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The Eyes Have It
Also known as "Stop, Look, and Listen" (November-December 1948)
"Riddle Me This" (December 1948-March 1949)
"(Goodrich) Celebrity Time" (April 1949-1952)
Format Game Show
Presented by Douglas Edwards (1948)
Paul Gallico (1948)
Conrad Nagel (1948-1952)
Country of origin  United States
Running time 30 Minutes
Original channel CBS (1948-1949, 1950-1952)
ABC (1949-1950)
Original run November 20, 1948 – September 21, 1952

Celebrity Time was an early quiz and audience participation television series which aired in the early days of television. The original host was Douglas Edwards.



The show began as a battle of the sexes between teams made up of audience and celebrity panelists, who would be asked questions which involved such topics as guessing names from the news, to identifying film clips.

Eventually, the show segued into a more general variety and performance show. In its later years, it was strictly a celebrity variety show.

Broadcasting History

Celebrity Time began as The Eyes Have It on CBS primetime, airing every Saturday and Sunday from November 20, 1948 to March 13, 1949.

During this time, the show's title changed when the host did – to Stop, Look, and Listen when Paul Gallico took over as host on November 28, then to Riddle Me This when Conrad Nagel took over the show on December 12; while Nagel hosted through 1952, the title was left behind after March 1949.

On April 3, 1949 ABC took the show and ran it until March 26, 1950, after which CBS ran it again from April 2 to June 27 and from October 1, 1950 to September 21, 1952. During this long period the series was known as Goodrich Celebrity Time.



Panelists included, at various times, Sir Thomas Beecham, Slapsie Maxie Rosenbloom, John Daly, Ilka Chase, Peggy Ann Garner, Kitty Carlisle, Boris Karloff, Kyle MacDonnell, Herman Hickman, Martha Wright, Mary McCarty, and Jane Wilson.

Name Changes

The show had the following names during its run.

  • The Eyes Have It (November 20 – 27, 1948)
  • Stop, Look, and Listen (November 28 – December 11, 1948)
  • Riddle Me This (December 12, 1948 – March 13, 1949)
  • Goodrich Celebrity Time (April 3, 1949 – Unknown)
  • Celebrity Time (Unknown – September 21, 1952)

NBC version

The Eyes Have It
Format Game Show
Presented by Ralph McNair
Country of origin  United States
Running time 30 Minutes
Original channel WNBW (September-November 1948)
NBC (November 1948-June 1949)
Original run September 25, 1948 – June 19, 1949

Although a rather obscure program today despite its four-year run, The Eyes Have It holds one footnote in television history – it is the only game show to debut as two unrelated programs with different formats, networks, producers, and hosts on the same day.

On November 20, 1948 another show with the same name began on NBC with Ralph McNair as host; NBC's Eyes had actually come first, having been a local show on Washington D.C. affiliate WNBW since September 25. This version ran until January 27, 1949, with a Sunday-afternoon version running from March 13 (the same day CBS' version, now Riddle Me This, ended) to June 19.

Episode status

The series (including the unrelated NBC version) is believed to have been destroyed due to network practices. No episodes are known to exist under any of the program's five distinct names.


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