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Channel [V]
Channel V Logo.svg
Channel [V] Logo
Launched 23 May 1994
Owned by STAR TV
Slogan [V] Plays Music
Country Hong Kong and International
Broadcast area Hong Kong and International
Headquarters Hong Kong and International
Astro Indonesia Channel [V] International, Channel 52
TrueVisions Thailand Channel [V] Thailand, Channel 32
TelkomVision Indonesia Channel [V] International, Channel 302
Kristal-Astro Brunei Channel [V] International, Channel 714
Sun Direct TV India Channel [V] India, Channel 39
SkyLife South Korea Channel [V] Korea, Channel 601
Astro Malaysia Channel [V] International, Channel 714
ADD Middle East Channel [V] International, Channel 1706
ADD Middle East Channel [V] India, Channel 1703
Indovision Indonesia Channel [V] International, Channel 272
Channel [V] India, Channel 273
Channel [V] Taiwan, Channel 274
Dish TV India Channel [V] India, Channel 317
TATA Sky India Channel [V] India, Channel 701
Skywave TV Macau Channel [V] Mainland China, Channel 44
CBTV Sat China Channel [V] Mainland China, Channel 502
Big TV India Channel [V] India, Channel 3460
Kylin TV USA Channel [V] Taiwan, Channel 729
Airtel Digital TV India Channel [V] India, Channel 81
Foxtel Digital Channel [V] Australia, Channel 801
Austar Digital Channel [V] Australia, Channel 801
TrueVisions Thailand Channel [V] Thailand, Channel 31
Cable Star Iloilo Philippines Channel [V] International, Channel 71
SkyCable Philippines Channel [V] Philippines, Channel 25
Global Destiny Cable Philippines Channel [V] International, Channel 46
StarHub TV Singapore Channel [V] International, Channel 85
StarHub TV Singapore Channel [V] Mainland China, Channel 101
StarHub TV Singapore Channel [V] Taiwan, Channel 102
UCS Bangladesh Channel [V] India, Channel 57
Macau CATV Macau Channel [V] International, Channel 73
Macau CATV Macau Channel [V] Mainland China, Channel 74
Ho Chi Minh city cable television (HTVC) Vietnam Channel [V] International, Channel 64
Ho Chi Minh city cable television (HTVC) Channel [V] Mainland China
Global Cable Thailand Channel [V] International, Channel ???
Hanoi Cable Television (HCaTV) Vietnam Channel [V] International, Channel ???
MediaNet Maldives Channel [V] India, Channel 04
SPC-New World Cable TV Philippines Channel [V] International, Channel 54
First Media Indonesia Channel [V] International, Channel 225
True IPTV Thailand Channel [V] International, Channel 5
Now TV Hong Kong Channel [V] International, Channel 555
Now TV Hong Kong Channel [V] Mainland China, Channel 556
Now TV Hong Kong Channel [V] India, Channel 796
Now TV Hong Kong Channel [V] Taiwan, Channel 557
MTNL IPTV India Channel [V] India, Channel 31
Gek TV IPTV USA Channel [V] Taiwan, Channel ???
IndosatM2 Indonesia Channel [V] International, Channel 150
Internet television
PLDT My DSL (Watchpad) Philippines Channel [V] Philippines, Channel 1003

Channel [V] is the brand name for multiple international music television networks owned by STAR TV.


Channel [V] International

Channel [V] International is flagship of the Channel [V] network. It was founded after MTV Asia parted ways with the STAR TV Network and the latter network needed a music video station to fill the void. It was produced and operated from Hong Kong from 1 January 1994 until 1 January 2002, after which operations were shifted to Malaysia in order to save on costs, but some aspects are still operated in Hong Kong. Channel [V] International has a slightly bigger audience in Asia than MTV Asia as it airs in more countries. Since 1 January 2008, Channel [V] International has moved back to original studio in Hong Kong, which is also the same studio of Channel V China, Taiwan and India.

