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King of Bavaria and Italy
A fourteenth-century depiction of the three sons of Louis the German — Carloman, Louis the Younger, and Charles — swearing an oath to him. Louis the German is here depicted as a French king, wearing the fleur-de-lis.
In the
Grandes Chroniques de France
King of Bavaria
Reign 28 August 876 - 29 September 880
Predecessor Louis II
Successor Louis III
King of Italy
Reign 6 October 877 - 879
Coronation October 877
at Pavia
Predecessor Charles II
Successor Charles III

a daughter of Count Ernst of the Nordgau
Dynasty Carolingian
Father Louis II
Mother Hemma
Born c. 830
Died 29 September 880 (aged 49-50)
Altötting, Bavaria

Carloman, German: Karlmann (830 – 29 September 880) was the eldest son of Louis the German, king of East Francia (Germany), and Emma, daughter of the count Welf. He was king of Bavaria from 876 and of Italy from 877 until he was incapacitated in 879 and died in 880.

He revolted in 861 and again two years later (863); an example that was followed by the second son, Louis the Younger, who in a further rising was joined by his brother Charles the Fat. In 865, Louis was obliged by the dissidence of his sons to provide for the eventual division of his territories: Carloman was promised the kingdom of Bavaria (which Louis himself had once held under his father), together with the Ostmark; Louis the Younger was promised Saxony, together with Franconia and Thuringia; Charles the Fat was promised Swabia, together with Rhaetia.

A report that Emperor Louis II was dead led to peace between father and sons and attempts by Louis the German to gain the imperial crown for Carloman. These efforts were thwarted by Louis II, who was not in fact dead. In 876, Louis the German died and his sons inherited their lands; Carloman thus became King of Bavaria. The brothers maintained concord amongst themselves, contrary the example set by their own father and uncles and their cousins.

Upon the death of Charles the Bald of West Francia in 877, Carloman also became king of Italy and aimed at gaining the Imperial crown, but in 879, he was crippled by a stroke and divided his dominions as his father had done. He granted Louis Bavaria and Charles Italy. He had no legitimate issue, but had a concubine named Litwinde. His illegitimate son by her, Arnulf, was granted the duchy of Carinthia. Arnulf later became king of Germany and Italy and emperor.


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Carloman of Bavaria
Born: 830 Died: 29 September 880
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Louis II
as King of Eastern Francia
King of Bavaria
Succeeded by
Louis III
as King of Saxony
Preceded by
Charles II
King of Italy
Succeeded by
Charles III


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