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Capital University of Economics and Business
Motto 崇德尚能 经世济民
Established 1956
Type Public university
President Wen Kui
Faculty 641
Staff 1483
Students 19600
Undergraduates 9100
Postgraduates 1380
Location Chaoyang District, Beijing,  People's Republic of China

Capital University of Economics and Business (simplified Chinese: 首都经济贸易大学traditional Chinese: 首都經濟貿易大學pinyin: shǒu dū jīng jì mào yì dà xué) is a university in Beijing, China. The main campus of the university is located in Hongmiao in the Chaoyang District. A newer campus has been constructed in the Western suburbs.



The administrative framework of the university is as follows: [1]


Administrative Offices

  • General Bureaux
  • Dept of the Party's Organization & Dept of the United Front
  • Propaganda Department
  • Disciplinary Inspection Division
  • Development & Layout Division
  • Audit Division
  • Teaching Affairs Division
  • Scientific Research Division
  • Student-served Division
  • Graduates Department
  • Personnel Division
  • Division of Financial Affairs
  • Logistic Management Division
  • Assets management Division
  • Fundamental Construction Division
  • Security Division
  • Service Division for Retired Veteran or Emeritus faculty
  • Labour Union
  • the Committee of the Youth League

Departmental Structure

  • Economics College
  • Labor Economics College
  • Business Administration College
  • Urban College
  • Accountancy College
  • Banking College
  • Informatics College
  • Humanities College
  • Safety & Environment Engineering College
  • School of Statistics
  • Faculty of Public Finance and Taxation
  • Law Department
  • Dept of Foreign Languages
  • Dept of physical training
  • Overseas Chinese College
  • External Cultural Exchange College
  • Adult Education College
  • Tour College of the Great Wall
  • Educational Center of MBA
  • Miyun Chapter


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