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Close-up of the Tom Adams Financial Centre.

The Central Bank of Barbados (C.B.B.) is the national Barbadian body responsible for providing advice to Government on banking and other financial and monetary matters. In its regulatory capacity the central bank handles the issuing of Barbadian banknotes and coins, licensing of banks, investment businesses, depository trust and finance companies, supervision of Barbadian financial institutions, credit worthiness of the financial system, administering of the international reserves, and reporting regularly to the country on national finances.

The Tom Adams Financial Centre, built in 1982-83[1] is the Central Bank headquarters, and consists of a six-storey building located on Spry Street in Bridgetown. As part of the complex, the ground floor holds the 491-seat theatre/auditorium known as the Frank Collymore Hall.

The Central Bank of Barbados, was established by an Act of parliament in May, 1972. Prior to the establishment of C.B.B. Barbados' monetary policies were governed through its membership in the Eastern Caribbean Currency Authority (ECCA). The Central Bank operates as the banknote issuing authority for Barbadian currency.

The Barbadian economy is regularly reviewed by several Wall Street investment firms including: PricewaterhouseCoopers, Standard & Poor's[2][3], and Moody's[4].

The Global Competitiveness Report for 2008-2009 ranked the soundness of Barbados's commercial banks as 21st out of 134 global jurisdictions assessed.[5][6]


Mission statement

Central Bank of Barbados building.

"The Mission of the Central Bank of Barbados is to foster a sound economic and financial environment which promotes the development of its stakeholders and encourages a culture of excellence and leadership."

At its inception the Central Bank of Barbados had certain objectives.

These were:

  • Promoting monetary stability
  • Promoting a sound financial structure
  • Fostering development of the money and capital markets
  • Channelling commercial bank credit into productive activities
  • Fostering credit and exchange conditions conducive to the orderly and sustained economic development of Barbados.


The head of the Central Bank is the Governor, who is appointed by the Bank's Board of Directors. The current Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados is Dr. Delisle Worrell as of November 2009.[7]


Past Central Bank Governors

  • Sir Courtney Blackman
  • Mr. Winston Cox
  • Dr. Kurleigh King
  • Mr. Calvin Springer
  • Dr. Marion Williams (2005–2009)

Awards of the CBB

  • The Frank Collymore Literary Endowment


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