Current VJs

Former VJs


  • "You're In It" - 1995 to 2000
  • " Music and So Much More" - 2000 to 2008
  • "[V] Plays Music" - Now

Channel [V] Australia

Channel [V] Australia is the Australian affiliate of Channel [V] It is available on Foxtel, Optus TV and Austar satellite and cable services. It is targeted at the youth market, and plays both mainstream and alternative music. Unlike the other Channel [V] affiliates, Channel [V] Australia is not owned by STAR, and is owned by XYZnetworks, using the name under license. Channel V has genre segments throughout the day which include. Rock on [V], Pop on [V], Dance on [V], Urban on [V], Metal on [V] as well as [V] Live which plays live concerts from today's top selling artists.

Channel V2

Channel [V]2 is the sister station of Channel [V] Australia, focusing more on Chart/Hit music 24/7 without TV Shows. It was formally known as Club [V] until January 12, 2007, previously focusing on dance music. Channel V2 plays such countdowns as US 22, UK 22, Top 10 Theme, iTunes Top 50 and Twin Action.

Current VJ's

Former VJ's

Current Shows

  • Breakfast Jam
  • World's Wackiest Sports

Channel [V] India

Channel [V] India is the Indian affiliate of Channel [V].

Current Shows

  • [V] Dare 2 Date
  • [V] Exhausted
  • [V] Kidnap
  • [V] Lola Sunday
  • [V] Zabardast Hits
  • [V] Bollywood Nonsensex

Former Shows

  • Bolly [V]
  • Fresh [V]video
  • Get Gorgeous
  • Late Night [V]
  • Lola Gk
  • [V] Aditya's Playlist
  • [V] Good Morning
  • [V] Latesht
  • Nach Le
  • Tony B Show
  • [V] Next Big Thing
  • [V] Pakao
  • [V] Launch Pad
  • Very [V]
  • [V] Full On

Current VJs

  • Andy
  • Juhi Pande
  • Manish
  • Lola Kutty
  • Sir Simpoo Sodhi

Former VJs

Channel [V] Thailand

Channel [V] Thailand is the first music channel in Thailand and is the Thai affiliate of Channel [V]. It is a joint-venture between STAR TV, GMM Media and TrueVisions. It is available exclusively on Thailand's main pay-TV platform, TrueVisions.

Current VJ's

  • VJ Ake
  • VJ Alex
  • VJ Bank
  • VJ Bas
  • VJ Ja
  • VJ Khwan
  • VJ Louk-Ked
  • VJ Michael
  • VJ Mike
  • VJ Paula
  • VJ Pitta
  • VJ Woonsen

Current Shows

  • Khon Du Pen Yai (Live)
  • I Am Siam (Live)
  • [V] Boutique
  • [V] Countdown
  • [V] Covery
  • [V] Style
  • [V] Tunes
  • Asian Chart
  • Asian Hero
  • Club [V]
  • Let [V] Entertain U
  • Main Stage
  • Melosamosorn
  • Siam Top 20
  • The Record Shop
  • The Rock Show
  • The Ticket
  • To Ma Dauy Kan
  • Trendy Taste
  • Zog Zag

Studio and Office

The new studio of Channel [V] Thailand name is "[V] Spot". [V] Spot is locate in Siam Discovery shopping center.

Channel [V] Philippines

Channel [V] Philippines is the Philippine afiliate of Channel [V]. This channel was a joint venture with STAR TV and TV Xtreme Broadcasting Company (formerly Makisig Network) as a new network provider on March 1, 2009.

Current VJs and Hosts

Current Shows

  • Bente Uno
  • Hits All You Can
  • Channel [V] Spotlight Special
  • PopKorn
  • Scene and Heard Philippines
  • Turo Turo
  • [V] Tunes Pinas
  • [V] Tunes Pinas Live
  • [V]'d Out
  • [V] Trends
  • [V] Life
  • In Command
  • [V] Scene
  • Circuit TV
  • The Bro Code

Channel [V] Korea

Channel V Korea is the South Korean affiliate of Channel [V] launched on June 16, 2001. The channel is 67% owned by DoReMi Media. However the channel was temporary shutdown on December 31, 2008.

