Sensi Seed Bank
  7. 7th Cup 1994 - Jack Herer from Sensi Seed Bank
  8. 8th Cup 1995 - White Widow from the Green House
  9. 9th Cup 1996 - White Russian from De Dampkring
  10. 10th Cup 1997 - Peace Maker from De Dampkring
  11. 11th Cup 1998 - Super Silver Haze from the Green House
  12. 12th Cup 1999 - Super Silver Haze from the Green House
  13. 13th Cup 2000 - Blueberry from the Noon
  14. 14th Cup 2001 - Sweet Tooth from Barney's
  15. 15th Cup 2002 - Morning Glory from Barney's
  16. 16th Cup 2003 - Hawaiian Snow from Green House
  17. 17th Cup 2004 - Amnesia Haze from Barney's
  18. 18th Cup 2005 - Willie Nelson from Barney's
  19. 19th Cup 2006 - Arjan's Ultra Haze #1 from Green House
  20. 20th Cup 2007 - G-13 Haze from Barney's
  21. 21st Cup 2008 - Super Lemon Haze from Green House
  22. 22nd Cup 2009 - Super Lemon Haze from Green House

18th Cannabis Cup (2005) Winners And Categories

Overall Cannabis Cup

  1. Willie Nelson by Barney's
  2. Arjan's Schoenmaker Zwevers Ultra Haze 2 by Green House
  3. Rob Don Sour Diseal by Robby D

Indica Cup (Seed Company)

  1. Lavender by Soma Seeds
  2. LA Confidential by DNA
  3. Sensi Star by Paradise Seeds

Sativa Cup (Seed Company)

  1. Martian Mean Green by DNA
  2. Nebula by Paradise Seeds
  3. Kushage by THSeeds

Import Hash Cup

  1. Caramella Cream by Barney's
  2. Rifman Malika by De Dampkring
  3. King Hassan by Green House

Nederhash Cup

  1. Waterworks by De Dampkring
  2. Kadni Bubble by Barney's
  3. Arjan's Ultra 2 Haze Hash by Green House

Glass Cup

  1. Triple Perculator by Green Devil
  2. D-Line by DNA
  3. Opal Smooth by ROOR Glass

Product Award

  1. Vapezilla by Wicked Roots
  2. Pollinator by Bubblator
  3. Mini Matches by De Dampkrin
  4. Phil Lesh Kadeshhh by Golden Bud of Unlimited Tokevotion

19th Cannabis Cup (2006) Winners And Categories

Cannabis Cup

  1. Arjan's Schoenmaker Zwervers Ultra Haze#1 - Green House
  2. G13 Haze - Barney's
  3. Martian Mean Green - Grey Area

Sativa Cup

  1. Mako Haze - Kiwiseeds
  2. Opium - Paradise Seeds
  3. Blue Cheese - Big Buddha Seeds


  1. Dandalion Dankens - Rupnik Growery
  2. Big Buddha Cheese - Big Buddha Seeds
  3. Fruity Thai - Ceres Seeds
  4. Night Shade - Barney's


  1. Sexpot Holland- Netherlands, Holland Home Brew
  2. Carmello Cream - Barney's
  3. Carmello Royale - Green House
  4. Rifman's Noor - De Dampkring


  1. Barney Rubble - Barney's
  2. Water Works - De Dampkring
  3. Master Kush Isolater - Green House


  1. Super Vapezilla - Wicked Roots
  2. Portable Vortex Gravity Bong - Gravity Vortex
  3. Aleda Papers - Aleda


  1. Barney's Farm
  2. Green House
  3. Wicked Roots

20th Cannabis Cup (2007) Winners And Categories

Cannabis Cup[1]

  1. G-13 Haze - Barney's
  2. Chocolope - Grey Area
  3. Super Silver Haze - Green House United

Indica Cup

  1. Top Dog - Amnesia Seeds
  2. Crimea Blue - Barney's Farm
  3. Reserva Privada #18 - Reserva Privada

Sativa Cup

  1. Kia Kush - Apothecary
  2. Tasman Haze - Kiwi Seeds
  3. The Purps - BC Bud Depot

Neder Hash

  1. Violator Ice-o-lator - Barney's
  2. Bubble Mania - Green House United
  3. Grey Crystals - Grey Area

Import Hash

  1. Triple X - Barney's
  2. King Hassan Supreme - Green House United
  3. Rifman's Habibi - De Dampkring

Product Cup

  1. Barney's Gift Bag - Barney's
  2. Portable Vortex Gravity Bong - Gravity Vortex
  3. Vaporstar Vaporizer by Vaporstar

Best Booth

  1. Barney's Farm
  2. DNA Seeds
  3. Green House Seeds

21st Cannabis Cup (2008) Winners And Categories

Cannabis Cup[2]

  1. Super Lemon Haze - Greenhouse United
  2. Utopia Haze - Barney's
  3. Chocolope - The Green Place

Indica Cup

  1. Joe Perks- airdrie firedragon burning eagle sex seeds
  2. Cheese - Homegrown Fantaseeds
  3. LSD - Amnesia Seeds

Sativa Cup

  1. Utopia Haze - Barney's
  2. Paradise Seeds - De La Haze
  3. Cannatonic - Resin Seeds

Neder Hash

  1. Royal Jelly - Barney's
  2. Greenhouse Ice - Greenhouse
  3. Jack Mehoffer- Beef Curtains
  4. Grey Crystal - Grey Area

Import Hash

  1. Triple Zero - Barney's
  2. Super Palm - Greenhouse
  3. Shiraz - Amnesia

Product Cup

  1. (tie) BC Chillum - Barney's &
  2. Pocket Alchemy - DNA
  3. Bubble Bags - Bubble Bags
  4. Glass Vaporizer - Herborizer

Best Booth

  1. Barney Farm

Glass Cup

  1. AK - DNA Genetics
  2. Mr Nice Custom - RooR
  3. MOE - Green Devil

22nd Cannabis Cup (2009) Winners And Categories

Cannabis Cup[3]

  1. Super Lemon Haze - Green House
  2. Vanilla Kush - Barney's
  3. Head Band Kush - The Green Place

Indica Cup

  1. Starbud - Hortilab
  2. OG18 - Reserva Privada
  3. Kush D - AllStar Genetics

Sativa Cup

  1. Perez Hilton - Harvestmen Seed co.
  2. Super Lemon Haze - Green House
  3. The Purps - BC Bud Depot

Neder Hash

  1. Royal Jelly - Barney's
  2. Greenhouse Ice - Green House
  3. Grey Crystal - Grey Area

Import Hash

  1. Rif Cream - Greenhouse
  2. Triple Zero - Barney's
  3. Azilla - Amnesia

Product Cup

  1. Vapor Swing - ???
  2. Incredibowl i420 - Incredibowl Industries
  3. Strain Hunters DVD - Green House

Best Booth

  1. Greenhouse Seed co
  2. Barney Farm
  3. Big Buddha Seeds

Glass Cup

  1. RooR Excalibur
  2. Eject A Bowl
  3. Incredibowl i420 - Incredibowl Industries


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