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The Centre for Social Justice is a centre-right British political thinktank set up by Iain Duncan Smith, a former leader of the Conservative Party, to concentrate on finding and supporting new and innovative grass-roots approaches to fighting poverty. Though set up and run by prominent Conservatives, the CSJ has also worked with figures from other parties, such as Labour MP Frank Field MP, former Labour Minister of Welfare Reform between 1997-1998, lending it credibility as a cross-party body.



  • The CSJ holds an annual awards ceremony, the CSJ Awards, to recognise, reward and celebrate grassroots organisations making an exceptional contribution to tackling poverty. For the 2009 Awards a prize fund of £70,000 was available.
  • The CSJ Alliance, launched in June 2005, provides a forum where established organisations in the field of poverty relief can work together to build long-term relationships with each other, and to provide an expert voice for politicians to be able to 'tap into' the relevant fields of expertise.
  • The Inner City Challenge places MPs with a charity or voluntary group for a 4-day placement, giving them first hand experience of effective community work. Over 20 MPs have taken up the placement programme.
  • The CSJ hosted the Secretariat of the Social Justice Policy Group, which was commissioned by Conservative Party leader David Cameron in January 2006 to conduct research and formulate policy on Britain's social problems, including addiction, debt, economic dependency, educational failure, and family breakdown. The Policy Group's interim report Breakdown Britain was published in December 2006 and its final report Breakthrough Britain contained 192 policy recommendations published in July 2007.


Works published by the CSJ include:

  • 'Order in the Courts: restoring trust through local justice' (2009),
  • 'Dynamic Benefits: welfare that works' (2009),
  • 'Every Family Matters' (2009),
  • 'Family Law Review: Faster Divorce and Foreign Law, An Interim Report from the Family Law Review' (2009),
  • 'A Force to be Reckoned With' (2009),
  • 'Locked Up Potential; a strategy for reforming prisons and rehabilitating prisoners' (2009),
  • 'Bankrupt Britain: a guide to the state of the British economy' (2009),
  • 'Dying to Belong: an in-depth review of street gangs in Britain' (2009),
  • 'Asylum Matters: restoring trust in the UK asylum system' (2008),
  • 'Getting in Early: primary schools and early intervention' (2008),
  • 'Housing Poverty: from social breakdown to social mobility' (2008),
  • 'Early Intervention - Good Parents. Great Kids. Better Citizens' (2008) (2nd edition 2009),
  • 'The Next Generation: a policy report from the Early Years Commission' (2008),
  • 'Couldn't Care Less' (2008),
  • 'Fathers Not Included' (2008),
  • 'Breakthrough Glasgow'(2008),
  • 'Breakthrough London' (2008),
  • 'Breakthrough Manchester' (2007),
  • 'Breakthrough Birmingham' (2007),
  • 'Breakthrough Britain. Ending the costs of social breakdown' (2007),
  • 'Causes of Crime' (2007),
  • 'Breakdown Britain' (2006),
  • 'Good For Me, Good For My Neighbour' (2005) by Iain Duncan Smith and Danny Kruger,
  • 'Freedom, dignity and slavery in the modern world', (2005) by Rt Hon William Hague MP
  • 'Whatever Happened to Compassionate Conservatism?' (2004) by Tim Montgomerie
  • 'Britain's Conservative Majority' (2004).


The CSJ currently has the following Working Groups due to report in 2008 and 2009:

  • Asylum
  • Criminal Justice: Police Reform
  • Criminal Justice: Courts and Sentencing
  • Criminal Justice: Prison Reform
  • Criminal Justice: Youth and Gang Crime
  • Early Years Commission
  • Economic Dependency and Unemployment
  • Family Law Review
  • Housing
  • Looked After Children

This builds on the following areas of policy expertise:

  • Educational Failure
  • Addiction
  • Gambling
  • Family Breakdown
  • Debt
  • Voluntary Sector


Board of Directors

  • Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith MP, Chairman
  • Mark Florman
  • Louise Hobbs
  • Dr Stephen Brien
  • Ryan Robson

Advisory Board

  • Camila Batmangelidjh, CEO, Kid’s Company
  • Baroness Deech, Former Principal of St Anne's College Oxford; former Senior Proctor of the University of Oxford; former chair of the UK Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority; former Governor of the BBC; and current Visiting Professor at Gresham College, London; sits as a Crossbencher in the House of Lords
  • Johan Eliasch, Chairman and Chief Exec, Head N.V ; Chairman, Cool Earth; Prime Minister's Special representative on deforestation and clean energy
  • Lord Brian Griffiths, Chairman of Board, Herman Miller Inc; International Advisor, Goldman Sachs International Limited
  • Rt Hon William Hague, MP, Shadow Foreign Secretary and former leader of the Conservative Party
  • Robert H Halfon, PPC and Political Director, Conservative Friends of Israel
  • Syed Kamall MEP, Co-founder of Global Business Research institute, MEP for London
  • Rt Hon Oliver Letwin MP, Chairman of Conservative Research Development
  • Murdoch Maclennan, Chief Executive, Telegraph Media Group
  • George Magan, Chairman of Carlton Capital Partners
  • Tim Montgomerie, Editor, ConservativeHome
  • Malcolm Offord, Partner, Charterhouse
  • Patrick Regan, CEO of youth charity XLP
  • Stephan Shakespeare,Chief Innovations Officer, YouGov
  • Professor Lawrence Sherman,Wolfson Professor of Criminology, Cambridge University
  • Her Grace the Duchess of Westminster
  • David Willetts MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Innovation, Universities and Skills


  • Philippa Stroud, Executive Director
  • Gavin Poole, Strategy Director
  • Chris Bullivant, Projects Director
  • Juliette Ash, Alliance Director
  • Cara Walker, Fundraiser and Profile Manager
  • Charlotte Pickles, Senior Policy Advisor
  • Gabriel Doctor, Senior Researcher
  • Christian Guy, Senior Researcher
  • Asheem Singh, Senior Researcher

Working Group Chairmen

  • Jonathan Aitken
  • Simon Antrobus
  • Dr Stephen Brien
  • Elly Farmer
  • Dr David Hodson
  • Kate Davies
  • Martin Howe QC
  • Ray Mallon
  • Julian Prior
  • Ryan Robson



  • Pink News noted[1] that the "Every Family Matters"[2] report recommended "lesbians undergoing fertility treatment should not be able to automatically record a civil partner as a second parent", which Stonewall claimed was equating lesbian relationships with broken homes, and was "ludicrous"


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