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This is a list of famous people who have an article here, as well as on Wikipedia.

List of Famous People



Name Famous for Wikipedia
J. C. Fargo 3rd President of American Express Company Wikipedia
William Fargo Founder of American Express Company and Wells, Fargo & Co. Wikipedia
Bill Gates Chairman of Microsoft Wikipedia
Shaukat Ali Abdul Ghafoor Businessman Wikipedia
James Dixon Robinson III CEO of American Express 1977-1993 Wikipedia
Donald Trump Billionaire/Founder of the Trump Organization Wikipedia


Name Famous for Wikipedia
Jensen Ackles Actor Wikipedia
Clay Aiken Singer Wikipedia
Joan Allen Actress Wikipedia
Jessica Alba‎ Actress Wikipedia
Woody Allen Actor Wikipedia
Michael Angarano Actor Wikipedia
Ashanti Actress Wikipedia
Mackenzie Astin Actor Wikipedia
Christopher Atkins Actor Wikipedia
Lauren Bacall Actress Wikipedia
Kevin Bacon Actor Wikipedia
Christian Bale Actor Wikipedia
Taylor Ball Actor Wikipedia
Javier Bardem Actor Wikipedia
Drew Barrymore Actress Wikipedia
Randall Batinkoff Actor Wikipedia
Sean Bean Actor Wikipedia
Jason Behr Actor Wikipedia
Drake Bell Actor Wikipedia
Kristen Bell Actress Wikipedia
Lake Bell Actress Wikipedia
Maria Bello Actress Wikipedia
Dirk Benedict Actor Wikipedia
Robby Benson Actor Wikipedia
Justin Berfield Actor Wikipedia
Rachel Bilson Actress Wikipedia
Thora Birch Actress Wikipedia
Jack Black actor Wikipedia
Karen Black actress Wikipedia
Corbin Bleu actor Wikipedia
Sarah Bolger Actress Wikipedia
Humphrey Bogart Actor Wikipedia
Helena Bonham Carter Actor Wikipedia
David Boreanaz Actor Wikipedia
Bow Wow Actor Wikipedia
Jay Brannan Actor, Singer Wikipedia
Abigail Breslin Actress Wikipedia
Jordan Bridges Actor Wikipedia
Matthew Broderick Actor Wikipedia
Adam Brody Actor Wikipedia
Chris Brown Singer Wikipedia
Lindsey Buckingham Singer, Song Writer Wikipedia
Amanda Bynes Actress Wikipedia
Neve Campbell Actress Wikipedia
Nick Cannon Actor Wikipedia
Aaron Carter Singer Wikipedia
Nick Carter Actor/singer Wikipedia
Mary Chapin Carpenter Singer Wikipedia
Michael Cera Actor Wikipedia
Jackie Chan Actor Wikipedia
Chevy Chase Actor Wikipedia
Erika Christensen actress Wikipedia
Hayden Christensen Actor Wikipedia
Ciara Singer Wikipedia
Kelly Clarkson Singer Wikipedia
Patricia Clarkson Actress Wikipedia
George Clooney Actor Wikipedia
Dawn Cody Actress Wikipedia
Toni Collette Actress Wikipedia
Stephen Colletti Actor Wikipedia
Keith Coogan Actor Wikipedia
Kevin Costner Actor Wikipedia
Chace Crawford Actor Wikipedia
Harry Crosby Actor Wikipedia
Tom Cruise Actor Wikipedia
Penelope Cruz Actress Wikipedia
Ice Cube Actor Wikipedia
Miley Cyrus Singer/Actress Wikipedia
Beverly D'Angelo Actress Wikipedia
Charles Darwin Naturalis Wikipedia
Hope Davis Actress Wikipedia
Tony Denman Actor Wikipedia
Rosario Dawson Actress Wikipedia
Benicio del Toro Actor Wikipedia
Drea de Matteo Actress Wikipedia
Kat Dennings Actress Wikipedia
Loretta Devine Actress Wikipedia
Cameron Diaz Actress Wikipedia
Leonardo DiCaprio Actor Wikipedia
Matt Dillon Actor Wikipedia
Robert Downey Jr Actor Wikipedia
Nick Drago Dancer, Contestant on Step it up and dance. Wikipedia
Michael Clarke Duncan Actor Wikipedia
Haylie Duff Actress/Singer Wikipedia
Hilary Duff Actress/Singer Wikipedia
Eliza Dushku Actress/Producer Wikipedia
George Eads Actor Wikipedia
Zac Efron Actor Wikipedia
Jesse Eisenberg Actor Wikipedia
Carmen Electra Actress Wikipedia
Shannon Elizabeth Actress Wikipedia
Cary Elwes Actor Wikipedia
Rupert Everett Actress Wikipedia
Briana Evigan Actress Wikipedia
Jake Epstein actor Wikipedia
Jimmy Fallon actor Wikipedia
Dakota Fanning Actress Wikipedia
Anna Faris Actress Wikipedia
Sean Faris Actor Wikipedia
Kevin Federline Singer Wikipedia
