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Carl Peter Holböll (1795–1856) was an officer in the Danish Royal Navy.

Holböll served as Royal Inspector or Colonies, Whaling and Inspector of South Greenland (1825–1828) then Inspector of North Greenland (1828–1856). While in this post he became interested in natural history. He described the Hoary Redpoll, which he named for Jens Wilken Hornemann. At one time the Gyrfalcon and the Red-necked Grebe bore his name. Reclassification necessitated changes in nomenclature, causing Holböll's name to be dropped as a species name. His name continued to be used as a common name for the grebe until 'Red-necked', approved by the American Ornithologists' Union Checklist Committee gradually took over. Holböll was also a botanist and entomologist.


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  • Biographical Appendix of The Dictionary of American Bird Names, Revised Edition, by Ernest A. Choate, The Harvard Common Press, 1985.Biographical information indicates Mr. Holboell died at sea.
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