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Carmela Hayslett, A Girl, a Woman, and a Inspired writer.
Carmela was born on November 8th 1985 in San Francisco California at Letterman Hospital on the Presidio Army Base. She and her mother moved to Philadelphia when she was two years old after her mother and father divorced.


"mostly from the people in my life and the experiences I share with them" states Carmela. "Every character I create is based on someone I know and sometimes I create characters based on myself, making these characters do things I can only wish to do." In her book, "The Roxsy Tyler," this was based on a character she created and drew as her alter-ego and later wrote numerous stories about. Another place she takes inspiration from is comic book heroes and villians, "my favorite being Batman and the Joker." <ref>Hayslett, C. Personal interview. 20 April 2008 </ref>

Lego's started it all!

"Ever since I was five years old I always liked writing. It was just something I always did and always enjoyed". Her first short story was called "Martin Wolfpack" and was inspired by Lego Toys. When she was a little girl her mom bought her every knight and dragon medieval Lego set she could find. "I had a castle, knights, bad knights, horses, weapons, everything. More importantly I had a little lego man who stood out, wearing a brown hood and a wolf logo on his chest." She pretended this little toy was the King's assassin who lived in the forest and killed off the King's enemies. This simple way to pass the time in the land of make pretend led her to write her first short story based on her lego toys. When she was 14 years old she had sent the story to the Lego company and told them they inspired her to write the story. They were pleased and loved the story so much "they sent me a bunch of free toys that were significant to the story I wrote." The story has since been revised and is now "The Young Wolfpack" in her book "Big Boots and Black Hair Dye". Lego's started it all, just a little girl with big dreams and a huge imagination created her first short story.

No stories?! But still writing

At twelve years old, when she wasn't writing stories she was keeping diaries, writing down everything she saw and heard. "I did this every day faithfully until I was twenty years old."

"Publishing my very own book, one day" She says

The main goal of her life was to publish her very own book someday and by the time she turned 19 years old she decided "I've waited long enough and was actually going to make it happen". Her Aunt, Michele Kozlowski was diagnosed with colorectal cancer that year, and decided that instead of going to a traditional publisher, instead of collecting rejection, instead of waiting years for a publisher to publish her book, she was going to do it all on her own with aid of a self-publishing company called Author House. "My Aunt lived to see me publish a book for the first time" and said at her first book launch party, "I said you were going to be a writer and now you are! See I know everything!" Said Her Aunt Michele. Money was raised for Fox Chase Cancer Center Fox chase and blue bracelets were given out in honor of her Aunt Michele and her brave battle with cancer. She died a year after that. "To this day I'm always trying to find a way to raise money and help fund further advances in battling cancer."

The next "Stephen King"!

Her parents always supported her. "Unlike most parents, when I said I wanted to be a writer someday my parents always took it seriously and never treated it as something I grew out of." Her parents funded schooling at Stratford Career Institute, Thomson Education [2102], and Long Ridge Writing Group [2103].Determined to put herself through as much writing schools as possible so she could learn the different styles of writing and to learn the business end of the publishing industry. "My Grandparents were also very supportive. My grandfather bought me my first typewriter and his last words to me before he died was that I was going to be the next Stephen King." "I've never had anyone tell me I was every going to fail" says Carmela. All of her friends and family have always supported her writing endeavors since the very beginning.

Comics & Poe

"Ironically, as a writer I don't like to read very much. The only thing I've ever read really were comic books and graphic novels such as Niel Gaimen's Sandman." A lot of her stories have a lot of action and heroism in them, much like comic books. She also enjoy the works of Edgar Allan Poe [2104]. Her favorite Edgar Allan Poe story is called "The Black Cat" [2105] which Poe wrote while he lived in Philadelphia [2106]. Twice she volunteered at Edgar Allan Poe's house, which is now part of the National Park Service and still open to the public as a museum.

Contact Carmela <br>

About Big Boots & Black Hair Dye a book by Carmela Hayslett

Big Boots and Black Hair Dye is a compilation of stories, poetry, and strongly-opinionated personal writings brought to you by a 19 year-old writing student by the name of Carmela Hayslett. The overall theme is self-exploration with poetry about finding yourself within and writings about the maturing of wisdom. Most stories written for the book were based on personal experiences that were brought to life with a fictional edge. The author speaks candidly about her own personal experiences with surviving a car wreckage, opposing alcohol and drugs, and surviving failed relationships. The stories includes the tale of a young boy named Martin Wolf pack. Martin decides to leave his family to live as a savage in the supposed "dangerous" woods in his quest to avenge his brother's death and become knighted. In "Mend My Heart" you are brought into a world where Dominick is being tortured and pestered by the alter-ego of his ex-girlfriend just after he broke up with her. Other tales include a metaphysical story about a fearful girl who's biggest dream is to ride a motorcycle and restore the memory of her forgotten and departed uncle. You will also be introduced to an aspiring actress with an anger problem, vampires who engage into a brutal fight for vengeance, and also a group of goofy kids who are trying to sell lemonade in the hottest summer of their lives. Big Boots and Black Hair Dye is a book for all ages with something that can be suited for everyone's reading pleasure. Whether you are an action-adventure fan or are looking for a dose of children's humor to read to your kids, this book delivers story-telling in various forms. The main motivation of the book is to expand a reader's thinking and inspire decent acts of courage, loyalty, and compassion. (


  • Geri Y from Phila, PA (Back of the book)

  • "From a Five year old girl that dreamed of one day becoming a world-renowned author to a woman whose voice would later be immortalized in print, Carmela Hayslett Presents Big Boots and Black Hair Dye, a compilation of her best stories , poetry, and personal writings collected from well over a decade. Covering a versatile array of topics And genres, Carmela hits the very core of real emotions and experiences through fact manipulated by fiction. Striving to be one of the most relatable writers of her time, Carmela travels bravely through the relams of love, heart break, death, depression, and much more in attempt to reach out and touch her readers. Her open eyes and bold tongue showed the world that there was more to her quiet and humble persona than anyone could ever imagined. For as long as there is a pen in her hand there will never be such a thing as silence. Carmela Hayslett has now com to prove that her life is indeed, an open book."
  • C. Warner She reached for the stars!", June 23, 2005

  • "The stories cover varies genres: Action Adventure (The Young Wolfpack), Children's Humor (The Lemon Kids), Gothic Prose (Smith's Mausoleum), Metaphysical (Motorcycle Dreams), Young-adult Humor (Her Name is Dolly), and Fantasy (Mend My Heart). You will also find written commentaries for some of the short stories and what inspired her to write them. Most of her stories and poetry were based on real events in her life with a fictional twist!



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