Will Ferrell Actor Wikipedia
Joseph Fiennes Actor Wikipedia
Laurence Fishburne Actor Wikipedia
Joe Flanigan Actor Wikipedia
Patrick Flueger Actor Wikipedia
Jane Fonda Actress Wikipedia
Harrison Ford Actor Wikipedia
John Forsythe Actor Wikipedia
Ben Foster actor Wikipedia
Blake Foster Actor Wikipedia
Jodie Foster Actress Wikipedia
Matthew Fox actor Wikipedia
James Franco Actor Wikipedia
Brendan Fraser Actor Wikipedia
Morgan Freeman Actor Wikipedia
Andrew Garfield Actor Wikipedia
Rafi Gavron Actor Wikipedia
Teddy Geiger Singer Wikipedia
Sarah Michelle Gellar Actress Wikipedia
Melissa George actress Wikipedia
Balthazar Getty Actor Wikipedia
Mel Gibson film actor, director, producer and screenwriter Wikipedia
Whoopi Goldberg Actress Wikipedia
Meagan Good Actress Wikipedia
Joseph Gordon-Levitt actor Wikipedia
Ryan Gosling Actor Wikipedia
Milena Govich Actress Wikipedia
Maggie Grace Actress Wikipedia
Aubrey Graham Actor Wikipedia
Hugh Grant Actor Wikipedia
Bryan Greenberg Actor Wikipedia
Rupert Grint actress Wikipedia
Jake Gyllenhaal Actor Wikipedia
Gene Hackman Actor Wikipedia
Sid Haig Actor Wikipedia
Colin Hanks Actor Wikipedia
Samantha Harris TV Host Wikipedia
Margo Harshman Actress Wikipedia
Josh Hartnett actor Wikipedia
Ethan Hawke Actor Wikipedia
Katherine Heigl Actress Wikipedia
Marge Helgenberger Actress Wikipedia
Katharine Hepburn Actress Wikipedia
Jennifer Love Hewitt Actress Wikipedia
Freddie Highmore actor Wikipedia
Jonah Hill actor Wikipedia
Paris Hilton Actress Wikipedia
Tyler Hilton Actor Wikipedia
Emile Hirsch Actor Wikipedia
Robert Hoffman actor Wikipedia
Katie Holmes Actress Wikipedia
Bob Hoskins Actor Wikipedia
Bryce Dallas Howard Actress Wikipedia
Terrence Howard Actor Wikipedia
C. Thomas Howell actor Wikipedia
Vanessa Anne Hudgens actress Wikipedia
Kate Hudson Actress Wikipedia
Josh Hutcherson Actor Wikipedia
Joshua Jackson Actor Wikipedia
Samuel L. Jackson Actor Wikipedia
Thomas Jane Actor Wikipedia
Richard Jenkins Actor Wikipedia
Scarlett Johansson Actress Wikipedia
JoJo Singer Wikipedia
Nick Jonas Singer Wikipedia
Diane Keaton Actress Wikipedia
Harvey Keitel Actor Wikipedia
Alicia Keys Singer Wikipedia
Nicole Kidman actress Wikipedia
Val Kilmer Actor Wikipedia
Adrienne King Actress Wikipedia
Jaime King actress Wikipedia
Chris Klein Actor Wikipedia
Jacob Kogan Actor Wikipedia
Ashton Kutcher Actor Wikipedia
Shia LaBeouf Actor Wikipedia
Jordan Ladd Actress Wikipedia
Forrest Landis Actor Wikipedia
Diane Lane Actress Wikipedia
Matt Lanter Actor Wikipedia
Brie Larson actress Wikipedia
Queen Latifah actress/rapper Wikipedia
Cloris Leachman Actress Wikipedia
Heath Ledger Actor Wikipedia
John Leguizamo Actor Wikipedia
Logan Lerman Actor Wikipedia
Lar Park Lincoln Actress Wikipedia
Cody Linley Actor Wikipedia
James Lipton TV host Wikipedia
Ray Liotta Actor Wikipedia
Brian Thomas Littrell Singer, Former Backstreet Boy Wikipedia
Blake Lively Actress Wikipedia
Lindsay Lohan actress Wikipedia
Kristanna Loken Actress Wikipedia
Justin Long Actor Wikipedia
Eva Longoria Actress Wikipedia
Jennifer Lopez Actress Wikipedia
Rob Lowe Actor Wikipedia
Todd Lowe Actor, Singer Wikipedia
Ben Lyons Film critic Wikipedia
Gabriel Macht Actor Wikipedia
William Mapother Actor Wikipedia
Stephanie March Actress Wikipedia
Rachael MacFarlane Actress Wikipedia
Seth MacFarlane Actor Wikipedia
Ali MacGraw Actress Wikipedia
Shirley MacLaine‎ Actress Wikipedia
Madonna Singer Wikipedia
Rachel McAdams Actress Wikipedia
Jesse McCartney Actor Wikipedia
Matthew McConaughey Actor Wikipedia
Christopher McDonald Actor Wikipedia
Ewan McGregor Actor Wikipedia
Benjamin McKenzie Actor Wikipedia
Katharine McPhee Singer Wikipedia
Steven R McQueen Actor (son of Chad McQueen and grandson of Steve McQueen) Wikipedia
