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Catharsis is the name of a popular fantasy webcomic by J. Boeke, generally known as JB. It was launched on October 25, 2002, and currently updates on a daily basis. The comic centers on a woman named Gwen and her pet dragon Rremly, though more characters were eventually added.


; Gwen: The protagonist.
; Rremly: A small 400 year old dragon. When most people look at him, they rationalize that they are looking at a dog of some sort.
; Baxter: An angry squirrel who often ends up naked.
; Aya: This kitten was adopted from the webcomic Neko the Kitty. She is a self proclaimed ninja.
;The Dustballs:
; Tennibrook: The 6 year old abstract personification of Gwen's inner child has a love of electric clippers, much to the chagrin of the dustballs and Aya. It is unknown if Gwen physically transforms into Tennibrook or if she merely generates the image of the 6 year old, given that other characters have distinctly seen the young girl.
; Captain Funkmouth: Likely the first footwear to utter the phrase "Arrr, matey", this sock puppet pirate abandoned life on the inside of a drawer to strike out on his own as a swarthy pirate of the seven seas.
; DOODLEBUNNY: Star of the Cathartic Doodles weekend series.
;Mulligan Pants Merryweather (or "Pants" for short): Aya's invisible imaginary friend (invisible even to her). He speaks in a green text balloon with a red border. Though it seems Aya can only talk to him vocally and he can't hear her thoughts, this may just be because he was asleep at the time Aya tested this theory. Pants' real name is K'kroak A'katahahah, he is a dust mite that grew up in Aya's ear. His egg was lodged there when she went on an eating rampage in the Dust Kingdom under the couch.


Additional Cast

; Sam (né Cute Guy): Gwen's main love interest. He sees Rremly as a dragon, something he attributes to his last girlfriend.
; Percy: A gargoyle who also lives in the building. Rremly met him on the roof one dark night. Percy does not turn to stone at dawn, as the myth suggests.

Cathartic Doodles

Cathartic Doodles is a semi-autobiographical series starring DOODLEBUNNY that often highlights a series of "Fun Facts" (ex: Fun Fact: Humidity sucks.). <!--forgive me if I got the semi-autobiographical part wrong -->

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