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Directed by Steve Sanders
Produced by Steve Sanders
D.C. Miller
Shawn P. Evans
Written by Darrell Russell
Starring Kurt Angle
Charles Greaves
J.R. Starr
Music by Nacho Hernandez
Cinematography Raymond Hatfield
Editing by Matt Mauch
Release date(s) 2008
Running time 14 min.
Country USA
Language English

Chains is an American 2008 live action short film starring Kurt Angle and Charles Greaves.


Jay Uz (Greaves) arrives to prison an innocent man. The racist prison guard, known only as The Deputy (Angle), or "Dep", has heard the "I'm innocent rant" before. He puts Uz in his place by beating him on his first night of arrival.

As time goes on, Uz is befriended by a group of religious trustees, led by a wise old man called Poppa G (Starr), who help him discover God. Jay thinks these trustees are crazy and continues to take punishment from the Deputy as he always stands up for himself. In the prison library, The Deputy belittles Jay by saying he cannot read. Jay mocks the Dep by reading a passage from the Bible, only to get beaten down again and put in solitary.

Weeks after the incident, Jay is released from solitary and accepts his fate in prison. Poppa G has another trustee sing Jay a psalm that echoes through the prison. Around this time, Jay's case has been looked into and his innocence proven. The Deputy is guilt-stricken and his world thrown off balance. He does not have the strength to tell Uz that he was right, but has enough dignity to apologize for his beatings. When Jay goes to sleep that night, another deputy informs Jay about his case and that he will be released the following day with his lawyer present.

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