Alyson Michalka Singer, Entertainer Wikipedia
Liza Minnelli Singer, Entertainer Wikipedia
Mandy Moore Singer/Actress Wikipedia
Demi Moore Actress Wikipedia
Tracy Morgan Actor Wikipedia
Anson Mount Actor Wikipedia
Frankie Muniz Actor Wikipedia
Chad Michael Murray Actor Wikipedia
Brittany Murphy Actress Wikipedia
Eva Mylott contralto opera singer Wikipedia
Sam Neill Actor Wikipedia
Ryan O'Neal Actor Wikipedia
Clive Owen Actor Wikipedia
Jared Padalecki Actor Wikipedia
Gwyneth Paltrow Actress Wikipedia
Hayden Panettiere Actress Wikipedia
Annie Parisse Actress Wikipedia
Sarah Jessica Parker Actress Wikipedia
Jason Patric Actor Wikipedia
Sara Paxton Actress Wikipedia
Sean Penn Actor Wikipedia
Oz Perkins Actor, son of actor Anthony Perkins (1932-1992) Wikipedia
Ron Perlman Actor Wikipedia
Chris Pine Actor Wikipedia
River Phoenix Actor Wikipedia
Freddie Prinze, Jr. Actor Wikipedia
Matt Prokop Actor Wikipedia
Ryan Phillippe‎ Actor Wikipedia
Pink Singer Wikipedia
Natalie Portman Actress Wikipedia
Dennis Quaid actor Wikipedia
Daniel Radcliffe actor Wikipedia
Jackson Rathone (1984) Actor Wikipedia
Raven-Symoné Actress Wikipedia
Mark Rendall Actor Wikipedia
Brad Renfro Actor Wikipedia
Burt Reynolds Actor Wikipedia
Ryan Reynolds Actor Wikipedia
John Rhys-Davies Actor Wikipedia
Christina Ricci Actress Wikipedia
Denise Richards Actress Wikipedia
Kevin Scott Richardson Singer, Actor, former Backstreet Boy Wikipedia
Nicole Richie Actress Wikipedia
Guy Ritchie Actor Wikipedia
Jason Robards Jr. Actor Wikipedia
Emma Roberts Actress Wikipedia
Seth Rogen Actor Wikipedia
Mickey Rourke Actor Wikipedia
Paul Rudd Actor Wikipedia
Keri Russell Actress Wikipedia
Meg Ryan Actress Wikipedia
Winona Ryder Actress Wikipedia
Chris Sarandon Actor Wikipedia
Greta Scacchi Actress Wikipedia
Campbell Scott Actor Wikipedia
Kyra Sedgwick Actress Wikipedia
Jason Segel Actor Wikipedia
Amanda Seyfried Actress Wikipedia
Marley Shelton actress Wikipedia
Brooke Shields Actress Wikipedia
Elisabeth Shue Actress Wikipedia
Ashlee Simpson Singer Wikipedia
Jessica Simpson Singer Wikipedia
Amy Smart Actress Wikipedia
Douglas Smith Actor Wikipedia
Gregory Smith Actor Wikipedia
Jurnee Smollett Actress Wikipedia
Leelee Sobieski Actress Wikipedia
Kevin Sorbo Actor Wikipedia
Britney Spears Singer Wikipedia
Jamie Lynn Spears Actress Wikipedia
Cole and Dylan Sprouse Twin actors Wikipedia
Sylvester Stallone Actor Wikipedia
Mary Steenburgen Actress Wikipedia
Emma Stone Actress Wikipedia
David Strathairn Actor Wikipedia
Meryl Streep actress Wikipedia
Hilary Swank Actress Wikipedia
Channing Tatum Actor Wikipedia
Max Thieriot Actor Wikipedia
Henry Thomas Actor Wikipedia
Jonathan Taylor Thomas Actor Wikipedia
Khleo Thomas Actor Wikipedia
Fred Thompson Actor/Senator Wikipedia
Uma Thurman Actress Wikipedia
Justin Timberlake Singer/Actor Wikipedia
Ashley Tisdale Actress Wikipedia
Michelle Trachtenberg Actress Wikipedia
Chris Tucker Actor Wikipedia
Skeet Ulrich Actor Wikipedia
Liv Tyler Actress Wikipedia
Ricky Ullman Actor Wikipedia
Michael Urie Actor, TV Host Wikipedia
Michael Vartan Actor Wikipedia
Erik von Detten Actor Wikipedia
Caitlin Wachs Actress Wikipedia
Dee Wallace-Stone Actress Wikipedia
Denzel Washington Actor Wikipedia
Sam Waterston Actor Wikipedia
Emma Watson Actress Wikipedia
Naomi Watts Actress Wikipedia
Sigourney Weaver Actress Wikipedia
Rachel Weisz Actress Wikipedia
Tom Welling Actor Wikipedia
Pete Wentz Singer Wikipedia
Shane West Actor Wikipedia
Forest Whitaker Actor Wikipedia
Johnny Whitaker Actor Wikipedia
Bruce Willis Actor Wikipedia
Shelley Winters Actress Wikipedia
Alicia Witt Actress Wikipedia
Nat Wolff Actor/Singer Wikipedia
Elijah Wood Actor Wikipedia
Evan Rachel Wood Actress Wikipedia
Anton Yelchin Actor Wikipedia
Steve Zahn Actor Wikipedia


