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Directed by Neil Marshall
Produced by Christian Colson
Robert Jones
Written by Neil Marshall
Starring Dominic West
Michael Fassbender
Olga Kurylenko
Studio Celador Films
Distributed by Pathé
Release date(s) April 23, 2010
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Budget £10 million[1]

Centurion is an upcoming British historical thriller film, directed by Neil Marshall, about the legendary Ninth Legion marching north to wipe out the Picts and their leader. Dominic West, Michael Fassbender and Olga Kurylenko star in the film.



In AD 117, the legendary Roman Ninth Legion is led by General Virilus to wipe out the Picts and to kill their leader Gorlacon. The legion is joined by Quintus Dias, a survivor from a Roman frontier fort that the Picts raided.[2]


  • Dominic West as General Virilus, commander of the 9th Legion.[2]
  • Michael Fassbender as Quintus Dias, who is stranded behind enemy lines.[3]
  • Olga Kurylenko as Etain, a mute Pict warrior. Marshall described the character, "Etain is kind of revenge incarnate. Her family were butchered by the Romans, she had her tongue cut out by the Romans, she’s had a hell of a time and she’s out for Roman blood... She’s quite furious because one sense is not there — she can’t speak — all the others are more developed. She sees very well and hears very well: she is an animal!"[3]
  • Noel Clarke[4]
  • David Morrissey[3]
  • JJ Feild[3]
  • Riz Ahmed[3]


Centurion was written originally by director Neil Marshall under the working title Ninth Legion. Historically, the Ninth Legion marched into Scotland from Hadrian's Wall with over 4,000 men and disappeared. Historians dispute the fate of the legion; some believe they were disbanded, while others believe they were massacred in Germania years later. Marshall said of his take of the legend, "It's not meant to be historically perfect. I'm picking up on a legend and exploring it... it's an action thriller."[5]

Filming began toward the end of February 2009.[4] Filming locations included the Scottish locations Badenoch, Strathspey,[5] and Glenfeshie Estate in the Cairngorms. Filming also took place at Ealing Studios in London and in Surrey locations,[6] such as Alice Holt Forest and Hurtwood Forest in the Surrey Hills.[7] Historical reenactment groups were enlisted to play Picts and Roman soldiers in the practical filming at Badenoch and Strathspey.[5] Filming was completed in March, after seven weeks.[1][8]

The production was designed by Simon Bowles with art direction by Jason Knox-Johnston. The sets were built by DRS Construction.[9]


Centurion was presold by Pathé to Constantin in Germany, Aurum in Spain, Hopscotch in Australia, Scanbox in Scandinavia and Odeon in Greece.[10] In February 2010 Magnet Releasing (Magnolia Pictures) saved the rights for the US release[11], the film is part of the Six Shooter Film Series.[12]

The movie aired on Friday, March 18 at 12:00am at the South by Southwest Film Festival as the "Super Secret TBD" film.


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