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Chaotic is originally a Danish trading card game. It expanded to an online game in America which then became a television program based on the game. The program is seen on 4Kids TV (Fox affiliates, nationwide), Jetix, The CW4Kids, Cartoon Network and Disney XD. It was brought over to the United States from Denmark by Bryan C. Gannon and Chaotic USA Entertainment Group, and produced by Chaotic USA Entertainment Group, 4Kids Productions and Bardel Entertainment. The trading card game came out September 6, 2006 in the U.S. and Canada.

Each card comes with a unique code which the owner can upload onto the Chaotic website.[1] This allows the owner to trade and play on-line using his own card collection.



Chaotic started out as a trading card game known as "Grolls and Gorks"[2] and an idea for a cartoon series of the same name co-authored by Merlin P. Mann, co-author of the Taynikma graphic novels, in December 2000, to be produced by Solit Entertainment. The name of the manuscript was changed to Chaotic in early 2001[3]. Before any episodes were made, Dracco Company Ltd. bought the rights to Chaotic from Solit Entertainment. The original storyline featured Tom Majors and Kaz Kalinkas, who were enemies, instead of friends as in the 4Kids animated series. Dracco Company Ltd. with Apex Marketing[4] then created the online version of the game and established the basic universe of Chaotic. In September of 2003 trading card Executive Bryan C. Gannon signed a world wide Licensing and Distribution agreement with Henrik Andersen and his brother Jacob at Dracco to bring the Chaotic game to North America and to the world. Gannon created Chaotic USA Entertainment Group and, in August, 2005, licensed the patented technology,(US Patents 5,810,666 & 5,954,332)from Cornerstone Patent Technologies, LLC to bring the property up to the standards required for a global brand. He teamed with John Milito and in 2006, 4Kids Entertainment signed a Joint Marketing Agreement with Chaotic USA Entertainment (CUSA) to produce the cartoon and bring the property to market, both on TV and for licensed products. When 4Kids Entertainment teamed with CUSA, the work of CUSA was continued and included many additional improvements. The original cards were redesigned (and some renamed) along with the online game platform to give it a more mature look as well as the creation of a new animated series (with redesigned versions of Tom and Kaz) to promote the game. CUSA has been developing the online game experience for Chaotic named A video game version is set to be released on December 30, 2009

Sam Murakami, a 4Kids employee, and Martin Rauff, the original designer, adapted the card game to the U.S.[5]

Animated series

The TV series is based on the storyline of the original Chaotic TCG. The main protagonist is a teenager named Tom, whose friend Kaz constantly tells him of his adventures in Chaotic. Tom, who believes that Chaotic is only a card game, thinks that Kaz is making things up, until he entered a password he received from the game. It was then Tom knew that Kaz wasn't lying. In Chaotic, he also met some new friends, like the courageous Sarah and the comic Peyton, and new enemies, like the arrogant duo Klay and Krystella. Players in Chaotic go to Perim and scan new creatures and use them to battle. In Perim, Tom also got to meet many creatures, including his favorite, Maxxor. The battles between players take place in dromes, which are virtual battles where players become the creatures they choose and fight for the right to battle against the drome master. In Perim, the four tribes are currently at war for the Cothica, the power that controls all of Perim. In the second season, the fifth tribe, the M'arrillians, escape from the Doors of the Deepmines and take over the other four tribes by brainwashing other creatures. The second season featured true cell animation and better quality artwork.

Trading card game


Chaotic, puts most of its focus onto the online version of the game, which works the same as it would offline, with the exception of bugs. To start you off the site will give you a free Apprentice deck, consisting of 70 cards. You can easily view your collection and organize it so you can see specific types of cards. By going online you are also able to trade cards with other players from around the world. The free cards you receive from the site cannot be traded though. The Forums, of the site are always busy, and you will be able to find some of the best players there, such as Reihaku (the Canadian champion), the rest of his team, and many of the Ottawa players who are split into several different teams. The players on the forums are also very welcoming and will be sure to help you out, such as Blitser who runs something he calls "The New Player Charity" which gives thousands of cards to new players. The site also has information for many of the original cards, which can be found in the section called Portal. To start playing online you have to get a small download first.


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