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Ancient city on the eastern coast of the Spanish province of Murcia, referred to in the Talmud. The Cartagena mentioned in Yer. Sheb. vi., beginning, identified in this passage with Spain, is certainly identical with theSpanish Cartagena. Jews settled here at an early date. At the fourth Council of Cartagena (436) it was decreed: "Ut episcopus nullum prohibeat ingredi ecclesiam et audire verbum Dei, sive gentilem sive . . . Judæum usque ad missam catechumenorum." Many of the Jews expelled from Spain took ship at Cartagena, as well as at Cadiz; and many Maranos also settled in the former city, where they fell into the hands of the Inquisition.

This entry includes text from the Jewish Encyclopedia, 1906.
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There is another city named Cartagena in Colombia. It can be found at Cartagena de Indias
File:Situacion Cartagena
Where Cartagena is in Murcia
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Cartagena, seen from the Castle of the Conception Castillo de la Concepcion

Cartagena is a city in the Region of Murcia, in Spain. In the south of the region, at the Mediterranean Sea. The population of the city is 205,000 and it is an industrial centre. Cartagena was founded by the Carthaginese as "Qart Hadasht" and the name means New City.

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