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Center Stage: Turn It Up
Directed by Steven Jacobson
Produced by Laurence Mark
Written by story
Karen Bloch Morse
Carol Heikkinen
Starring Rachele Brooke Smith
Kenny Wormald
Music by Laura Karpman
Cinematography Dino Parks
Editing by Ian Slater
Studio Laurence Mark Productions
Distributed by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Release date(s) 1 November 2008 (USA)
Running time 95 min.
Country  United States
Language English
Preceded by Center Stage

Center Stage: Turn it Up or Center Stage 2 is a sequel of the 2000 drama dance film Center Stage. The film was directed by Steven Jacobson and written by Karen Bloch Morse,the characters were developed by Carol Heikkinen. It stars Rachele Brooke Smith as Kate Parker and Kenny Wormald as Tommy Anderson.



The film starts with Kate Parker saying goodbye to her sister because she is leaving home to go to an audition for the greatest dance school in America, the American Academy of Ballet. Kate fails to pass in the school and instead of her Suzanne Von Stroh (Sarah Jayne Jensen) is chosen, because of an argument between the director of the school, Jonathan (Peter Gallagher) and the choreographer, Cooper Nielson (Ethan Stiefel). A young dancer Tommy Anderson (Kenny Wormald) is stunned by Kate and is sure that she passed and got into the academy. But soon he discovers that she was rejected and pairs up with Suzanne. Kate homeless, goes to a club called The Foundry where she finds Tommy and impresses both him and the owner of the club, Sal, who is Tommy's best friend, with her dance moves and energy. She is given a job at the club and sleeps in the upstairs office. Because she needs to find an apartment she agrees to help Tommy with his dance if he pays her.

Soon they start the classes, she finds an apartment, Tommy becomes a great student and is introduced to dance a show with Suzanne for the famous Monica Strauss. Tommy and Kate soon begin to have feelings for each other and become a couple. They break-up after Kate sees Tommy dance with Suzanne, for a gala, and at the end of the dance Suzanne kisses him. The next day Tommy finds Kate's sister waiting for her in the hall of the academy and takes her to Kate. She then confesses to her sister that she was not accepted into the school and they have to leave and go home.

The next morning while waiting for the bus Kate's sister Bella (Nicole Munoz) shows her a leaflet Tommy gave her, where the audition for Monica Strauss play is held. They rush there and Kate manages to get into the finale and take the lead role opposite Tommy.



The film run time is 98 minutes. The film was shot in Manhattan New York City in USA. It is rated PG-13


  • Raising the Barre performed by Medusa
  • Balloon performed by Sara Haze
  • Give it All I've got performed by Bekki Friesen
  • Turn Around performed by Soul P
  • Burnin performed by Ms. Triniti
  • I Ain't goin' nowhere performed by Soul P
  • Num Num performed by The DNC
  • You should be gone performed by Christelle Radomsky
  • Loosen Up performed by Golden ft. Sophia Shorai
  • Mista Ambarosia performed by The Spectaculars
  • Don't Sweat performed by Ms. Triniti
  • Street Ballet performed by Medusa
  • Paper Plane performed by Lucy Schwartz
  • A Part in that Show performed by Chris Joss
  • Act like You want it performed by X5 ft. Mr. Fang
  • Inside Outside performed by Miss Eighty 6
  • Swing Baby Swing performed by The DNC
  • Nobody Hot As me performed by KU
  • Rainmaker performed by Sara Haze
  • Ten Things to prove performed by Amali Ward
  • You Belong performed by The skies of America
  • 24 performed by Jem


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