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Carlos Saladrigas
Born October 13, 1900
Havana, Cuba
Died 1956

Carlos Saladrigas Zayas (born Carlos Eduardo Ramon Saladrigas y Zayas on October 13, 1900 in Havana, Cuba - 1957) was a Cuban politician and diplomat. He was an Abogado-notario, who served as Senator (1936-1940), Minister of Justice (1934), Foreign Minister (1933) & (1955-1956), Prime Minister of Cuba (1940-1942), Ambassador to Great Britain, and presidential candidate in the elections of 1944.

He was the son of Enrique Saladrigas Lunar and Maria Luisa Zayas y Diago. He married his wife, Maria de las Mercedes Gonzalez-Llorente y Martinez in 1923 and they had two children, Gloria and Carlos Saladrigas y Gonzalez-Llorente. He later married Esperanza Plasencia y del Peso.


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Political offices
Preceded by
Office established
Prime Minister of Cuba
10 October 1940 – 16 August 1942
Succeeded by
Ramón Zaydín
Preceded by
Foreign Minister of Cuba
Succeeded by
Manuel Márquez Sterling
Preceded by
Andrés Domingo
Foreign Minister of Cuba
Succeeded by
Gonzalo Güell


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