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Drawing from Gray's anatomy with blue arrow showing the bifurcation area which is painful in Carotidynia.

Carotidynia is a syndrome characterized by unilateral (one-sided) soreness of the carotid artery, near the bifurcation. It was first described in 1927 by Temple Fay[1]. The most common cause of carotidynia is migraine, and then it is usually self-correcting. Common migraine treatments may help alleviate the carotidynia symptoms. Carotid arteritis is a much less common cause of carotidynia, but has much more serious consequences. It is a form of giant cell arteritis, which is a condition that usually affects arteries in the head. Due to this serious condition possibly causing carotidynia, and the possibility that neck pain is related to some other non-carotidynia and serious condition, the case should be investigated by a medical doctor.[2]


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