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Carolina – NC State rivalry
Teams NC State Wolfpack
North Carolina Tar Heels
Basketball Series North Carolina leads 140-75
Last Winner North Carolina (2009)
Football Series North Carolina leads 63-30-6
Last Winner NC State (2009)

NC State logo North Carolina logo
NC State North Carolina

The Carolina – NC State rivalry, also known locally as the Carolina–State rivalry, NCSU-UNC rivalry, or other similar permutations, is an ongoing series of athletic competitions between the University of North Carolina and North Carolina State University, both of which are located in the Research Triangle district of North Carolina, along with Duke University. The intensity of the rivalry is driven by the universities' similar size and the fact that the schools are separated by only 20 miles. Both are in the Atlantic Coast Conference and are part of the Tobacco Road schools. The most prominent sports in the rivalry are football, basketball, and baseball. In the sport of football, North Carolina and NC State were matched up as "permanent rivals";[1] NC State is in the conference's Atlantic Division and North Carolina is in the Coastal Division. North Carolina is known for its basketball history. They have won 7 NCAA National Championships between them (North Carolina 5, NC State 2), and 26 of the past 54 ACC Tournaments (North Carolina 16, NC State 10).



The Free Expression Tunnel painted Carolina blue in 2008. It was overpainted within hours.

It was traditional for Wolfpack fans and Tar Heel fans to exchange pranks before and sometimes after important games between the two universities. One of the most notable pranks by Tarheel fans is painting NC State's Free Expression Tunnel Carolina blue before big athletic competitions. In retaliation, NC State students traveled to Chapel Hill to play their Red and White Song or their Fight Song and occasionally dye water fountains red, the main NC State athletic color. However, before the 2008 basketball game, The Old Well was painted with red spray paint.[2] Groups of students, most recently police officers at UNC[3], from both schools now camp out pre-game to prevent areas of their campus being painted by fans from the other. At NC State this is the "Ram Roast" near the Free Expression Tunnel,[4][5] while it is known at UNC as the "Old Well Watch" near the prominent campus landmark. Before the most recent meeting, Wolfpack fans painted some brick walkways on UNC's campus with spray paint, in retaliation for UNC students having painted the Free Expression Tunnel blue.

Newspaper bashing

One day prior to the basketball game in Raleigh, Technician, NC State's student newspaper, publishes a spoof cover page for the day's edition with the title The Daily Tar Hell. Contained within are fake news stories poking fun at The Daily Tar Heel and the North Carolina Tar Heels[6].

From 1994 to 1995, teams from Technician and The Daily Tar Heel played a football game called The Grudge Bowl on the Friday before the North Carolina-NC State football game. The game was played under standard college football rules but with none of the protective equipment. Technician staff members won both meetings in blowouts, claiming a booby-prize called "The Golden Plunger" and, in 1994, declared themselves the National Football Champion of College Student Media.

November 20, 2009 the two newspapers rekindled the football rivalry, competing for a "Golden Plunger" replica. The staff of "Technician" shut out "The Daily Tar Heel" staff 40-0 on Miller Fields in Raleigh. Andrew Dunn, editor of "The Daily Tar Heel," said the two student newspapers will again meet on the gridiron in 2010, but in Chapel Hill.[7]

Men's basketball all-time series records

Listed by number of games won.


All-time series record

  • North Carolina: 140; NC State: 75

By location

By tournament

  • NCAA Championships: North Carolina:5; NC State:2
  • Southern Conference Tournament: NC State:7; North Carolina:3
  • Big Four Tournament: NC State:3; North Carolina:2
  • ACC Tournament: North Carolina:17; NC State:10

By coach

North Carolina coaches

NC State coaches

By decade

  • 1910s NC State: 2; North Carolina:0
  • 1920s: North Carolina:17; NC State:3
  • 1930s: North Carolina:16; NC State:6
  • 1940s: North Carolina:13; NC State:10
  • 1950s: NC State: 18 North Carolina:10
  • 1960s: North Carolina:18 NC State:4
  • 1970s: North Carolina:17; NC State:13
  • 1980s: North Carolina:18; NC State:7
  • 1990s: North Carolina:15; NC State:7
  • 2000s: North Carolina:16; NC State:5


Listed by score.

  • North Carolina's largest victory margin: 62-10 (February 19, 1921)
  • NC State's largest victory margin: 79-39 (February 19, 1949)

Football all-time series records

Listed by number of matches won.

  • Alltime record[8] North Carolina: 63; NC State: 30; Ties: 6
  • Record in ACC (1953-2009): North Carolina: 32; NC State: 25[9]
  • Record in Carter-Finley Stadium[10] North Carolina:12; NC State 9

Largest victory margins

Listed by score.

  • NC State's largest victory margin: 45 points, score: 48-3 (October 15, 1988)
  • North Carolina's largest victory margin: 32 points, score: 52-20 (November 2, 1996) & 41-9 (October 17, 1982)



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