Current Shows

  • A Li[V]e
  • Bowwow
  • Freestyle
  • Inside Cinema
  • J-Pop Zone
  • K-Pop 90's
  • Korean [V] Countdown
  • Opentalk
  • Pop Planet
  • Spirits Gayo
  • Starscope
  • Theme Music
  • Writer Talk

Channel [V] Mainland China

Channel [V] Mainland China is the Chinese affiliate of Channel [V]. It is broadcast free-to-air on AsiaSat 3S. Although it is directed towards audiences in Mainland China (and mainland Chinese living abroad), Channel [V] unbalancedly switches between Simplified and Traditional Chinese from time to time without any logical reason. This occurs in song titles, subtitles and show names, regardless if the artist is from Taiwan, Hong Kong or the mainland. (This also is occasionally present on Xing Kong Television, also owned by STAR TV.) Selected Channel [V] International programs also air on this channel with Chinese subtitle.

Current Shows

  • 13 Billon Db
  • 45 RPM
  • Chinese Top 20
  • Coolala
  • See More
  • [V] My Guest

Current VJs

  • Nic Li

Current Channel V International VJ seen on V China

Former VJs

Channel [V] Taiwan

Channel [V] Taiwan is the Taiwanese affiliate of Channel [V]. It started operating in Taiwan in 1994.

Targeting the audience of Taiwan's Youth, Channel [V] Taiwan changed its name to Channel [V] Entertainment Channel ([V] Entertainment). Apart from music programs, the channel also hosts animation, talk shows, television serial programs. Celebrity grooming variety shows, Wo Ai Hei Se Hui (我愛黑澀會) which started in 2005 and Muo Fan Bang Bang Tang (模范棒棒堂) in 2006, received extreme popularity in Taiwan and created the highest viewership for the channel since it started in 1994. Wo Ai Hei Se Hui attracted many young Taiwanese girls to participate in the program and the leader the show, Da Ya (大牙), became a VJ of Channel [V] Entertainment Channel due to her good performance in the show. Towards the end of 2005, nine members of Wo Ai Hei Se Hui were selected to be part of a new girl group, now known as Hey Girl, while six members of Muo Fan Bang Bang Tang were selected to be part of the boyband Lollipop (棒棒堂). The channel's director Andy Zhang (張世明), program hosts Blackie or Chen Chien-Chou (黑人/陳建州) and Fan Fan or Christine Fan (范范/范瑋琪) grew in popularity because of the shows.

In 2007, Andy Zhang arranged for Ah Ben from Muo Fan Bang Bang Tang and Xiao Xun from Hey Girl to act in a Taiwan idol drama 18 Censored or Not (18禁不禁), which was produced by CTV (China Television Company, Ltd) and GTV (Gala Television Corporation). The duo shot to fame, with Ah Ben being able to perform at Channel [V] Entertainment Channel's annual concert, le party, in 2007 together with Xiao Xun with their song, Tian Tian Quan. In the same year, together with FTV (Formosa TV), Channel [V] Entertainment produced idol drama Brown Sugar Macchiato (黑糖瑪奇朵), starring Hey Girl and Lollipop. The drama series was aired on FTV and STAR Chinese Channel.

Channel [V] Entertainment Channel was described by parent company, STAR Media as the following, "CHANNEL [V] Taiwan brings viewers the latest music videos as well as large-scale annual music events, such as le party and [V] Power Concert, which draw tens of thousands of music lovers to see popular Asian artists from across the region. CHANNEL [V] Taiwan also features the channel’s immensely popular self-produced programs such as Wo Ai Hei Se Hui and Muo Fang Bang Bang Tang, which are closely followed by Taiwan’s youth, keen on catching what’s hot in music, fashion and lifestyle. The shows’ website – – generates an average of more than 1 million page views per day."

Current Shows

  • I love blacklolipop(我愛黑澀棒棒堂)
  • Fashion In House (流行 in HOUSE)
  • Yin Yue Biao Bang (音樂飆榜)
  • Campus park(校園四賤客)
  • Pop Zone (VJ普普風)
  • Gibar animation
  • [V] Guests ([V]接客)
  • Yu Le NP3 (娛樂NP3)

Past Shows

  • Circus Action
  • Bikini Runway (無敵青春客)
  • Na Li Wu Da Kung (哪裡五打抗)
  • Mei Mei Pop Zone (美眉普普風)
  • Blackie's Teenage Club (我愛黑澀會)
  • Welcome Aliens (Welcome!外星人)
  • Lollipop! Na Li Pa (LOLLIPOP! 哪裡怕)
  • America's Next Top Model
  • Mou Fan Bang Bang Tang(模范棒棒堂)


