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Studio album by Good Charlotte
Released May 11, 2010
Recorded August–October 2009, January–March 2010
Genre Punk rock, pop punk
Label Epic, Daylight
Producer Don Gilmore
Good Charlotte chronology
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Cardiology is the fifth album by pop punk band Good Charlotte. After various updates and uncertainty, it was finally announced the album would be released on May 11, 2010. Certain disruptions in the release involve the decision to re-record the entire album.

On December 3, 2008, Kerrang! magazine announced that Good Charlotte would be releasing their fifth studio album, "Cardiology" in 2009. The title of which, according to Joel Madden, comes from the lyrical content of the album, which he explained is "all connected to the heart". At the time, Madden also added that they had already written 20 songs for the album, and are said to be heading back to their pop-punk roots.

Describing the sound to MTV news, Joel Madden said it would sound a lot like Blink-182.[1][2] Joel went on to say in the same MTV interview that "There's nothing dance-y on the record, though, at all, which is different from our last one,"[3] further implying a movement away from the sound of Good Morning Revival.

The band has written nearly 100 songs for the album[citation needed], though there is no knowledge of how many songs will be on the final tracklisting.

On February 12, 2010, Benji said in an interview that they finished their upcoming album re-recording with the new producer and they are planning a May 11, 2010, release date for the album.

Re-recording Cardiology

On January 19, 2010, Benji posted a note on the official Good Charlotte website giving an update to fans about the album. He mentioned that they had finished the album which was produced by Howard Benson. However, the band didn't feel right about the sound of the album because Howard Benson focused on making it a commercial success. Good Charlotte decided to scrap the album, and got back with Don Gilmore, the producer of the bands' self-titled debut album and previous album, Good Morning Revival. Benji Madden stated in the note that the band "needed to be in the studio with someone who understood the heart of [the] band. And what that is, it's YOU GUYS".[4]

Twitter updates

The band has been frequently giving fans updates about the album on their twitter accounts. In late July 2009, Joel Madden mentioned that the band was close to track listing the album. On August 9, 2009, Benji Madden mentioned that they have yet to record the songs, but they are written. On August 25, 2009, Benji Madden announced on the official Good Charlotte website that the band were in the final stages of tracking and recording the album. He also gave fans a single line from one of the new songs:

"She liked me better when I different, No one knew me then, back in Maryland"[5]

Benji Madden also said on his twitter account on August 26th that they are shooting for a March/April release date. "We are shooting for march/april guys. sorry for the wait but we wanna do this one right. Don't worry, you will get some music before then". On September 22, 2009, Joel Madden made a tweet that he was tracking vocals for a song called "There She Goes", and on September 29, 2009, he mentioned he tracked vocals for the song "1979". On October 14, 2009 Benji Madden posted a blog on the official Good Charlotte website describing the albums sound as "it's just a more mature version of our self titled album... really simple production, just all about the songs and the lyrics. There will definitely be some suprise's though, wouldn't be a GC record if there weren't right?" He also continues in his blog with lyrics from one of the new songs on the album called "Standing Ovation" with the lines:

"Can't you see the world is on their feet for You and Me, and its alright cause you've got me, even when I'm gone I'll never leave, so go on and get your dreams..."[6]


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