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Cannabis smoking etiquette (sometimes called marijuana etiquette or spliff politics) is usually practiced within a communal groups of cannabis smokers. The etiquette covers such issues as the responsibility of preparing the herb is spread around all the participants of the session as well as making sure all persons get an equal share.



The slang term "bogarting", named after actor Humphrey Bogart, refers to taking an unfairly long time with a cigarette, drink, et cetera, that is supposed to be shared (e.g., "Don't bogart that joint!"). It derives from Bogart's style of cigarette smoking, with which he left his cigarette dangling from his mouth rather than withdrawing it between puffs.[1]

Cultural references

"Southern Spliff Politics" is referenced in the title of a rap song by the British artist GoldieLocks.

There is a scene in the British film Human Traffic devoted to spliff politics.

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