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Chaitra (Hindi: चैत cait Marathi चैत्र caitr, Tamil: சித்திரை chithirai, Malayalam: ചൈത്രം chaitram) is a month of the Hindu calendar.

In India's national civil calendar Chaitra is the first month of the year.

It begins in March or April of the Gregorian Calendar, depending upon the position of planet system. There is no fixed date in Gregorian calendar for 1st day of Chaitra i.e. the beginning of the Hindu New Year.

It is the last month in the Bengali calendars (the Bônggabdo), where it is called Choitro (Bengali: চৈত্র). It is also the last month in the Nepalese calendar (the Bikram Sambat), where it ends approximately on April 13.


The month of Chaitra is also associated with the coming of Spring, since Holi, the spring festival of colour, is celebrated on the eve of Chaitra (namely, the last day of Phalgun month). Exactly 6 days after which the festival of Chaiti Chhath is observed.

In lunar religious calendars, Chaitra begins on the new moon or the full moon around the same time of year, and is usually the first month of the year. The first of Chaitra – is celebrated as new year's day, known as Gudi Padwa in Maharashtra, Chaitrai Vishu in Tamil Nadu[1] and Ugadi in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

Other important festivals in the month are; Ram Navami, the birth anniversary of Lord Ram celebrated on the 9th day of Chaitra, and Hanuman Jayanthi that falls on the last day (purnima) of Chaitra.

In solar religious calendars, Chaitra begins with the Sun's entry into Pisces, and is usually the last month of the year.


Chaitra month is considered to be a very auspicious month in which the creation of the universe was started.

Chaitramasi jagadbrahma sasarju prathamehaani
Shukla paksha samagranthu thadaa suryodaye sathi
Pravarthayaa maasa thatha kaalasya gananaamapi
Grahannaagaa nruthoonmaa saaswathsaraa nwathsaraadhipaan

According to this Sloka Chaturvarga Chintamani, Lord Brahma created the universe on the first day of Shukla paksha (first fortnight / first half of the month) in the Hindu month of Chaitra. He also gradually included planets, stars, ruthu (seasons) and rains.

In this month, the fifteen days in Shukla paksha are dedicated to fifteen gods or deities. Each day of the month is dedicated to a different God of worship.[2]


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