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Celebrity Big Brother UK
Seventh series (2010)
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Name Entry Exit      
Alex Day 1     
Dane Day 1     
Ivana Day 6     
Jonas Day 1     
Lady Sovereign Day 1     
Nicola Day 1     
Sisqó Day 1     
Stephanie Day 1     
Stephen Day 1     
Vinnie Day 1     
Heidi Day 1  Day 13   
Katia Day 1  Day 13   

Celebrity Big Brother 2010 is the seventh and final series of Celebrity Big Brother, which began airing on Channel 4 and E4 on Sunday 3 January 2010.[1] It will run for 27 days until the final on 29 January 2010, the longest ever celebrity series in the UK. Davina McCall returns as main presenter, including hosting Big Brother's Big Mouth. George Lamb also returns presenting Big Brother's Little Brother. The show is sponsored once again by Dreams, having sponsored the previous celebrity series.



Channel 4 has stated that it will not broadcast Big Brother after 2010.[2] As a result, Celebrity Big Brother 2010 is the last celebrity edition of the show on the channel. A pre-series special show, Top 20 Celebrity Big Brother Moments[3], will feature the series' most memorable moments of the show according to viewers who have voted online. The show aired on E4 on 28 December 2009. Within the special, the new graphics for the upcoming series were introduced.

On Sunday 13 December 2009, the first trailer was aired on Channel 4, during a screening of film Elf. A hell theme, similar to Big Brother 5 and Big Brother 9 has been hinted with a tagline in the trailer that said: "Hell Lies in Others".[4] Five days later on 18 December 2009, the first full 30-second long trailer was aired, with the eye present.

Channel 4 has announced that it will resume its tradition of donating some of its income made from the premium-rate telephone lines; votes will be increased to 50p (an increase from 35p), with 15p going to Comic Relief.[5]


The eye logo was revealed on 14 December 2009 on the Channel 4 website. It is the first time that the logo has been based on a real eye since series one in 2000. It is also the first time since the 2001 series that the Celebrity Big Brother eye was not based on the eye from the summer series before it.[6]


Official images of the House's entrance, living area, kitchen, and the bathroom were released on the show's website on 29 December 2009.[7] The House received a major makeover for its final series. The main entrance has red paint covering the walls, with black carpet covering the floor. The entrance to the diary room resembles a fiery inferno. Going inside the main House, a luxurious red carpet covers the whole room, with black and gold walls. Gilded panels were a new installment in the ceiling. A brand new velvet seating area and dining table finished the whole area. The kitchen was also given a big makeover, similar to a restaurant kitchen, but reportedly based upon an autopsy laboratory. The bathroom's colours for this series varies a little from the "hell" theme given, as the colours in the room are a cream blue. Executive producer Shirley Jones stated that the house was heavily based on Dante's Inferno and the quote "Abandon hope all ye who enter here." She has also stated as well that the house was influenced by the quote "Hell is other people" by Jean-Paul Sartre; the house lacks any private quarters for the housemates to be in solitude.[8]



Alex Reid

Alex Reid (born 21 August 1975) is an English professional mixed martial arts fighter, best known for being the current boyfriend of Katie Price following her split from Peter Andre.

Dane Bowers

Dane Bowers (born 29 November 1979) is an English pop singer, songwriter, and record producer.

Heidi Fleiss

Heidi Fleiss (born 30 December 1965) is an American "Hollywood Madam". Heidi was the second housemate to be evicted on Day 13 with 28.6% of the vote.

Ivana Trump

Ivana Trump, the ex-wife of real estate developer Donald Trump, (born February 20, 1944) is a Czech fashion model and socialite.

Jonas Altberg

Jonas Altberg, better known as Basshunter, (born 22 December 1984) is a Swedish record producer and singer-songwriter.

Katia Ivanova

Ekaterina "Katia" Ivanova (born 1988) is a Kazakhstan born British model best known for being the ex-girlfriend of The Rolling Stones' Ronnie Wood. Katia appeared in a various tabloid 'kiss and tell' stories when her relationship with Ronnie Wood was first publicised. [9][10] She was, with 44% of the vote, the first housemate to be evicted on Day 13.

Lady Sovereign

Lady Sovereign, known as Sov in the House, (born 19 December 1985) is a British rapper and grime artist. She narrowly escaped the first eviction with only 27.4% of the total vote on Day 13.

Nicola Tappenden

Nicola Tappenden, also known as Nicola T, (born 2 December 1982) is an English Page 3 Girl, and glamour model.


Sisqó (born 9 November 1978) is an American R&B singer.

Stephanie Beacham

Stephanie Beacham (born 28 February 1947) is an English actress.

Stephen Baldwin

Stephen Baldwin (born 12 May 1966) is an American actor, the youngest of the Baldwin brothers.

Vinnie Jones

Vinnie Jones (born 5 January 1965) is an English film actor and former football player.


