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Cantabria Central Library (Spanish: Biblioteca Central de Cantabria) is a library located in the city of Santander, in Cantabria, Spain. It was known as the State Public Library of the city of Santander, although in March 23, 1999 it was declared by decree as the Cantabria Central Library of Cantabria.


The State Public Library began as a school library, when in 1839 it was created for the Instituto Cántabro para la Enseñanza de Náutica y del Comercio. Five years later, during the first change of name of the institute, the Provincial Library was established with funding for the lessons that were taught in the educational institution. It recevied content from the libraries of the convents of Santa Clara, Santa Catalina de Monte Corbán and San Francisco Santander and some important books from the Las Caldas del Besaya monastery.

Later, the collection increased with subsidies for the purchase of books given to the Provincial Council, and donations from individuals. The Provincial Library was incorporated into Corps Archivists and Librarians in August 1898. However, the conditions were very poor, in both its facilities and technical organization, and is reopening was delayed several years. When the library passed to the Corps Archivists and Librarians it had less than 5000 volumes; by 1960 it had 25,000. However, the library was not well used, due to poor facilities (only had 24 seats for reading), and a lack of staff and management.

In 1960 under the agreement signed between the Municipality of Santander and the Ministry of Education, the library was merged with the City Library of Santander, moving their funds and services to the premises of this. Both libraries have served since then working in unison, sharing premises, services, personnel, etc.

Since 23 March 1999, the State Public Library in Santander was declared by decree Cantabria Central Library and the offical main library of Cantabria.[1]


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