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"Cartoon Wars Part I"
South Park episode
Family Guy South Park.gif
Peter Griffin and Brian Griffin from Family Guy, South Park style.
Episode no. Season 10
Episode 3
Written by Trey Parker
Directed by Trey Parker
Original airdate April 5, 2006
Season 10 episodes
South Park – Season 10
March 22, 2006 – November 15, 2006
  1. The Return of Chef
  2. Smug Alert!
  3. Cartoon Wars Part I
  4. Cartoon Wars Part II
  5. A Million Little Fibers
  6. ManBearPig
  7. Tsst
  8. Make Love, Not Warcraft
  9. Mystery of the Urinal Deuce
  10. Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy
  11. Hell on Earth 2006
  12. Go God Go
  13. Go God Go XII
  14. Stanley's Cup

Season 9 Season 11
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"Cartoon Wars Part I" is episode 142 of South Park which aired on April 5, 2006. It is part one of a two-episode story, which concludes with "Cartoon Wars Part II".



South Park is in a panic when Family Guy shows an episode featuring the Muslim prophet Muhammad as a character. The townspeople hide in the Community Center for fear of a terrorist attack when the second half of the two-parter, without censorship, will be shown. Kyle, who likes the show, finds no problem and thinks the censorship is wrong, but Cartman disagrees, declaring that it is right to do this. Kyle thinks that he is faking, but, when Cartman gives an impassioned speech about keeping people from getting hurt, he is guilt-ridden. After a terrible dream in which he and his little brother Ike are killed by a terrorist bomb, Kyle agrees to go with Cartman to get the episode pulled.

The people of South Park, meanwhile, decide literally to bury their heads in the sand, so as to show Islamists that they have no part in the insult. On the way to Hollywood, Kyle discovers something shocking: in his rambling, Cartman accidentally reveals that he only wants to get Family Guy canceled, that he does not care about the Muslims, and that he is only using them as a means to get the episode pulled thus setting off a chain of events and causing other episodes to get pulled until Family Guy is taken off the air altogether, endeavoring to use fear to destroy Freedom of speech. Cartman reveals that people always assume that he loves Family Guy when in fact he hates it since he believes it employs jokes without a point or relation to the main plot. Kyle tells Cartman that it is not right to have Family Guy taken completely off the air, even though he agrees on the content of the Muhammad-depicting show. Knowing that Kyle will not be helping now, Cartman decides to go at it alone, but Kyle insists he will not let that happen. The two start racing one another on their Big Wheels to Hollywood in order to decide the fate of the show.

In an exaggeratedly dramatic (owing to the fact that Big Wheels move slowly) car chase, a police vehicle loses control and Kyle rides his Big Wheel over a ledge after various objects are thrown at it by Cartman. After falling down a steep hill, Kyle's Big Wheel explodes. Cartman laughs manically and bids his friend farewell: "So long, Kyle!" Kyle angrily yells back at him, swearing that he will not let him win. Cartman, riding into the distance, tells Kyle, "Suck my balls, Kyle!".

President Bush meets with the FOX executives. Bush and the Fox president call each other "Mr. President" back and forth. The Fox president says that there is something secret about the Family Guy writers that must be revealed.

At this point, it is revealed this is a two-part episode and that the conclusion will be given in the next episode. According to the ending and the "Next Week On South Park" segment, President Bush and Cartman will learn a horrible secret about the Family Guy writers that supposedly "explains everything", while the entire nation buries its head in sand. The "Next Week On South Park" segment hints that Cartman and Kyle are finally going to have a fight, at last venting years of hatred against each other.


Trey Parker and Matt Stone have stated for the record their opinions on Family Guy. They say that although they respect it for its fans and making people laugh, and having some smart humor, they ultimately hate the show itself and have no respect for its writing, especially for its overuse of "gag-humor".[1] They have also cited their dislike of people comparing Family Guy to their show. They even hate fans of their show who are also fans of Family Guy, calling them "bandwagon fans".[2]

According to Parker and Stone, following the airing of this episode, they were contacted by the producers of both The Simpsons and King of the Hill, praising their work. This inspired the addition of Bart Simpson as a character in the second part of this two-part episode as well as a brief scene in which the King of the Hill animation staff can be seen in the background.[3]


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  2. ^ Parker, Trey, and Stone, Matt. Audio commentary. South Park The Complete Tenth Season. Dir. Parker, Stone. DVD. Paramount Home Video/Comedy Central, 2007, 1:20, "We don't like fans of Family Guy and those who like our show at the same time, those are like bandwagon fans in sports teams. You either like Family Guy or our show, you can't pick both".
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