Name Famous for Wikipedia
John Adams 2nd United States President Wikipedia
Alexander the Great Macedonian King and Conqueror Wikipedia
George Herbert Walker Bush 41st United States President Wikipedia
Dick Cheney 46th United States Vice President Wikipedia
Oliver Cromwell Protector of England after he won the Civil War Wikipedia
Pier Gerlofs Donia Legendary Frisian warrior and warlord, freedom fighter and folk hero Wikipedia
Millard Fillmore 13th President of the United States Wikipedia
Adolf Hitler German facist leader Wikipedia
Harold Holt 17th Prime Minister of Australia Wikipedia
William Hovell Australian explorer Wikipedia
John Howard 25th Prime Minister of Australia Wikipedia
John F. Kennedy 35th United States President Wikipedia
Barack Obama Current President of the United States of America Wikipedia
Earle Page 11th Prime Minister of Australia Wikipedia
Franklin Pierce 14th United States President Wikipedia
Tom Ridge Politician Wikipedia
Kevin Rudd 26th and current Prime Minister of Australia Wikipedia
John Russell, 1st Earl Russell Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Wikipedia
John Russell, Viscount Amberley British politician Wikipedia
John Russell, 6th Duke of Bedford British politician Wikipedia
Mary Stuart Queen of England (1689-1694) Wikipedia
Harry S. Truman 33rd United States President Harry S. Truman
George Washington 1st United States President Wikipedia
William Windsor Prince of Wales Wikipedia
William III of England King of England Wikipedia
Robert James Woolsey Jr. Former CIA Director Wikipedia


