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Channel NewsAsia
CNA Logo.gif
CNA logo
Launched 1 March 1999
Network MediaCorp
Owned by MediaCorp
Picture format PAL 576i (SDTV) 4:3
Slogan Providing Asian Perspectives
Country Singapore Singapore
Broadcast area Singapore and Pan-Asia[1]
Headquarters Caldecott Broadcast Centre
Sister channel(s) Digital CNA
MediaCorp -Analogue (Singapore) Channel 32 (559.25MHz)
MediaCorp -Digital (Singapore) Channel 29 (538MHz)
AsiaSat 3S 3706 MHz
Skywave TV Macau Channel 31
CBTV Sat China Channel 409 (Sinosat 1)
Channel 409 (Apstar 6)
Hot Bird 6 11577 v SR 27500
Indovision Indonesia 330
StarHub TV Singapore Channel 6
SkyCable Philippines Channel 67 for the digital platform
Cablelink Philippines Channel 19
TransACT Australia Channel 25
First Media Indonesia Channel 232
Cable Star Iloilo Philippines Channel 57
MediaCorp (via SCV TV socket) Singapore Channel 32 (559.25MHz)
Parasat Cable TV Philippines Channel 99
Cable TV Hong Kong Channel 76
now TV Hong Kong Channel 322
mio TV Singapore Channel 6
TPG Australia
Hypp.TV Malaysia Channel 2004
Internet television
Online viewing (international feed only)

Channel NewsAsia (abbreviated CNA) is an English-language pan-Asian news network based in Singapore and owned by MediaCorp. Started in 1 March 1999, it is a major Asian news broadcaster with programmes telecast to more than 20 Asian countries and territories.


New look

On July 17, 2006, Channel NewsAsia revamped the look of both feeds to a more contemporary feel. New hard studios were designed, replacing the virtual studios used in the past. The new look also introduced a simpler, more unified overall theme during news programs.

Unique features

When an interviewee gives his/her views in a language other than English, Channel NewsAsia does not superimpose the original audio with a voice translation unlike other news organisations. Instead, an English subtitle appears preserving and complementing the original audio. This includes programmes that use Mandarin as a main language.

Moreover, most news networks provide programmes for 24 hours a day but Channel NewsAsia closes down for around 3 hours (for Singapore viewers) or 3 1/2 hours (for international viewers) and will give text headlines until 6.00 HK/SIN time.


  • Managing Director: Debra Soon
  • Deputy Chief Editor, English News Output: Chay Ting Ngee
  • Vice-President, English Current Affairs: Tan Lek Hwa
  • Vice-President, Network Programming and Promotions: Woon Chuk Chan

Programmes and presenters

Channel NewsAsia is a news channel focusing primarily on Asian news and current affairs. Each of its news bulletins run for half-hour, starting at the top of the hour, except for Primetime Morning, which runs for three consecutive hours and Singapore Tonight, which lasts for 20 minutes. The bottom of the hour features documentaries, lifestyle programming, health programming, current affairs and business news. The channel airs programmes 20 hours a day - with an extra 30 minutes for international viewers - seven days a week. Text of the latest news headlines are featured for the remaining four hours of the day except during major breaking news as was the case months following the September 11, 2001 attacks and the early days of the Iraq war.

Channel NewsAsia now telecasts its flagship local news bulletins, Singapore Tonight and Singapore Business Tonight, to all its viewers, both locally in Singapore and internationally. Parent company MediaCorp said the changes were made in response to requests from viewers in countries like Indonesia, Thailand, China and Vietnam, who have been asking for more in-depth content on Singapore. Previously, Singapore Tonight was made available internationally only on a replay basis at 2.00am (SIN/HK) and selected segments of that programme were shown on Asian Home News. Singapore Business Tonight was not shown to international viewers previously.

Channel NewsAsia also produces news stories for the newscast on Singapore's only English-language general-entertainment channel, MediaCorp Channel 5.

