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Gender Female
Meaning From the Greek meaning PURE
Origin Greek
Nicknames Cat, Cath, Cathy
Related names Katherine, Katheryn, Kathryn, Katharyn, Katherin, Catharine, Cathryn, Katheryne, Catherin, Katrin
Popularity Popular names page

Catherine is a feminine given name. The nicknames include Cathy, Cate, Cat, Catie and others. Catherine may refer to one of the following historical figures, place names, books, or bands.




  • Catherine (alternative rock band), an alternative rock band signed to TVT Records
  • Catherine (band), a metalcore band from Sacramento, California
  • Katerine, French musician
  • "Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson" or known as Katy Perry* pop singer of famous songs such as "Hot n Cold"
  • "Katharine Mcphee" talented singer*

Movies and television, and celebrities

  • Katherine, starring Sissy Spacek and Henry Winkler
  • "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation"; Catherine Willows
  • "Katherine" a character from the television show 10 things I hate about you.*

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Alternative spellings


Ancient Greek ‘Εκατερινη (Hekaterine), of debated meaning, possibly from ‘εκατερος (hekateros) "each of the two", or from the name of the goddess Hecate. The spelling with 'h' in Latin languages, German and English, is due to a folk etymology, dating from Roman times, which associated the name with the Ancient Greek καθαρος (katharos) "pure". The name belonged to a 4th-century saint and martyr from Alexandria who was tortured on the wheel.

Proper noun




  1. A female given name.

Related terms


  • 1763 Voltaire and Catherine the Great: Selected Correspondence. Voltaire, Catherine, Antony Lentin.(Translation from French.)Publ. Oriental Research Partners,1973:
    - - - despite of what you say of my fine name, I think my head is so obstinate and inflexible that the name Catherine was well chosen. It suits my character. I was given the name by the late Empress Elisabeth, to whom I owe much; she gave it to me out of affection and out of respect for her mother
  • 1847 Emily Brontë: Wuthering Heights: Volume II, Chapter III:
    It was named Catherine, but he never called it the name in full, as he had never called the first Catherine short, probably because Heathcliff had a habit of doing so. The little one was always Cathy, it formed to him a distinction from the mother, and yet, a connection with her;
  • 2003 Michael O. Gregory: The Dead Years: page 35:
    "Yes, Catherine sounds like a lovely name. I like it. My new name will be Catherine." She rolled the name Catherine silently again. The name had character a noble ring to it she really liked it.



Proper noun

Catherine f.

  1. A female given name, cognate to English Catherine.

Related terms

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