Name Famous for Wikipedia
Hutton Gibson religious writer Wikipedia
Lancelot Edward Threlkeld missionary and Congregational minister Wikipedia


Name Famous for Wikipedia
Albert Einstein German physicist Wikipedia
Edward Jenner Doctor, studied smallpox vaccine Wikipedia
William John Hamilton English geologist Wikipedia
Richard S.J. Tol Climate economist Wikipedia
Bertrand Russell British philosopher, logician, mathematician, historian, advocate for social reform, and pacifist Wikipedia


Name Famous for Wikipedia
Josh Davis Olympic Swimmer Wikipedia
Nate Dusing Olympic Swimmer Wikipedia
Rowdy Gaines Olympic Swimmer Wikipedia
Gary Hall Jr. Olympic Swimmer Wikipedia
Michael Heath Olympic Swimmer Wikipedia
Petria Thomas Olympic swimmer Wikipedia


Name Famous for Wikipedia
George Keppel, 3rd Earl of Albemarle British soldier nobleman Wikipedia
George Keppel, 6th Earl of Albemarle British soldier and politician Wikipedia
George Keppel British soldier and the husband of Alice Keppel, the mistress of King Edward VII Wikipedia
Henry Keppel British admiral Wikipedia
William Coutts Keppel, 7th Earl of Albemarle British soldier and politician Wikipedia


Name Famous for Wikipedia
Barbara Cartland Author Wikipedia
Sonia Cubitt, Baroness Ashcombe Baroness Ashcombe Wikipedia
Alexandre von Fürstenberg Son of Fashion Designer Diane von Fürstenberg Wikipedia
William Richard Hamilton British antiquarian and traveller Wikipedia
Elizur Holyoke Namesake of Mount Holyoke and Holyoke, Massachusetts Wikipedia
William Charles Keppel, 4th Earl of Albemarle Wikipedia
Anne Lennox Lady of the Bedchamber to Queen Caroline Wikipedia
Charles Lennox, 1st Duke of Richmond and Lennox Wikipedia
Todd Oldham Fashion Designer Wikipedia
Sir Walter Raleigh Explorer/Pirateer Wikipedia
William Sotheby English poet and translator Wikipedia
Diana Spencer First wife of Charles, Prince of Wales Wikipedia
John Spencer, 8th Earl Spencer Father of Diana Spencer Wikipedia


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