Programme Description Presenter(s)
Asian Home News Screens short news snippets from previous-day broadcasts from CCTV-9 (China), NHK (Japan), RTM-2 (Malaysia), RTB (Brunei) and Channel NewsAsia's Singapore Tonight Various
Primetime Morning Live news with regular segments you can wake up to in the morning. A Friday edition is also available that gives viewers more lifestyle-oriented news (also simulcast on Singapore's English-language general-entertainment channel, Channel 5, and on TV Mobile, a digital-TV service available on selected SBS Transit public buses) Suzanne Jung Ki Eng/Yvonne Yong and Steven Chia (Monday-Thursday) / Cheryl Fox and Timothy Go (Friday)
Asia Today Live news with a focus on Asian perspectives Sharon Tong / Otelli Edwards / Joanne Leow / Nina Elizabeth Varghese / Timothy W Go / Cheryl Fox / Chew Wui Lynn / Nooraza Ismail / Gerardine Tan
World Today Live news with focus on key world events Sharon Tong / Otelli Edwards / Joanne Leow / Nina Elizabeth Varghese / Timothy W Go / Cheryl Fox / Chew Wui Lynn / Nooraza Ismail / Gerardine Tan
Southeast Asia Tonight A day's round-up of the news in South-east Asia Sushila Krishnan / Timothy W Go / Melissa Hyak
East Asia Tonight A day's round-up of the news in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and the two Koreas Genevieve Woo (Simplified Chinese: 胡曼虹)
Primetime News Channel NewsAsia's flagship evening-news programme which provides viewers with a round-up of the day's main news Melissa Hyak (weekdays) / Sushila Krishnan or Gerard Lam (weekends)
Singapore Tonight A day's round-up of the news around Singapore Otelli Edwards
Singapore Business Tonight A day's round-up of business news around Singapore Timothy W Go / Melvin Yong
Asia Business Tonight A day's round-up of business news around the region and a look at the first hour of trade in the United States Melvin Yong / Timothy W Go
Asia Tonight A day's round-up of the news in Asia (shown on weekends only) Gerard Lam / Sushila Krishnan
World Tonight A day's round-up of key world news Melissa Hyak (Weekdays) / Gerard Lam or Sushila Krishnan (Weekends)
Get Rea! (read as Get Real) A twice-weekly investigative current-affairs programme focusing on issues in Singapore Cheryl Fox
Insight A weekly current-affairs programme (Runs as a season) Gerard Lam
Money Mind A weekly business programme (Runs as a season) Melvin Yong
The Agenda Business programme (Runs as a season)
That's IT A weekly information-technology programme (Runs as a season) Timothy W Go
360 Talkshow on current affairs (Runs as a season) Melissa Hyak
One on One Talkshow on current affairs (Runs as a season) Lin Xue Ling
Pink of Health A weekly show focusing on the health and beauty concerns of women
Cents & Sensibilities A weekly show on how ordinary people should make investments Genevieve Woo
Japan Hour An hour featuring Japanese culture. The programme is bought from TV Tokyo in Japan and is subtitled in English.
Documentary of The Week
20/20 US programme from ABC News. Sometimes known as "20/20 Primetime"; in reality, "20/20" is a different show from "Primetime" (Only in Singapore)
Amazing Asia Special reports filed by correspondents in Asia. Usually screens unusual news happenings around Asia in the week. (Regular 30-minute segments)
World Watch Special reports filed by correspondents the world over. Usually screens unusual news happenings around the world in the week. (Regular 30-minute segments)
Talking Point A segment after Singapore Tonight on Sundays at 10.10pm (SIN/HK) where guests are invited to the news studio to share their views on issues relevant to Singapore Debra Soon and P.N. Balji

In addition, after major regional or international news bulletins, a weather forecast of key global cities is shown. Also before the top of selected hours, the World Live by EarthTV is also shown.




North America


Singapore (News headquarters)

  • S Ramesh, Senior Political Reporter
  • May Wong, Political Reporter
  • Wong Siew Ying, Property Reporter
  • Hasnita A Majid, Health Reporter
  • Hoe Yeen Nie, Education Reporter
  • Patwant Singh, Sports Reporter
  • Dominique Loh
  • Margaret Perry
  • Ali Smith
  • Satish Cheney
  • Lynda Hong
  • Imelda Saad
  • Stefan Loe
  • Frederick Lim, Business Reporter
  • Timothy Ouyang, Business Reporter
  • Desmond Wong, Business Reporter

Feeds and ticker

Channel NewsAsia has two separate feeds, namely a Singapore feed - Channel NewsAsia Singapore - and a regional feed - Channel NewsAsia International. Both feeds have the almost the same programmes, especially since Singapore Tonight and Singapore Business Tonight started airing live internationally on July 7, 2008. The exception to this is 20/20, which only airs in Singapore.

Other important differences include a short, one-minute Singapore Update at various times of the day in the Singapore feed, the content of advertising where those in the Singaporean feed cater to local audiences, and the order in which magazine programmes/documentaries are aired within the week. In addition, the Singaporean feed is supplemented by a Teletext service. Furthermore, during the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China, viewers in Singapore are given more highlights of the games than regional viewers.

Channel NewsAsia's Singapore feed is available as a free-to-air television network in Singapore, hence cable or IPTV subscription isn't required to receive the channel. Channel NewsAsia International is available on the AsiaSat 3S and Hot Bird satellites as well as various cable/satellite operators.

The news and stock ticker tape is a permanent feature on Channel NewsAsia and, since August 2001, has not been taken off the air during commercials. This allows for uninterrupted viewing of the latest news and stock prices. Singapore viewers are given local news and live prices from the Singapore Exchange as well; regional viewers are given delayed stock prices from various regional exchanges. In addition, Singapore viewers do get a timepiece at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen during weekends and on Primetime Morning while regional viewers are only given the date during weekends.

Watches and Sponsors on Clocks before the news

Further information: Clock ident

For Singapore viewers, Channel NewsAsia has a watch to countdown to the top of the hour, as a lead-in to live news bulletins. The announcer usually says it this way: "Time by (sponsor): (time)." Sponsors include Patek Philippe, ACCA ,Tag Heuer, Frank Muller and Jetstar.


Channel NewsAsia also has a website: The website features news and video reports from Singapore, Asia Pacific, the rest of the world as well as business, sports, technology, entertainment and special reports. Various presenters and correspondents maintain blogs on this site. The site also has a 7-day archive of news. A live stream of Channel NewsAsia International is available on the channel's website in areas covered by AsiaSat 3S (including Singapore). YOURNEWS is a feature on this site where viewers can upload first-hand footage of news events happening in their area, and visitors can also view such footage.

The channel also maintains a website in mandarin:

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