Day 1 Entrances Stephen, Nicola, Alex, Stephanie, Lady Sovereign, Sisqó, Dane, Heidi, Jonas, Katia and Vinnie entered the Big Brother House on Day 1.
Task On launch night, Housemates had five minutes to fit inside a Mini. Any housemate not inside the car was "warned". All housemates managed to fit inside, therefore, they all passed, winning themselves two bottles of champagne.
Day 2 Task Housemates participated in a William Tell style shooting task to try and win bonus shopping items. Sov, Vinnie, and Stephanie alternated being human targets, and the other housemates had to shoot paint-filled balloons at chosen food items on a platform above the target's head with a leg-operated slingshot. To win the food item, the shooter had to hit the board above the target's head or the food item itself. Housemates successfully won milk, fresh cheese, mayonnaise, ketchup, salt, and fajitas.
Day 3 Events Vinnie celebrated his 45th birthday inside the House.
Task Big Brother called Vinnie to answer a ringing telephone inside a booth that was placed in the garden. Housemates had to free him – as the door to the booth was locked – by performing a series of tasks. Each task successfully completed would reveal one or more digits which was part of a code Vinnie had to relay over to Big Brother to 'learn his fate.' Housemates were unaware that if they passed the task, they would win Vinnie a surprise birthday party. Housemates passed the task, thereby winning Vinnie a birthday party.
Day 4 Task The "Tree of Temptation" in the garden set Jonas a secret task to pour sand over another housemate's bed. If he did this without anyone else finding out, Big Brother would give Stephanie some Egyptian cotton bedsheets. Jonas failed the task as he told the other housemates about the task.
Punishments For failing the "Tree of Temptation's" task, Jonas had to choose another housemate to share a punishment with him. He chose Lady Sovereign and both were locked in the task room with Jonas's song "All I Ever Wanted" played in a loop.
Day 5 Task The male housemates took part in the "Hunk-Off 2010", a contest involving an evening wear round, a swimwear round and a talent round. The female housemates gave each male points in every round. Sisqó won the task, Dane was 2nd, Jonas was 3rd, Alex finished 4th and Stephen was 5th. Vinnie hosted the contest.
Day 6 Entrances Ivana entered the House during Sisqó's magic act on Day 6.
Task On the live special, all housemates performed in their own variety show, with the surprise that a new housemate would enter at the end of the performance. Heidi, Jonas, Katia and Nicola wore frilly dresses for a can-can dance. Stephanie performed a lone stand up routine. Vinnie performed ventriloquism with the help of his dummy, Stephen. Alex and Dane performed the song, "Especially for You". And finally, Sisqó performed a Vegas style magic show with help from his assistant, Sov. During Sisqó's act, Sov disappeared (she was actually in the dairy room), with Ivana taking her place. Sov later reappeared saying that she had no idea Ivana was in the box with her.
Day 7 Task The "Tree of Temptation" set Alex the task of kicking down the snowman in the garden - built by Jonas on Day 4 - kung fu style, in return, he will be given his punching bag for one hour.
Day 8 Events Heidi, Katia and Lady Sovereign were nominated for eviction.
Punishments As Heidi and Stephen discussed nominations, Big Brother removed all of the food from the House and supplied housemates with chickpeas, lentils and rice.
Day 9 Task For this weeks shopping task housemates had to run "Last Legs Retirement Home" for two days. Stephanie and Ivana were carers to the rest of the housemates, who were old age pensioners. The OAPs had to eat liquidised food throughout the task and had to take part in an armchair aerobics session with Mr Motivator. For the first challenge, five residents of the home had to take part in a game of Countdown against the 2009 champion Chris Davies.
Day 10 For the second challenge all the residents of the home completed a pensioner themed assault course - containing obstacles such riding a stairlift and finding a personalised bus pass in a small pool - in a total time of under 30 minutes. In the final challenge of the task, residents had to complete a crossword with all the answers being words housemates have used to describe each other. The carers passed their part of the task, taking adequate care of the residents, but the residents failed the Countdown task and crossword task, which resulted in an overall fail and a basic shopping budget for the group.
Day 11 Task Vinnie took part in a Mastermind-style quiz on the Big Brother Welcome Pack, which he had read at least twice every day during his stay in the House. For every question he answered correctly he would receive a special prize for each member of the group.
Day 13 Exits Katia and Heidi became the first and second housemates to be evicted from the House with 44% and 28.6% of the public vote respectively.
Day 14 Events Lady Sovereign and Nicola were nominated for Day 16's eviction by their fellow housemates.

Nominations table

Day 8 Day 14 Final
Day 27
Alex Heidi,
Lady Sovereign
Dane Katia,
Ivana Exempt 0
Jonas Heidi,
Lady Sovereign Heidi,
Nicola Sisqó,
Sisqó Heidi,
Stephanie Jonas,
Stephen Lady Sovereign,
Vinnie Heidi,
Heidi Lady Sovereign,
(Day 13)
Katia Nicola,
(Day 13)
note 1
public vote
Lady Sovereign
Lady Sovereign,
Evicted Katia
to evict

to evict


Note 1: As a new housemate, Ivana could not nominate or be nominated on Day 8. Also, there will be a double eviction on Day 13.


Boy George legal exclusion

Originally intended by the producers as one of the housemates, Boy George (George Alan O'Dowd) had his request to appear on the final series of Celebrity Big Brother turned down by the Probation Service. Having been convicted in January 2009 for handcuffing a Norwegian man to a wall in his east London home, O'Dowd was sentenced to 15 months in jail. Released from prison in May 2009 on license from Her Majesty's Prison Service, various conditions were applied to his license conditions, which would terminate in April 2010. O'Dowd appealed his case to the High Court, where Richard Clayton QC, representing the Probation Service, said O'Dowd's participation would pose "a high level of risk" to the service's reputation. Mr Clayton argued that if he used the show to promote his status as a celebrity and earn "a lucrative sum of money" it could undermine public confidence in the criminal justice system.[11] The judge agreed with the probation service, and barred O'Dowd.[12]


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