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Dr. Casey Treat
Born May 11, 1955 (1955-05-11) (age 54)
Nationality American
Occupation pastor, teleevanglist, author
Religious beliefs Christianity (Pentecostal)
Spouse(s) Wendy Peterson, 1978-present
Children 2 sons, Caleb and Micah, 1 daughter, Tasha

Dr. Casey Treat (born May 11, 1955, in Seattle, Washington) is an American pastor, teleevanglist, author and motivational speaker. He is also the co-founder and co-pastor the Christian Faith Center in Seattle and president of Vision College (formally Dominion College). He is the founder of the Vision Conference, an annual leadership/spiritual life conference, and Vision Ministries Fellowship. He also hosts his own television program called Living on Course, which can been seen on both the internet through podcasts, and on various Christian TV networks such as Daystar TV and the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN). Traveling extensively Year in and out, Pastor Treat speaks at conventions and churches. His books and CD’s/DVD’s are distributed worldwide.


Early life and education

As a teenager growing up in Seatlle, a young Treat was heavily involved with drugs. In 1974, at the age of 19, he entered a drug rehab center. During his time there, he became born again and began how to renew his mind through the Bible, which he had accepted Word of God. Treat then received his Bachelor of Theology and married the former Wendy Peterson (born January 27, 1957 in Seattle) [1] in 1978. Treat resides in the Seattle area with Wendy and their three grown children, Caleb, Tasha and Micah. [2]



Christian Faith Center

In January 1980, with a group of 30 people, The Treats helped to start the Christian Faith Center in Seattle, Washington. As of 2010, the Christian Faith Center is the largest church in the Pacific Northwest, with two locations (Federal Way & Mill Creek) and more than 10,000 people attending weekly services.

Christian Faith International

In addition, Pastor Treat’s media ministry, Christian Faith International, has a worldwide outreach.

Awards and Recognitions

In 2009, Pastor Treat received an honorary doctorate degree from Hansai University in Seoul, South Korea (through Dr. David Yonggi Cho & Dr. Kim Sunghae Cho), recognizing his accomplishments in the ministry for almost 30 years.

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Casey Treat is an American religious leader who founded various religious educational institutions and groups in the 1980s.

Treat was born and raised in Seattle, and as a teenager he was heavily involved with heroin and entered Washington Drug Rehabilitation Center, a Christian-based program founded by Julius Young. Casey became a born again Christian, joining a local ministry to develop his religious leadership philosophies.

Casey entered Seattle Bible College where he met Wendy Peterson, whom he married in 1978. They served in their local church, conducted Bible study groups, and toured the Seattle area with their musical group, "The New Version". Casey also started a local radio broadcast.

In their last two years of Bible College, Casey and Wendy Treat began to sense the call of God on their lives to found a church. On January 6, 1980, Casey and Wendy founded the Christian Faith Center and began pastoring a group of 30. They were ordained in July 1980 by Dr. Fred Price at Crenshaw Christian Center in Los Angeles.

In 1984, Casey and Wendy founded Christian Faith School (for pre-school through 12th grade), and later Dominion College.

With the first annual Vision International Leadership Conference in 1985, Casey and Wendy launched "Vision Ministers Fellowship", an organization which provides support for men and women in leadership who want to grow and more fully develop themselves and their ministries through teaching, mentoring, and relationship building.

Casey Treat is also the author of dozens of books, audio, and video teaching series, which are distributed at large conventions and churches. Casey and Wendy Treat and their three children reside in the Seattle area.

Casey and Wendy Treat are advocates of the popular prosperity teaching, also known as Word of Faith.

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