Current VJs

  • Candice Liu Rong Jia (劉容嘉)
  • Lu Jia Yi (路嘉怡)
  • Henry
  • Xiao Xiang(趙延慶)
  • Da Ya/Zhou Yi Jun (大牙/周怡君)
  • Blackie(黑人)
  • Fan Fan (范范/范瑋琪)

Channel [V] Shows

Below are the programs that have been shown in Channel V International in Southeast Asia. Programs that are available exclusively at various Channel V affiliates are listed in their respective sections. Selected Channel V programs also air on STAR World exclusive for the Philippines and Middle East viewers only.

Currently aired programs

(+) - This show is previously shown on STAR World both the Philippines and Middle East only.

(++) - Current shows will also be shown only STAR Sports and STAR World

(+++) - Previously shown on STAR World exclusive for the Philippines only.

(++++) - This show is previously shown on STAR Movies

(*) - This show exclusive for Malaysia viewers only. Also Available in STAR World exclusive for the Philippines only.

(**) - This show is currently air over STAR World exclusive for the Philippines and Middle East only.

Previous Shows

The following are previous shows of Channel V combine programs of Channel V India/Asia (Channel V Asia is now separate feed from India which is now Channel V International in 1996) and Channel V Chinese (now Channel V Mainland China which is now separate to Channel V Taiwan Feed in 1994) including program from Philippines, Korea and Japan. Some common program in Channel V India/Asia are the same Title as V Chinese bur different Vjs as well as program content. For Example is Channel V’s Big Bang the host of Asian/Indian is Allesandra while the Mandarin counterpart is David Wu and soon on.

  • 3 For 3
  • A to Z of Rock (Available in India Only)
  • Amped
  • Artist Versus Artist (available in V Chinese only)
  • Asian Top 20 Countdown
  • Big Bang
  • Big Gig Japan
  • Billboard US Countdown
  • By Demand
  • CelebriT[V] (Available in Channel V Philippines Only)
  • Club X (other previous names as V Spot now Club V)
  • Ek Ka Tu (Available in India Only)
  • Fashion Police
  • First Day First Show (Available in India Only)
  • Flashback (V India Old Hindi Film Music Video)
  • Frame By Frame
  • Gone Taiwan (Available in V Chinese Only)
  • Haysad (Available in India Only)
  • Heart And Soul (Available in V Chinese only)
  • India Top 10 Countdown (Combined Music video in Hindi and Western Video)
  • International Flight (Available in V Chinese Only)
  • Jump Start
  • Korean Top 10 Countdown (available in V Korea only simulcast with V Chinese)
  • Korean Top 20 Countdown (available in V Korea only simulcast with V Chinese, Now V Korea Countdown)
  • Launch Pad
  • Music Update Tokyo
  • Never Enough
  • Over The Edge
  • OVO - Our Very Own (Channel V Philippines Original Pilipino Music Video)
  • Oye (India Top 20 Hindi Film Music Video)
  • Radio Jam (Available in V Taiwan only.)
  • Rewind
  • Saya Mahu (Indonesian/Malaysian version of By Demand)
  • Sigaw Manila
  • Smash Hits
  • Speakeasy
  • The Factory (available in V Chinese Only)
  • The Ride
  • The Source (Renamed as V News)
  • The Ticket
  • The Vibe
  • Top of the Pops (Available in Channel V India Only)
  • Turn on TV
  • U Rock – (Available in V Chinese Only)
  • V at the Hardrock
  • VCV - (Available in Channel V Philippines Only)
  • V Eco
  • V Montahay (Indian Version Of By Demand)
  • V People (Available in India only)
  • V Yallah (Arabic Top 10 Countdown)
  • V1's
  • Very China (Available in V Chinese Only)
  • Very Taiwan (Available in V Chinese Only)
  • VJ Weekend Show
  • Wu Man Show (Available in V Chinese Only)
  • Watch U Want (Available in Channel V Philippines Only)
  • Youth Corner (Available in V Chinese Only)

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